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Like a Kid in a Candy Store: The Value of Excitement

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How long is it since you got genuinely excited about something?

I'm not talking about moderate enthusiasm or slight motivation, no; I'm talking about overwhelming, bursting-out-of-your-skin, childlike excitement? For some of us, it's years.

I love that feeling of childlike, can't-wait-to-tell-someone excitement. I've had it for the last forty eight hours (non-stop) and it's a great feeling. Isn't it a pity that so many of us get to a point where we stop getting excited about things? Apparently we're too mature, too intelligent, too responsible and too busy for excitement.

Or maybe too scared. Too cynical. Too pessimistic. Too self-conscious.

At some stage we replaced our youthful excitement and hope with logic, self control and the voice of reason (snore). Boring.

I spoke to a lady recently (who happens to be hating her life) about the possibility of changing her reality and getting passionate and excited about what her future might hold and her response to me was:

"I decided a while ago that it's much safer and far less painful to not get excited about anything; that way I'm less likely to get disappointed and hurt. My life has taught me to lower my standards, expect very little and be a realist."

"Wow! I'm so glad I don't live in your life — it sounds crap," I (thoughtfully) informed her.

Excitement Lesson One: Excitement doesn't happen to us; we create it.

When I told her that excitement was something we choose, create, and infect others with, she thought I needed professional help. Some people are excitement machines; they are excited about life, opportunities, the future, challenges and what they might create. They have made that decision (to have that mindset).

When we get excited (passionate, driven, motivated, proactive), we start to create amazing results. We start to do, think, be, and create … different. Excitement produces results. Want results? Get excited. Simple.

Lesson Two: Successful people get excited regularly (on purpose). And when they get excited, so do others, because excitement is contagious. People want to hang out with people who get excited about possibilities, potential, and life. People who are excited (not to be confused with hyperactive, annoying, and socially inappropriate – you know who I mean) are cool to be around because they are positive, fun, and attractive (that is, their energy attracts people).

Excitement creates momentum. Excitement changes situations, circumstances and  environments. Excitement affects others, as does a crappy attitude and negativity.

This week I have been very excited. Very. Can you tell? I know when I'm really excited about something because:

1) I think about it all the time.

2) I plan, I research, I write, I visualise.

3) I drive people nuts talking about it.

4) I'm more productive and proactive.

5) My mind is busy, busy, busy with possibilities.

6) I'm happier.

For years I have had a picture in my mind of a property I wanted to own and a business
I wanted to develop and run from that property.

Here's my picture (I've never shared this publicly so don't tell anyone, it's our secret):

The property is about fifty acres in area (huge). It has creek running through it. It is a wilderness setting with most of the property uncleared (of trees). It has a beautiful old-style home (for me) and accommodation (huts, cabins) for about fifty people.

It has all the facilities and resources (commercial kitchen, lecture theatre, meeting rooms, etc.) for me to be able to run workshops, seminars, and live-in personal and professional development programs.

It is located at the end of a windy dirt road and it is totally private, exclusive, and serene. It is near the coast. The air is so pure it burns my city-slicker lungs and hurts my smog-conditioned eyes.

You already know what I'm gonna say don't you?

No, I haven't purchased anything, but…

I have been investigating properties seriously for a while now and two days ago (at 12:30am after four hours of researching) I found my dream property. It ticks every box.


It is set at the base of a mountain, it borders a national forest, it is twenty minutes from the coast, it has everything I want, even the creek — complete with fish. If I was to build my dream from scratch, this is what I would have built. I have only seen electronic brochures and spoken to the agents (three times) but everything I've heard and seen is very positive. Exciting even. I am off to see it in the flesh next Monday morning (it's a few hours each way to drive). I'm counting the sleeps.

Think of something that excites you and then multiply it by ten — and that's me right now. I love excitement. I love possibilities. I love exploring, pushing, discovering and creating. I dunno what's gonna happen next Monday but I do know I love this feeling. So glad I haven't grown up yet.

What about you? When are you gonna get excited about something? Anything?

Maybe sometimes you could stop being so careful and sensible … and 'the same'?

I dare you. Double dare you.

And if you're very good, I might let you come and visit it me on my new property and possibly let you ride my big-ass mower.

Or not.

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