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Let Favre Come Back And Stop Whining!

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The Packer fans became enraged when hearing the latest quote from Favre: “If you’re a true Packer fan, you understand.”

That statement had the Packers fan heading for some blue cheese instead of less moldy kind cheddar. They needed a shot of something real, forget Swiss or American. That quote was hard for them to swallow!

In the same article a fan named Ron Knautz said, “I couldn’t believe the ‘true Packers fan’ should understand thing. I’m 54 years old. I’ve been a Packers fan since I was 5, which is when I knew what the Packers were. I got my picture taken with Bart Starr when I was 12. I’m a true Packers fan. Maybe a true Packers player would understand how I feel.”

Well, Ron, I am not a Packers fan nor player and cannot believe how upset you are. Your team let him go. He asked to come back to Green Bay, they said no, and they are going to stick with Aaron Rodgers. To me that is where Brett Favre’s loyalty to the Packers ended!

At that point it is all about Brett and what is right for his family. His beloved team that he led to a Super Bowl victory against the Patriots rejected him.

At the point that Favre was released by the Packers he held the NFL record for most career touchdown passes (464), passing yards (65,127), pass completions (5,720), pass attempts (9,280), starts among NFL quarterbacks (269, 291 including playoffs) victories as a starting quarterback (169), and of course with that many passes he also held the record for most career interceptions (310).

Please tell me why his loyalty should still be cradled in the hands of the NFL team that he gave everything to and they crushed him?

Would you give up $25 million, the rumored salary with the Vikings, for two seasons to keep your old Packer fans happy? I don’t think so! I say to the Packer fans, “Shut-up, move on, and stick behind the one your management chose, Aaron Rodgers!”

I am a Chicago Bulls fan. I am from the Windy City, born and raised. Did I scream and cry when the greatest athlete of all time, in my opinion, Michael Jordan, decided to come out of retirement and head to Washington to play for the Wizards? Hell no!

Money is involved and an athletes ego. The money they are offered is astounding and their egos and desire to be loved and play the game they can dominate is HUGE! You cannot turn that off. I am sure the urge to get back on the field or court is brewing inside of them the minute they step off the field or court. At first they can contain the heat bubbling inside, but then it becomes too much and they erupt! They need to put their energy back into what they do best, play the game they love!

Is Favre slowly putting some tears in his reputation? Yes he is. But I believe he believes he can mend those tears by bringing a team to the Superbowl. He is taking a gamble, let him. He might just have the last laugh, another Super Bowl ring!

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  • IHeartUrbanPlanning

    Just thought I would share the best Green Bay fan reaction ever, it is near the end of the video.

  • “It is taking away from football and what the game is really about.”

    Making money, which is what is happening with all the new season tickets sold, and the free advertising Favre is bringing in. I think the NFL is fine with it.

  • Heather Hogan

    You make great points Tony! It is taking away from football and what the game is really about.

  • It always was, Tony. Let’s not forget about the poison pill clause of Favre’s trade to the Jets.

  • Tony

    “Real rivalry” was strong. I guess I think of Packers-Bears as more of a rivalry. I think “THE” rivalry is also strong. Then again, now that he went and did this, it might very well be THE rivalry. And what do I know really, living in Detroit? That was always my perception and the perception that most of the pundits seemed to have.

  • zingzing

    tony: “Vikings-Pack is not even a real rivalry. It would be different if he signed with the Bears.”

    say what now? vikes-pack is THE rivalry. i remember not too many years ago that the rivalry was tied up after 90-something games. after last year’s tampering charges, trading off road wins last year, and finally stuffing favre up gb’s nose, it’s really on this year. and on monday night as well. then nov 1, favre walks into gb wearing a damn purple jersey…

  • Tony

    This was a good one also:

    “We have responsibilities we’re just not athletes that are in it all for ourself, football, is it not a team game? Isn’t it all about team … and here comes Brett Favre riding in on his white horse, doesn’t go to training camp, doesn’t come to offseason workouts and he’s gonna come on his white horse and bond with all these players.”

    Now as I said, I’m not a Vikings or Packers fan so I really don’t care. I’ll be happy if the Lions win 5 games and don’t totally suck. But I think Fran’s comments well illustrate the irritation people feel with him.

  • Tony

    Frank Tarkenton had a lot of funny things to say about Favre but I liked this one,

    “I really think the whole Brett Favre saga of retiring, unretiring, three weeks ago [saying] ‘I can’t play,’ the Vikings said, ‘We’re moving on,’ it’s a circus,” Tarkenton said Wednesday on “The Opening Drive.” “It’s an absolute circus, and it takes away from all the other things that are going on with the Vikings, with the NFL. We’re getting ready for a football season and this is a circus and I just have no interest in it.”

  • Tony

    The only woe I blame Brett Farve for is that he constantly fills up the banter on all the ESPN programing that I watch which is more of an annoyance than a woe. You don’t know “woes” until your team goes 0-16 and then anything else football related seems pretty minor.

    Also, I do watch football and have the NFL package on Directv so I was aware that things worked out pretty well for Chad in Miami. But I’m sure he wasn’t happy being kicked out of the only place he had ever played for some one off “legend.”

    So if Eric Mangini was fired for not making the playoffs then you’re basically purposing that a team’s QB has very little to do with their win loss record. I’m pretty sure Brett Farve throwing 7 interceptions in the last three games had something to do with the team not making the playoffs. After that 8-3 start Brett Favre threw 4 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. I guess you can blame the play calling but that’s a tough argument to make.

    But as I said, not my “woe.” I don’t really like the Packers or the Vikings. I did respect Brett Favre for his “toughness” or whatever, and now I find him more of an irritation in the sphere of my sports viewing, but that’s about the extent of it.

