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Liberal Kudos for George W. Bush

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Dubya doesn't get a whole lot of credit these days. Liberals like myself want to see him impeached or – better yet – sent along with Dick Cheney to the Hague to stand trial from crimes against humanity (which of course will not happen). Conservatives are desperately trying to distance themselves from the president and the multiple albatrosses his administration has hung around the neck of the Republican Party.

But I've long believed that when someone does something right or tries his level best to do the right thing even if it ends in failure, that person deserves gratitude and a pat on the back…and I say kudos to George W. Bush for what he has tried to do to help resolve the current world economic crisis (even though I believe he bears a significant portion of the blame for bringing this crisis to pass). His efforts may or may not work, and we probably won't know the real extent of his success or failure for years to come, but I believe President Bush is truly doing everything he can to stop the economic hemorrhaging of the world’s financial markets. He has gone against his party and even joined with the G7, the IMF, and the World Bank in their efforts to keep aright the economies of not only America, but of the world as a whole. In a one-eighty from his administration’s disastrous tendency to play cowboy and discard any efforts at true diplomacy, President Bush actually listened to the other world leaders, took their advice, and stood united with them.

While I agree with many historians that Bush is the worst American president ever, one should bear in mind that even the most incompetent leaders and evil tyrants have usually done something right. So true to my contrarian nature, when it comes to his leadership during the current economic crisis, I say “Good on you, Mr. President – no one could have asked for more than what you have tried to do.”

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  • zingzing

    dave: “Why not give Bush kudos for trying to reform the system before it went to hell in a handbasket – reforms which got blocked by Democrats in Congres?”

    give us a link or an explanation as to what these laws actually said and what kind of bullshit was attached to them.

  • Arch Conservative

    And Kudos to President Bush for keeping this nation safe since 9/11.

    C’mon Michelle……don’t you know the only rational positionis to place all of the blame for 911 solely at the feet of Bush but not give him an ounce of credit for not having had an attack since then?

    Looks like someone let her subscription to the Daily Kos newsletter lapse.

    Get on the ball Michelle.

    Acorn needs you, Obama needs you, there are ballot boxes to be stuffed, false voter fraud claims to be made in districts favoring the GOP, cries of racism to be screamed………..and miles and miles to go before we sleep.

  • Michelle

    And Kudos to President Bush for keeping this nation safe since 9/11.

  • Dave –

    Whatever others may think, the whole purpose for the post was not to claim W. did a good thing in his reaction to the economic crisis – I think the jury will be out on his reaction for months if not years to come – but merely to give him a pat on the back for at least trying, domestically in a bipartisan fashion and internationally in concert with the other leaders of the major world economies.

    If throughout his presidency he had worked with Democrats domestically instead of imposing his will on them, and with the leaders of the world instead of “my way or the highway”, he would have had a much more successful presidency…and we Democrats would likely not be in control of Congress and have a real chance of gaining the White House to boot.

    But hopefully, for all our sakes, I hope his reaction to the economic meltdown was the right one. It would be better if, when history looks back on W.’s terms, it can be said he helped save the world’s economy. If that’s the case, perhaps it can help us forget his other missteps and crimes.

  • Why not give Bush kudos for trying to reform the system before it went to hell in a handbasket – reforms which got blocked by Democrats in Congres?


  • Charlie Mauve

    Just a bit of food for thought on the economic “crisis” Think about this, a lot of bankers gave loans to people who where bad risks, and NOW the taxpayers are expected to pick up the tab for their mistakes?!?!?! + the FACT that Congress pushed through legislation that was clearly contrary to the WILL OF THE PEOPLE and they did it anyway.

    I for one, will NEVER trust “W” with ANYTHING
    Remember who was COMMANDER IN CHIEF(?) and when told “America is under attack” just exactly what did he do? He is either an idiot, or he was in on the game and in any case, he should NOT be employed at anything on the public payroll!

  • Pablo

    What a bunch of crap.

  • Meh. Malls are always full of annoying teenagers anyway. Gum snapping is down 6000%.

  • Lee Richards

    Thanks so much, George. After you completely misread the navigation maps and steered the wrong course, you did manage to crash the plane into the mall rather than the school.