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Liars Cut And Run, Marines Never Do

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Every dog has his day, and today Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa. had his. Murtha’s attacker in November, U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt, who was booed from the House floor for her now infamous claim “Cowards cut and run, Marines never do”, was officially reprimanded on Thursday for violating campaign law. Bravo for poetic justice!

Schmidt apparently made an “oopsy” when she claimed on her website that she had two college degrees when in fact she holds only one. Graduate Emeritus Pre-emptus? What a joke, she actually claims that she never knew of the contents of her website. Right, have you ever heard of a Pole-Cat-icion who did not have the innate ability to quote verse and scripture, every single morsel of press they ever received? Backwards while ice-dancing with the local Bear? Come on folks!

“After a media call to the university revealed she had not, she said she had completed the course work for an education degree but had not received one, said her lawyer, William Todd.

I know this was a short clip from the news today, and yes I hail from Texas, live in Florida, and have absolutely no ties to Ohio. (There was that woman who attended Waffle House University with me, I digress) Wake up! Here we go again, one more time, one more Republican, one more lie. Is this a new prerequisite to the party from which I so adamantly defended a year ago?

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  • Nancy

    Look at the quality of your leading GOP today & their hangers-on: Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, Rove, Abramoff, Frist, DeLay, Chambers, Ney … Liars, thieves, & morally/ethically bankrupt all; it would seem the GOP has indeed traded its soul to the devil, who is now intent on collecting.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    The Republican party went straight to hell the day after Lincoln was shot. It made a brief exit from there a century ago when Teddy Roosevelt was president, but after WWI it headed straight back down in. And it hasn’t left since. Unfortunately, these days the Democrats are good company for them there.

    America was great in spite of its leaders, not because of them.

  • Nancy if you have something to say, don’t hold back

  • Nancy

    I try not to, Matt, but I’m very shy… 😉

  • Arch Conservative

    Nice to see the thought police are out in full force today.

    I didn’t know that the editors of BC had such a hardon for illegal aliens.

  • Arch Conservative

    Monday is the great american wetback walkout


  • zingzing


  • Nancy, the ‘leaders’ you cite are mostly hirelings rather than actual political leaders. Even some of the leaders, like Frist, are minor figures thrust to the forefront because of their basically administrative positions. The GOP’s real problem is a LACK of political leadership.


  • Nancy

    All politicians are pigs; it just happens the GOP are in charge, so they’re the ones gonna get the blame this time around.

    Arch, I also am sick of accomodating lawbreakers of any stripe, be it illegal wiretapping or illegal aliens.

  • zingzing

    last night i jaywalked whilst smoking a joint and digesting the first of two heavy painkillers that i had no prescription for. i also was smoking within 25 feet of an open door in a public space. breakin the law!

  • Nancy

    Yes, and your butt should therefore be in jail, except you lucked out.

  • It is politics in general, Paul, not just the Republican party. However, the magnitude of the lies seem to be somewhat greater on the Republican rather than Democratic side (at least this year).

  • Nancy, inciting hatred is a crime so I assume you must hate yourself…

  • Nancy

    Yes. As noted, that will change once the Dems are in power long enough to start feeling their oats, so to speak. Altho I must observe that so far thru the sorry history of congress, the GOP so far is way in advance as far as scandals & publicly exposed corruption goes, for the past 100 years.

  • zingzing

    nancy, do you follow every law? what state do you live in? i’m sure i can find a law that you’re breaking right now.

  • Nancy

    I’m sure I have, inadvertently. But that’s the key: inadvertently. I have never (to my knowledge) deliberately violated a law, except once when I ran a stop sign with no one in sight – and promptly got ticketed by a cop I hadn’t seen nearby. In my experience, it just doesn’t pay, and it’s easier to toe the line, besides being fairer to others in terms of sheer equity. I live in MD.

  • zingzing

    some laws are stupid.

  • zingzing

    do you have thistles in your yard? that’s illegal in maryland. also, do not bring a lion to the movies in baltimore.

