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Let’s stop milking Katrina

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Whine whine whine.

Kennedy blames the non-acceptance of Kyoto for Katrina. Yes, thats right. Like it would have made that short a difference in that short a time. Oh, and apparently, a change of heart caused a wind to push Katrina a little bit away.

Then people blame Bush for the tax cuts that “only” went to the rich. Sorry, they went for everyone. A “Robin Hood” tax cut helps no one. Besides, tax cuts have nothing to do with Katrina. Of course, by twisting and stretching the truth, the tax cuts can cause the levees to fall.

Tomorrow, I guarantee it will be someone else’s fault. It will be the fault of people who drive cars and eat meat. After all, it may be nature out to get us! And let’s not forget global warming either!

Hey! Why don’t these people do something instead of whining?! Please. Stop it. People are dying and it is being exploited for politics and stupid junk science. Does any one realize that this is part of a cycle? When we get one large hurricane in a year, all of a sudden its global warming, that was caused by Republicans. Then the actors who protest because of global warming hop on their gas-guzzling private jet, and go home.

Let’s wake up, look at the facts and do something to help! Okay?

Let’s leave the TV, refuse to be entertained by people dying before our eyes and donate money to the Red Cross, or someone else that may help.

People need us now. Moaning that you could not get more money out of a tax return that you cheated on just because Bush is President does not help.

By Abelardo Gonzalez


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