Library Censorship

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I visited the Milwaukee Central Library today, and wanted to look up a couple of reviews from our site, You can imagine my surprise when I found it blocked on the library computers by their filter. They had an option to switch to unfiltered mode, but that, too did not work. I showed this to a librarian, who promised to look into this issue. I will update this entry if I hear back from them.

This is the same library where a librarian once told me that they resisted seeing the library records of Jeffrey Dahmer, erstwhile regular at the library, because it would not have been right. The library also circumvents the obstreperous provisions of the Patriot Act by not keeping patron records once they have returned their books and paid off any fines.

I wonder why blogcritics might be blocked. Indeed, what else is blocked? Is blogcritics blocked at your library?

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