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Lil Kim pleads not guilty

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Lill Kim’s torubles continue according to this report from CMU.

Lil Kim has pleaded not guilty to various perjury charges relating to evidence she gave to a grand jury investigating a shooting outside a New York radio station back in 2001. The perjury allegations were made against Kim earlier this year – it is claimed she lied to the grand jury to protect associates involved in the shooting outside the studios of Hot97 in which one person was wounded.

After submitting her not guilty plea, Kim’s attorney Mel Sachs told reporters: “Kim has been unfairly accused and unjustly charged. She’s been wrongfully targeted and singled out because of who she is in the music industry.”…

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  • hi there i think that lill kim is the all time best woman rapper in the world of rap but i wish i can meet her in person or go to one of her concerts but only if she came over to australia (perth) but she has not yet come over here will i dont think she has done the shotting thing but in some of her songs she rapped about shotting but if she did i still think she is the best girl rapper iv got all of her cd but i dont have one of the i was reading a mag and it said she has another cd and i tryed to look for it but could not find it any were oh ya that is wright i read some think on the web say when lillkim was in prison she was making some more songs i so cant wait till thay come out


    i dont know why this is being brought up after so long if lil kim had anything to do with it, it would have come up before this


  • l black

    i think she was threatened not to say any thing.