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Let’s Have a War: 100 Best Punk Songs, 7-12

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Hey, we’re getting there. 12 down, 80-something to go. Don’t make me do math in my head, ok?

Six more, my co-blogger’s are marked with a T, mine with an M.

7. Black Flag -“Rats Eyes”
A song that was definitely at the end of their career. Something in it. Something. I don’t know what, grabbed me. It was slow and it was angry and it just sounded like we were done, but no matter what they saw and the shit you pulled they would always be there watching. Cause they stopped sleeping and they stopped caring way before you inhaled your first gasp of air. They were done before you started and now they just watched from the shadows and waited. – T

8. Fang – “Berkeley Heathen Scum”
A song I liked cause it was in a scene I was in. This was punk rock. This was being in a town where you were hated by hippy bongloads and college students at the same time. Saying to them ‘hey dude, fuck you, I’m tired of your shit and you are all bothering me so go fucking away.” The song rocks and the words are out of it, but I still had a good time listening to it. download – T

9. Angry Samoans – “Lights Out”
Hey dude. There’s not much to say on this song except to quote them. “We weren’t the best but we rocked the hardest.” Jesus, dude. What the fuck was with these guys? A band from LA in the LA scene who fucking didn’t care about anything but breaking things. While others were singing about love on a couch they were singing about poking your eyes out with a fork. I’m telling you, this song rocks. *Disclaimer* This blog has no responsibility if you poke your eyes out with a fork. download – T

10. The Clash – “Complete Control”
It was snotty Brit punk. It was rock and roll. It was part Chuck Berry, part Sex Pistols, and all ‘fuck you’ anthem. Singing c-o-n—trol while Strummer yells over your voice is something that never gets old. download -M

11. Exploited – “Sex and Violence”
sexandviolence sexandviolence sexandviolence sexandviolence…….singing this song while sitting in some dirty club waiting for your favorite local punk band to come on, drinking cheap two for one beers and slamming back a shot of 151 for each beer and everyone pounding their fists on the bar singing sexandviolence sexandviolence sexandviolence sexandviolence. Yea. That’s what I’m talking about. download -M

12. GBH – “Knife Edge”
Whenever I talk about GBH, I have to start off by saying that they were a much better band than people give them credit for. Ok, got that out of the way. This song was made for the pit. The starts and stops, the breakneck pace, the winding guitar, the machine gun delivery of the lyrics, and then the drop, it’s like the band was giving you a break, letting you catch your breath before they kicked back in and you had to get your feet moving all over again. Livin’ my life on the edge of a knife. Kick ass stuff. download – M

We’ll try to do more than six next time or this is going to be a long haul.

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    “Complete Control” is fucking G-d, man.