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Libya: General Moammar Gaddafi’s Fate Sealed By UN

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As long as the world was silent, General Moammar Gadaffi was able to deal freely with the rebellion seeking his removal from supreme post of Libya. A long fight was going on between pro Gaddafi military forces and anti Gaddafi protestors. Finally last week UN council gave a nod to external forces to fight against Gaddafi’s forces and liberate Libya from his clutches.

Last Saturday, France was the first foreign country to send its fighter jets to conduct an Enforcement Operation against Libya. They were soon followed by U.S. Tomahawk cruise missiles to hit the main power centre of Gaddafi in Tripoli. British ships were the next to act. This is the second largest joint military operation in any Arab country being conducted by other Arab nations along with Europe and America. The largest international forces operation was against Iraq.

It is a setback for General Gaddafi and his supporters who were quick to change their stance against opponents soon after UN approved military attack by member countries on Libya government. General Gaddafi started inviting opposition leaders for peace talks and negotiations, but probably it was too late by then. Opponents, on the other hand, welcomed UN decision and support by UN countries.

The U.S. was earlier regularly issuing formal warnings to Libyan leader to withdraw troops against rebels but Gaddafi instead kept increasing pressure and forces against his opponents. For betterment in global stabilization it is now important for these UN countries to ensure that they force General Gaddafi to surrender at the earliest so as to get a new leader for Libya. It remains to be seen whether now it is a matter of few days or longer than that.

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