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Being a Libertarian is a curious thing. It's the up and coming party in the world of politics, yet many people misunderstand the political philosophy. These misunderstandings aren't due to a lack of activity on the net, as The Humble Libertarian offers us the top 100 libertarian blogs and websites as a reference.

Websites like CATO are large and popular flagships of libertarian thinking, yet smaller websites like Libertarian Logic show that libertarian thinking is coming from individuals as well.

Members of the traditional major political parties are recognizing the benefit of returning to values associated with individual freedom. For example, there are any number of organizations and individuals running for office that identify themselves as Liberty Republicans.

One of America's founding fathers was George Washington, and he told us that "Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth." Many around the country like Libertarian Papers are trying to transplant and nurture core American values into our political discussion, and some are asking if the time is right for libertarianism.

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