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Leo Parents: Astrology-based Advice

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jackie oDear Elsa,

I have a son who is very difficult for me to deal with. He is very much a Leo and I find that we have a lot of the same traits and can hardly get along. We butt heads all the time and argue like crazy.

Is there anything I can do to get past all these difficulties?

Stressed Mom

Dear Mom,

I am going to be very candid with you and risk pissing you off. The reason is because I can’t imagine anything less will help you at all, and this is not a bullshit advice column.

Now your son and you both have your Sun in Leo, but this is the tip of iceberg as far as the similarities go. If you want to see a very reasonable facsimile of yourself, then look at your son. Because your charts match up, pretty much right down the line. So what’s that mean?

It means, this is your chance to give yourself the best parent ever. What did you need when you were a kid? That’s what he needs. What did you want? What made you happy? What were you most afraid of?

You hate criticism, don’t you? So does he. It cripples you to your core, doesn’t it? Same with him. See what I’m getting at? You have exceptional insight into your child, so this is an exceptional opportunity to really support him. Not every parent enjoys this circumstance. There is such a thing as a kid with five planets in Scorpio (intense) being born to two Geminis (superficial). How do you think that works out?

So here’s my best guess around where and how this relationship is falling down. First, let me say I think Leos are fantastic parents. Know why? Because they are kids themselves. They are willing to get on the floor and play with their kids. But when a Leo parent falls, they fall hard and I’ll tell you how it happens.

It happens because Leo loves the stage. They LOVE the stage. And they sometimes have a grave problem sharing the spotlight. Now if the kid is part of their image – enhances them in some way – then it’s all good. But what if the kid wants to SHINE independent from the parent? Because this is the case with your son and if you’re smart you’ll follow the example of other Leo mothers who have pulled this off with aplomb.

Leo, Jackie O is a prime example. As a mother, she ROCKED. She stepped aside and let her kids shine, and it did enhance her image. Because I’ll tell you something. Like it or don’t – comfortable with it or not – your son is a double Leo ROCK STAR. And he came out of your body, there is no mistaking that.

So how about some of that Leo pride in your cub, huh? Come on, you can do this. It’s in you in spades.

Good luck.

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  • Great work!! Love your post!! Finally someone got it right!!! Your words are very wise. I am astrologer too. Congratulations.

  • flo perez

    loved it