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Lent! Here We Go Again!

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So Wednesday begins our annual struggle with Lent, and once again we have the opportunity to completely humiliate ourselves, and heap shovel-loads of guilt upon our already weary shoulders.

How nice!

Seems like just yesterday I was berating myself for last year’s shortcomings, and have barely had time to recover from all the misery and self contempt.  Ha!  And here we go again.  

Protestants don’t have quite the approach to Easter as we Catholics do.  All they do is round up the necessary items to dye a few eggs, buy some new spring clothes, and show up in church on Easter Sunday morning.  Innocent and guiltless!

But Catholics, oh, man!  We labor through weeks of torture and self-denial, battling guilt every inch of the way, trying to straighten up our act in the eyes of the Almighty.  It’s not pretty.

My very best wisdom is to ask your doctor for a 40-day supply of Prozac, and just let the whole thing wash over us in a blissful, zoned-out haze. 

Good Luck!  And Happy Lent!

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