  • Heather Hogan

    Chad Pennington should be thanking Brett Favre! Here is what he accomplished when booted from NY to let Favre in:

    Started all 16 regular season games in his first season with the Dolphins, the second time in his career that he opened every contest (2006) … Named as the co-winner (along with LB?Joey Porter) of the team’s 2008 Dan Marino Most Valuable Player Award as well as the recipient of the 2008 Don Shula Leadership?Award … Completed 321 of 476 passes (67.4%) for 3,653 yards with 19 touchdowns and seven interceptions … Became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for at least 3,500 yards and have seven or fewer interceptions … Is just the third quarterback in league history to compile at least 3,400 yards passing and have seven or fewer interceptions, joining Kansas City’s Steve DeBerg (3,444 yards, 4 INTs in 1990) and San Francisco’s Steve Young (3,465 yards, 7 INTs in 1992) … Completion percentage of 67.4 led the NFL and was the third-highest figure of his career … The figure set a single-season record by a Dolphin (64.2 by Dan Marino in 1984) as well as in a career (59.4 by Dan Marino from 1983-99) … Passer rating of 97.4 was second in the NFL, trailing only the 105.5 mark by San Diego’s Philip Rivers … In addition, it shattered the Dolphins previous career mark of 86.4 by Dan Marino, while it stands as the second-highest single-season figure in team history, trailing only the 108.9 rating put forth by Marino in 1984. . . Over the course of the year led the Dolphins on 37 touchdown drives, during which time he completed 84.4 percent of his passes (130 of 154) … Completed more than 70 percent of his passes eight times on the season while he also had a passer rating of better than 100.0 in eight games … First touchdown pass as a Dolphin came on a 5-yard strike to Anthony Fasano in opener against N.Y. Jets (9/7) … Put together an 85.0 percent completion mark on 17 of 20 passing in 38-13 win at New England (9/21), the highest completion percentage of his career and the second-highest figure in Dolphins history, trailing only the 92.3 mark by Bob Griese (12 of 13) on December 18, 1978 against New England … In the game, Pennington had a streak of 11 consecutive completions in the first half … Compiled a passer rating of 122.8 at Houston (10/5), the third straight game in which he had a mark of 100.0 or better, the first Dolphin to do that since Marino in the first three games of 1994 … He threw for 284 yards and two touchdowns in the game, both to running back Patrick Cobbs … One went for an 80-yard touchdown off a screen pass, the longest completion of his career … Went over the 15,000-yard mark for his career in contest against Baltimore (10/19), as he surpassed the plateau on an 8-yard completion to Ted Ginn, Jr. in the third quarter … Was named AFC Offensive Player of the Week in a 25-16 win over Buffalo (10/26), when he completed 22 of 30 (73.3%) for 314 yards with one touchdown and no interceptions … It was the fifth such honor of his career… Produced the seventh fourth-quarter comeback win of his career in 17-15 victory over Oakland (11/16) … After the Raiders took a 15-14 lead on a 93-yard punt return by Johnnie Lee Higgins, the offense took over at their own 20 with 4:30 to play … Pennington proceeded to complete four of five passes for 51 yards as part of a 10-play, 61-yard drive that ended with Dan Carpenter’s 38-yard field goal with 38 seconds remaining … Lone rushing score of the year came on a 7-yard run the following week against New England (11/23) … Went over the 3,000-yard passing mark for the season in 16-3 win over Buffalo in Toronto (12/7) … Had a rating of 104.2 in that Bills game, the first of four in a row to close the season that he reached the 100.0 mark … Connected on 23 of 29 passes, including each of his last 11, in the Bills contest … The following week against San Francisco (12/14), was 12 of 19 for 156 yards with two touchdowns, no interceptions and a season-best 124.0 passer rating … Completed his first six passes of the game, extending his streak of consecutive completions to 17, setting a new Dolphins record, surpassing the previous one of 15, held by Dan Marino (1992) … Tied a season-high the following week with three touchdown passes in a 38-31 win at Kansas City (12/21) … All three scores went to tight ends, consisting of two to Fasano and one to David Martin … The final one to Fasano was a 14-yard strike with 4:08 remaining in the contest to break a 31-31 tie … In finale at N.Y. Jets (12/28), connected on 22 of 30 (73.3%) for 200 yards with two touchdowns, no interceptions and a passer rating of 113.2 as the Dolphins clinched the AFC East title with a 24-17 victory … Was named AFC Offensive Player of the Week for his performance, his second such honor of the season and the sixth of his career, as he became the first Dolphins quarterback to come away with the award twice in the same season since Dan Marino in 1999 … Accounted for the 100th touchdown pass of his career on a 27-yard strike to Ted Ginn, Jr. in the second quarter … He also became the first Dolphin to have a rating of 100.0 or better in four or more consecutive contests since Marino did it in six games in a row (3-8) in 1984 … In fact, over the final four regular season games of 2008, Pennington completed 83 of 112 passes (74.1%) for 772 yards with 8 TDs, 1 INT and a passer rating of 112.6.

    Eric Mangini was not fired because of Brett Favre. Mangini was fired for not making the playoffs with an 8-3 start!

    In the end Tony life works out, just have to look within, step up to the plate and stop blaming others for your woes!

  • Tony

    The problem isn’t that he’s back again. You made a great point about Green Bay letting him go. The problem is how he handles this every single year. He handled it like crap with the Pack, like crap with the Jets, and now he’s put the Vikings team through hell. Forget Packers fans, ask Sage Rosenfelds what he thinks of Brett Farve. Or how about Chad Pennington and Eric Mangini?

    He was a guy that a lot of people thought was classy and he’s obviously not by the way he handles this stuff. I think that’s more of where the outrage comes from. Vikings-Pack is not even a real rivalry. It would be different if he signed with the Bears.