  • zingzing

    also, if you go to baltimore, do not curse, as this is against the law. if you have to spit, spit onto the street, not the sidewalk. also, do not wear a sleeveless shirt inside of a park.

  • Nancy

    Agreed totally: many laws are stupid, and some are outright criminal; but they’re still the law, and until changed, shouldn’t be willfully violated, just on the principles that where do you then draw the line? Jaywalking is minor, I agree, but what about if you decided that murder was in the same ‘I can ignore it’ category? Most laws seem to have been enacted to guarantee the greatest number of people the largest possible amount of respect for their rights or comfort. That may mean that in the process some people are required to restrict their freedom, because it impinges on that of too many others. My freedom – or yours – only extends as far as it doesn’t infringe on anyone else’s, is the way I was taught to understand it.

  • zingzing

    true. but my smoking a joint or taking pills doesn’t hurt anyone else. jaywalking is more dangerous to other people. running a stop sign is even more dangerous.

  • Your joints and pills seem harmless to you, but we all know you’re FUNDING TERRORISM with them, and with your illegally copied music files too, probably. That’s what the administration officials of our Beloved Dear Leader say.

  • zingzing

    yes, and with my SUV and the associated tax break, i could fund another 9/11. that’s our beloved dear leader for you.

  • RogerMDillon

    “they’re still the law, and until changed, shouldn’t be willfully violated”

    Good thing we didn’t need Nancy to fight during the American Revolution or for civil rights in the ’50s. Nancy, stop while you are way behind.

  • Hey guys, I just noticed a story about Jean Schmidt at the top of this page. Wow! Anyone else see that?

  • Nancy

    I’m not good at poking holes in other people’s fallacious arguments, so I can’t; hopefully someone who can argue better than I, will, because your arguments are even worse, but I don’t know how to tell you why. I wish I did besides just seeming to express it as my opinion.
    In any event, I’m outta the argument, ’cause I got a date with a surgeon, so I’ll see you all when I get back from the hospital. Maybe I’ll have figured out how to debate by then.

  • Che

    Nancy, I think what these gentlemen are saying is that some laws are nonsensical, unjust and many are just plain harmful. There are many ways to protest such laws, and breaking them is one way. I think it is very important to continually question and re-assess our laws. RAW once said, “every new law creates a new criminal class overnight”. Think about that for a moment. Which new law will put you in a criminal class? What will you have to give up because a lawmaker with a moral agenda that differs from yours decides to get busy?

    And consider this: What if Rosa Parks had been a “law abiding citizen” like you? What if she’d never broken the law? What if she’d given up her seat to that white guy, as she was required to do? Sometimes committing a crime is the right, moral and just thing to do.

  • RogerMDillon

    Nancy, when you get stuck like that and can’t poke a hole in someone else’s argument, it means you lost.

    I hope the surgery goes well. I hear it can be tough removing those bugs.

  • I’m not good at poking holes in other people’s fallacious arguments, so I can’t; hopefully someone who can argue better than I, will, because your arguments are even worse, but I don’t know how to tell you why. I wish I did besides just seeming to express it as my opinion.

    That’s usually a sign the other argument isn’t fallacious.

    In any event, I’m outta the argument, ’cause I got a date with a surgeon, so I’ll see you all when I get back from the hospital. Maybe I’ll have figured out how to debate by then.

    I’m sorry Nancy. I love ya, but I have to have to have to say this. The setup is too good.

    Is he a brain surgeon?


  • It’s always hardest when those you defend let you down. Especially when you think they stand for the same things that you do. It doesn’t matter what political stripe you are, it’s the same feeling of being disapointed and cheated.

    My condonlances.


  • gonzo marx

    comment #29 sez…
    *I’m sorry Nancy. I love ya, but I have to have to have to say this. The setup is too good.

    Is he a brain surgeon?*

    i’m all for Humor, but such a shot at someone facing surgery ranks the “comedian” as slightly lower than whalesnot at the bottom of the Marianas trench, IMO

    your mileage may vary


  • Scott Butki

    Yeah that does seem like a low blow, Dave.

