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Life In A Rut – Saturn Moon Conjunction in the 12th House: Astrology-Based Advice

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Hi Elsa-

My life is in a rut. I have no motivation to work on my music and art. I am bored and lonely. My job is boring and dead end. Everything is BLAH!!!

I can’t stand it, but at the same time… I don't do anything about it. What gives? I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything and that my life is just ticking away. I watch all my friends get married, get homes, have kids, make records, write books.

I want to kick myself in the butt and get moving on creating again and feel like I have done something worthwhile for once. Is there any hope to spark my own interests again?

In A Rut

Dear Rut,

This is pure astrology. I think you are depressed — unbeknownst to you. See, you have four planets in Aries in the 9th house, which describes a very fiery personality. Someone on the go, for sure. Someone buoyant (9th house) who actively (Aries) seeks new experience (9th house). So something is wrong here.

I suspect that something wrong is depression to some degree, because your Moon (emotions, mood) is conjunct Saturn (downward pressure), which is a classic signature for a low mood. In fact, it is very hard to have a Saturn Moon contact in your chart and not struggle with depression at various times in your life.

Furthermore, the conjunction is in your 12th house, and things in the 12th house of a chart are always hidden to some degree. Lastly, you’re a Cancer rising, which means your chart is ruled by the Moon and suggests this conjunction is basically driving the bus.

So based on this, and the content of your question, I think you should see a professional to be evaluated because life is not “BLAH” by a longshot.

Good luck.

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  • julli

    Hello Elsa
    It is a dozie not sure where to begin dob is 12-02-55 LA cal. 5-44pm
    so saturn in m 6th changes signs but neptune is giving me seridipity im scared haveing the moon and jupiter in my 12th house and all work no raise romance on back burner life feels like it has been sucked out of me home sick lots of stress help!
    thanks julli

  • Julia

    My life has been going down hill for approximately three years, when I moved in with my current boyfriend. He has ended up being controlling, (didn’t want me to work so I stopped, duh), controls all the money, kicks me out every other week, threatens to shut off the lights water etc. I have been raising my two grandkids, now 16 and 19, plus I have taken in two homeless teenagers. My boyfriend gets mad over any and every little thing, he is mad more than he is not. I am going through a total depression, been looking for work. Wake up every day, counting the minutes until I can go back to bed and forget my life. Help me please. I did go to the doctor he put me on klonpin which kind of helped at first but now seems to be doing nothing and I don’t want to get addicted to some medication. I have no friends (he wouldn’t allow that either), I look back and no how truly stupid I was to let him get this control that he now has but I don’t know how to get out of it. I can’t find a damn job, have no family and no where to turn.