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Liberation! Boris Johnson Is The New Mayor Of London

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So, the blond buffoon is our new mayor.

This was the moment I'd been praying for. When the news broke at about 12:30 a.m. last Friday night that Boris Johnson won the key to the fair city of London, I nearly bounced off the walls. Instead, I just silently pumped my fist the same way Boris did once he was crowned the winner.

I did not know if Londoners were truly ready for a change. Nobody could have called this contest. Not even the most battle-hardened political pundit could have predicted this outcome. Some reports, ranging from weeks to days before the May 1 election, said that Boris was a shoo-in. Other reports asserted that "Red" Ken Livingstone was catching up to Boris and could yet win his third term in office.

But Boris finished over Ken by 150,000 votes, a remarkable victory.

I remember when Boris first announced his candidacy for the mayoral office last year. At the time, I thought, "That would be great, but it'll never happen. No one will vote for this guy."

This is because I seriously didn't believe that Londoners were ready to elect a Conservative. Especially one like Boris who was constantly referred to as a "buffoon," a gaffe-prone clown who was once fired from the center-right newspaper, The Times for making up a quote, who criticized Liverpudlians for "wallowing" in grief over Ken Bigley's death in Iraq, and who once referred to blacks as "pickaninnies with watermelon smiles."

But, if that seems harsh, remember that Ken Livingstone once referred to a Jewish reporter as a "concentration camp guard," called China a model of economic success — despite the massive human rights abuses, which he chooses not to acknowledge, that take place there, planned to spend £2 million of Londoners' tax money on a citywide pro-Fidel Castro party, and worked with Hugo Chavez to supply fuel to London Transport for half-price fares — on the backs of Venezuelan peasants, of course).

As to the latter, Boris Johnson referred to it as "completely Caracas." He's right. I sincerely hope that one of Boris' first acts in office will be to call Hugo up and tell him to stick his fuel deal up his fat Commie ass.

The point is, Livingstone was no stranger to gaffes and controversy himself. He positioned himself as pro-gay, yet had a close buddy-buddy relationship with the radical Muslim preacher, Yusef al Qaradawi — who believes that gays should be killed — and welcomed him to London, an action that clearly was at odds with a pro-gay agenda (or, indeed, a democratic Western agenda). He positioned himself as a man of the people, sensitive to everyone's needs, yet neglected rape crisis centers. The last remaining rape clinic in the whole of London recalled how Boris visited them, asking them how they were doing and what they needed, while in the entire eight years that Livingstone was in power, he had "not so much as telephoned," according to Yvonne Traynor of the Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre.

Perhaps, most damaging of all, was the squalid Lee Jasper affair. Jasper, Livingstone's chief advisor on race relations and policing, was involved in financial irregularities in publicly funded organisations which were run by his friends and associates. Livingstone denied any wrongdoing on Jasper's part, but suspended him in the attempt to "clear his name." When the news of the investigation into Jasper's dealings was first announced earlier this year, Livingstone responded that he had full faith in Jasper and would keep him at his post. As Johnson later asked, "What has changed his mind?" Did Livingstone — through Jasper — bandy about taxpayers' money? This may have been the pivotal decision for many Londoners who were tired of asking just where their considerable tax money goes.

Livingstone was the mayor for all exotic Londoners (except Jews), and was happy for the struggling white working class to fund every single expensive venture on behalf of illegal immigrants and belly-aching ethnic communities in London.

Boris challenged Ken on every one of these points (and more), and there are enough hard-working people left in London who were eager to send the message to the Government that they are sick and tired of paying for Lefty social engineering.

Johnson's mayoral victory was the icing on the cake for the Conservatives, who delivered a punishing blow to Labour in nationwide local elections. Labour now stands at third place at 24 percent, as opposed to 25 percent for the Liberal Democrats and a truly impressive 44 percent for the Conservatives. The London mayoral position is significant, and if Livingstone had won, Labour would have breathed a sigh of relief. But the loss of the position to a Tory has sent Labour into a free-fall that was thought unthinkable only weeks ago.

I do not personally hate Ken Livingstone. Not at all. I think he's got a decent enough soul and clearly he feels for London; the city runs in his blood. He meant well, but he began to rule as though the Mayor of London position was his by birthright. He's far too ideological to effectively run such a large, world-class city.

It's clear that Boris Johnson has won the hearts of Londoners keen for a change; eager for a city that will tackle its serious crime problem. If Johnson can deliver a safer city whose residents have more money in their pockets, and if he can beat back the power-hungry council busybodies, then more power to him.

Godspeed, Boris.

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  • Mark Edward Manning

    I’m no CCTV fanatic either, but I’m happy Boris got re-elected. And I don’t think for one moment that Ken would have gotten rid of the cameras either. Or lowered transportation fares, which he promised. Or left office in October if he failed to do so (which he would have).

  • Boris may have those ideals, but in the four years he’s been London’s mayor there seems little sign that any of the city’s thousands of public CCTV cameras, never mind the tens of thousands more owned and operated by private businesses, are going away.

