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Libyan Colonel Gaddafi’s Attack on Barack Obama

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For decades, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's Libya was regarded in the West as a pariah state and one of the major sponsors of terrorism in the world.

In 1992, the UN Security Council imposed sanctions on Libya over the Pan Am passenger jet bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland. Libya improved its ties with the West after it handed over the Lockerbie suspects in 2003 and announced it would abandon efforts to develop weapons of mass destruction and allow inspectors into its facilities. 

Over the last few years, Libya has been trying to improve its image in the world. The country has restored diplomatic relations with the US and other Western countries.

After a relative absence in the news, Colonel Gaddafi, who became Libya's ruler in 1969 after a military coup, made a comeback on Wednesday after he criticized US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama over his remarks about Israel. 

In a recent speech to Jewish activists in Washington, Obama said the bond between Israel and America was "unbreakable" and that as president he "will never compromise when it comes to Israel's security," adding that Jerusalem should remain the undivided capital of Israel.

Gaddafi said that "Obama's announcement that unified Jerusalem should be the capital of Israel and that he will support it with $30 billion during the next 10 years, has disappointed the hopes" of both Arabs and Africans. 

Apart from the quarrel regarding Israel, Gaddafi, referring to Obama as "our Kenyan brother," said that Obama is "suffering from an inferiority complex because of his African origins," adding that the issue of race is making Obama behave as "more white than white people, rather than acting in solidarity with African and Arab nations."

Everyone should have the right to have an opinion and criticize other points of view. But knowing the history of Colonel Gaddafi’s rule, it’s a bit pathetic for him to debate the "African inferiority complex" or promote "African solidarity."

In the 1980s, Colonel Gaddafi began work on establishing a large Arab state across northern Africa. One of Gaddafi's first steps was to gain control of neighboring Chad. Between 1987 and 1989, Chadian rebels, backed by Libya, used Sudan's province, Darfur, as a base from where they attacked Chad.

With their notions of Arab supremacy, Libyans organized Arab tribes in the region, including Darfur, into an "Islamic Legion" and gave its members military training and weapons to fight what they saw as "inferior Africans."   

The legacy of the "Islamic Legion" would remain in Darfur for a long time. Many current Janjaweed leaders, who are believed to be behind the worst atrocities in Darfur that have claimed an estimated 200,000 lives of mainly African Darfurians since 2003, have been trained and supported by Libyans in the 1980s.

During his speech, Gaddafi said that "we fear that Obama will feel that, because he is black with an inferiority complex, this will make him behave worse than the whites." 

Africa did suffer greatly from white colonialism and racism, but Colonel Gaddafi failed to mention the Arab slave raids that ravaged the African continent as much as the Western slavery. The whites did behave terribly, as Gaddafi says, but the Arabs were no better, especially in the north and east Africa. Even today in Darfur, Africans are brutally killed by the Arab militias who happen to be initially trained and armed by Colonel Gaddafi.

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  • Ruvy


    I’ll thank you not to attempt to tell ME what Jews are or are not. If anyone knows who and what we Jews are, it’s me and not you.

    For your information:

    We are a nation with a mission given us by G-d. That is who and what we are – and I’m not suggesting this to you – I;m telling you. I know and you don’t. Period. In addition, we are a genetic group (or at least our kohaním – priests – are) with distinctive genetic markers going back over 100 generations.

    What I said was that North Africans generally are white. Hey, even my late momma had a “‘fro” long before blacks called it by that name. Lots of us have frizzy hair.

    I don’t care what your lousy presidents think about Israel. In my article on Obama’s speech I indicated my support for the scumbag – not because of what he could or would do for us in Israel but because in order to get our reservists angry enough to kick out your damned puppets (Olmert, Livni, Netanyahu, Barak) and hang them for treason, they have to see an anti-Israel scumbag in action in the White House.

  • Zedd


    JEWS are a religious group not a RACE. Judaism is a belief not a genetic distinction or geographic marker. There are African Jews, Asian Jews, all sorts of Jews. The Colonel is clearly not White. He looks multi racial like most North Africans(more Black than White if we get silly). They are all Africans none-the-less.

    Ruvy, adjust to the fact that most American Presidents don’t care about Israel any more than they do about Chad. It’s always political. Accept that and move on. Most candidates have had a longer time faking the LOVE so their sincerity is not in question by the time they become a presidential candidate. Welcome to the real world :o). On a serious note, don’t you find the obsession over Israel creepy, silly or even odd?

  • Ruvy


    If you had read my analysis of Barry Obama’s little AIPAC speech, you would have run into this paragraph, on page 4:

    For the moment, Obama will have to endure the “alcohol slap” that everyone endures when appearing to befriend Israel and Jews. That’s just life, and with time, Obama will “clarify” point after point of this speech to AIPAC until they have all disappeared into smoke and mirrors.

    Qaddafi’s denunciation is meaningless, just part of the alcohol slap I described above.


    Not sure what you are getting at. Qaddafi is not Black. He ain’t White. He doesn’t look like Saddam, nor Mugabe. He is what he is, a North African (with a fro).

    Qaddafi, sweetie, is JEWISH. He is a white man, like all North African Jews. His Jewish mommy bore him (which is why he is Jewish), but it was his Moslem daddy who raised him up to become the little scum who kicked out the Libyan king.

    As for Barry Obama’s little speech, it was a masterful work of deceit. He has a whole bunch of stoopid American Jewish pigeons eating corn out of his hand when they would have condemned him for a Jew hater. But a whole bunch of equally stoopid American Jewish pigeons are rushing to give McCain, who will stab Jews and Israel in the back if elected, a fortune of money.

  • Zedd

    Arabs in Africa ARE African. There is more Arab League membership in Africa than the Middle East. I think you are speaking of RACE, that arbitrary thing that was created to subjugate the “others”. Not sure what you are getting at. Qaddafi is not Black. He aint White. He doesn’t look like Saddam, nor Mugabe. He is what he is, a North African (with a fro).

    The Colonel does have a point. Obama will have to kiss up, do and say things that he doesn’t believe in, in order to become accepted as not “really Black”. We Blacks know that because we do it all of the time in our daily lives.

  • Clavos

    I wondered why he didn’t make himself a general, but then, neither has Chavez, in Venezuela.

    I guess once you’re dictator, it doesn’t matter.

  • Why doesn’t “Colonel” Qaddafi make himself a “General?” Seems like he could. Are there any generals in his army? If so, do they outrank him?

    Hmmm, there’s just so many things to know.


  • Assuming the GeneWizard is white, I’d say his poor writing skills disprove his racist theory…