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Letter to the Manners Maven

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Dear Manners Maven:

Is it ever good manners to have a heated argument with a significant other on the cell phone while standing in a long line at the Korean fruit, vegetable and sushi store? Possibly breaking up, or at least making dire threats to do so?

Hopeless in New Jersey

Dear Hopeless:

Did you notice that lady with the full basket standing right behind you while you shared your innermost thoughts and feelings? That was me.

My advice is, have passionate discussions in the privacy of your home or car, or at least on a private patch of sidewalk. People have enough misery in their lives without having to share yours. The fruit and vegetable store is for fruit and vegetables (oh, yes, I forgot sushi).


Manners Maven

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  • What if you’re angry with your SO because he/she is a fruit and/or vegetable?


  • Good question. By the way, I meant over the cell phone. Apologies.

  • Etiquette Girl

    If you and your other had to argue do it in private or go somewhere that there would be no watching and listening ears. No one need to hear your conversation.