  • simon fairhead

    So, Boris Johnson is the new Mayor of London. Aside from the buffoonery, he is a highly educated classicist, and a libertarian. He is popular because he believes in freedom, in this CCTV polluted, check your neighbours world we live in. He understands the principles of democracy at the grass-roots level – the Athenian city-state, and I really want to believe in the London society he believes in – a city of logic and beauty, of equality and meritocracy, whre the wise teach the naive, the old teach the young, and the strong protect the weak. Hail Boris!

  • Oh come on, zing2.

    How could you not want a president named Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson?

  • zingzing

    boris (boris?) in 2016? holy shit! a black man, a woman… a brit!? we’re letting just about anyone run these days! what next? a dog? three men and a dog?!

  • zingzing

    “He kisses up to the shit that sure as hell wants to kill me, like Qaradawi. That’s enough to earn him a bullet in the head from yours truly, should the occasion arise to deliver it.”

    i’d tell you you don’t have the balls, but i don’t know any more.

    “The trick to surviving in a world filled with sharks is to be tougher, meaner and more vicious than the sharks. And a lot more murderous.”

    somehow, i don’t live with the fear you live with. it makes me feel pretty good to say that.

    “You can keep the Christian “turn the other cheek” shit for the real Christians, who indeed turn the other cheek.”

    and good for them!

  • Mark, Mark, Mark. You missed the forest for the trees here. You totally omitted the BIG story about Boris.

    He’s got dual British/US citizenship and is a registered Republican and is seriously considering running for president in 2016.


  • Ruvy

    so you think Livingstone is trying to kill you?

    He kisses up to the shit that sure as hell wants to kill me, like Qaradawi. That’s enough to earn him a bullet in the head from yours truly, should the occasion arise to deliver it.

    The trick to surviving in a world filled with sharks is to be tougher, meaner and more vicious than the sharks. And a lot more murderous. You can keep the Christian “turn the other cheek” shit for the real Christians, who indeed turn the other cheek.

    Livingstone is just a piece of shit who gets his jollies kissing up to people he want to kill those to see dead, but hasn’t got the balls to kill himself.

  • Sir Font Leroy

    “…call Hugo up and tell him to stick his fuel deal up his fat Commie ass.”

    Good plan. It’ll help keep the multitude of stinking riff raff in London off of the busses.

    Same goes for the cheap heating oil leeches in the US. Let the useless moochers freeze. If they can’t look after themselves that’s their problem.

    Chavez should spend Venezuela’s wealth on the peasants in Venezuela. No more free lunches for foreigners.

  • zingzing

    so you think livingstone is trying to kill you?

  • Ruvy

    You got it right on the money, zing zing. For crap like Livingstone and his ilk, the golden rule is:

    “Do unto others before they do unto you”.

  • Franco

    Mark, you covered very well key high points of dishonorable ken, and I couldn’t agree more, good riddance. I have watched Ken for years and could not believe that he was elected in the fist place, then wondered if Londoners would ever get back to honest reality. It is wonderfull to see them taking back their self-respect. Congratulations!

  • Ruvy:

    I do not know how any self-respecting Jew could vote for Ken Livingstone. That the man is an anti-Semite is beyond question; he’s proven that on too many occasions.

    I feel happy for the Jewish community in London who may finally now be given some respect by their mayor.

  • Dave: 1. I’m not blond. 2. I’m slimmer. But still, I suppose that I can see some resemblance.

  • zingzing

    ahh, ruvy. ever the humanitarian. “do unto others…” etc, etc.

  • Ruvy

    It was a pleasure to read this, Mark. On the Jewish lists I belong to, the fact that this piece of human trash (Ken Livingstone) was at last swept to the dust bin he belongs was also noted, particularly by English Jews disgusted with his habit of kissing the ass (or should I say arse?) of every Jew-hating Arab shithead terrorist who showed his er face in London.

    We note carefully those who curse us and those who bless us. It is an immense pleasure to see this ass-hole who cursed us finally brought to his deserved end – at least as London’s mayor. Oh Livingstone’ll show his face again – hopefully, not too far from here, so I can blow his head off with an M16.

  • Anyone else notice that Manning looks quite a bit like Boris Johnson, or would if he has a less scruffy photo?


  • “I think he’s got a decent enough soul and clearly he feels for London; the city runs in his blood.”

    Quoted for truth, Mark.

    When the executive office of Mayor of London was created in 2000 there was only ever going to be one man elected to the post, even after Labour kicked him out of the party and he had to run as an independent. I’m a Liberal Democrat at heart so I gave my first preference vote to Simon Hughes, but Livingstone got my second preference.

    While one may not see eye to eye with his politics, he recognized that and did tone them down a bit for the sake of the electorate.

    I thought his passionate words after the 7/7 bombings were perfect: so much so that I did what I’ve rarely been moved to do, and wrote to his office to thank him. He wrote back as well: a brief but gracious response.

    I really didn’t think Londoners would ever get rid of him as long as he wanted to run, so I’m surprised at the scale of Johnson’s win. London, and I, will miss ‘Red Ken’ – but I doubt he’ll stay out of the spotlight for long.