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The Internet has long been a playground for politics, and libertarianism is a growing area of interest in that playground. Websites like Libertarian Logic and CATO provide discussion of a range of topics in the political arena, all from the standpoint of libertarianism.

From a general perspective, libertarianism is a philosophy that is well aligned with the principles that founded America, as embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Ideals such as individual freedom, free enterprise, limited government, civil rights, and justice are hallmarks of libertarianism.

Libertarianism supports the idea that individuals have a natural right to make their own decisions about how they live their lives, so long as their actions don't unreasonably harm or interfere with others that have the same right. It suggests that matters of a private and commercial nature can be settled through voluntary contracts and the marketplace – government need only protect against force and fraud. It also supports the idea that government should serve limited functions such as providing roads, a monetary system, common defense and a system of justice – things that individuals either can't do or can't do as well as organized government.

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