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Are you in search of the most tremendous DVR of our time? As in, the Lexus of DVRs? I am as well.

The DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is an amazing tool but I have a wishlist that needs addressing.

I despise the fact that there are multiple cable companies offering various DVRs with different components. Where I live, there are only two options for cable and the one I want isn’t either of them.

I’m so incredibly exhausted from attempting to record something but it interferes with another program. The search to find another time slot is tedious. If I’m recording two shows at once, I’m forced to watch something already recorded, therefore I might be missing something else. I can’t even watch something OnDemand while recording two programs at once. This is getting old.

My wish list includes:

  • The option to record an unlimited amount of shows/movies at any given time and stillTivo have the ability to watch a completely different channel while this occurs
  • An opportunity to insert a memory card or flash drive so I can take my recordings with me wherever I go and save it as long as necessary, no more watching that percentage getting near capacity
  • The ability to watch an OnDemand program while other programs are recording

The only problem now is this DVR does not exist. I know. Aren’t you bummed?

I’m stuck with recording just two shows at once and not watching TV while it happens. I’m stuck with the minimal amount of memory my DVR holds, those high definition shows eat up a lot of it! I’m stuck with missing out on a lot of programs I would be watching if I simply had more options. I often wonder why TiVo and the likes haven’t resolved these issues to date.

What are your DVR dream components?

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  • Never did think of that, fantastic idea!!

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Have you ever thought of looking into turning (or making) a PC into a DVR/Tivo?

    This is a good place to start: HDTV Tuner Info

    Sure, you may have to pay a pretty penny up front to purchase a PC (or build your own) along with an HD Tuner Card but, considering the rate of change for HD resolution is rather slow with the current CSPs (720p still?) you won’t ever have to rent a DVR again. Maybe, a card upgrade but that is still better because you own it. Plus, you get to choose what size hard drive you get ( 2TBs… Oh yea!)

  • AT&T is not available in my area yet. Sadly, I am stuck with Brighthouse or Direct TV.

  • Mark

    AT&T’s U-Verse service adds a number of slick features you might like. It’s not the be-all, end-all of DVRs, but it lets you record up to 4 shows at once, and thru a centralized DVR in our household, we can stream recorded shows to any other TV in the house, as well as initiate recordings and update all schedules and settings from any box in the house. Might want to check it out. Doesn’t cost us any more than the service we had with Time Warner before, one that exhibits many of the shortcomings you detailed.