    Hey, does anyone want to talk about Schmidt? I mean there is drift and then there is DRIFT and I’m not sure why we’ve drifted so far on this one.

  • Ralph

    I’ll vote for who ever I want to, and that goes for both sides of the aisle.

    The Dem have got to shake off Kennedy, Clinton, Moore, Sheene, Streisand, and all the other blowbags who insist on force feeding me their opinions.

    The Repubs have got to shake off McCain, Lumbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilley…

    I can agree on issues but I refuse to agree to not disagree.

    Here’s my talking points:

    I’m not a socialist.
    I don’t like paying taxes.
    They’re YOUR children, take care of them.
    I don’t like paying your children’s educational bills which allow them to go to inadequate, hog tied school systems and fail.
    I don’t like Doctor’s.
    I don’t like insurance.
    I don’t like probate.
    Taxes targeted at food, clothing, and medicine are evil.
    I don’t like drugs, drug cartels, dealers and anything associated with claiming someones life and destroying it.
    I don’t like healthy people not working and drawing Social Security or welfare.
    I don’t like Social Security funds being used for anything except what it is heralded to be intended for.
    I don’t like liars
    I don’t like thieves
    I don’t like foreign entanglements
    I don’t like gossips
    I don’t like littering
    I don’t like 3rd worlders expecting me to pick up their garbage and lower the bar of civility so they can feel at home. I they don’t like America, leave it.
    I don’t like having to feel like I need a gun.
    I don’t like the police telling me they will protect me, when they can’t, or don’t (see liars).
    I don’t like a false sense of security.
    I like having the best armed forces in the world.
    I like the neutron bomb.
    I believe in Peace through superior firepower.
    I would rather have Jesus than the bomb.
    I like bourbon and coke on a Thursday evening
    I hate television
    I hate most movies
    I hate pop music
    I hate porn
    I think abortion is murder, not matter what anyone says.
    Mao was a murdering tyrant, no matter what anyone says.
    Whether you were there or not, whether you are that old or the children thereof… Vietnam killed off an entire generation (the casulties are still coming in).
    Iraq is starting to look like it will too.
    Terrorists need to be removed from our shores.
    Terrorist sympathizers need to go to.
    People should be held accountable.
    The insanity defense is a sham.
    The 9th court of appeals needs to pay the taxpayers back.
    Ethics… always. But never practiced.

    There’s so much more… but I have to clean up and go to work.

  • troll

    so Ralph – are you a priest or a pastor – ?


  • Ralph, if they get rid of everyone who has an idea or an opinion on both sides, what are you left with? Seems like there’d be nothing left but a bunch of yes-men and hacks and how is that any better?

    I mean, I hate Ted Kennedy as much as anyone, but at least he has a political position and sticks by it. That deserves at least some respect.


  • RogerMDillon

    I don’t like people who make long, rambling lists.

    Is it just me or does anyone else find it funny that the following two lines were written together:

    “I don’t like a false sense of security.
    I like having the best armed forces in the world.”

  • Ralph, you missed one:

    I wouldn’t get so many nosebleeds if I kept my finger out of there.

    (Sorry, obvious Simpsons reference, but it had to be said)

  • Joey

    Kennedy? Dave are you serious? He’s as slippery now as the night he emerged from the water.

    Ralph were you referring to Bill or Hillary?

    You don’t like feeling the need to have a gun, yet you feel a false sense of security? Was that in reference to you’re not safe where ever you go? Or that you are basically alone when you walk down the street?

    I do like the Vietnam/Iraq analogy. It’s spot on. Nobody wins.

  • Ralph

    Where do I begin,

    Sussman #37… Matt you could crap better if you pulled your finger outta there.

    Troll #34… I own a towing business, pay all my taxes, expand my business to make kkep the profits rolling in and I (like my employees) make a good salary. Yes, all successful people put themselves on the payroll. That’s accounting 201 or 301… but it’s basic to success.

    Roger #36 It may be just you… try not to read too much into it. Okay?

    Joey #38 Hillary. She’s a such a bitch.

    I’m gone.