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Lenny & Sid- Love Thy Neighbor

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Cartoons are an interesting breed of video. Using animation, they appeal to children’s eyes and the characters are often talking animals or other creatures. Often human kids are saving the world. Lenny & Sid is a children’s cartoon from Toonacious Family Entertainment. “Love Thy Neighbor” is Lenny & Sid’s first video.

They have a “kids saturday morning cartoon” feel to them, though they have not been shown on tv. There are two episodes on this dvd. Each is 15 minutes long.

Being from a Christian publishing company, the shows are wholesome and ready for child consumption. Unlike many videos for children from a Christian company, Lenny & Sid don’t shove the Bible down your throat. However, basic Biblical principles are displayed, such as “Love Your Neighbor”. The 2nd episode is a take on Noah’s ark.

Lenny is a young rabbit who has to learn to put up with his new neighbor, a mouse named Sid. Lenny is kind of quiet and thoughtful, whereas Sid is in your face and obnoxious. They have to learn to get together, and it takes Sid saving Lenny to do so.

Unlike Veggietales, however, which appeals to young and old, Christian and non, Lenny & Sid is does not have a wide spectrum of humor. Where people of all ages laugh at Veggietales’ quirky humor, only younger children will find Lenny & Sid humorous. And unfortunately, the humor fades quick.

If you’re a parent and want a Christian cartoon for your child, but are tired of talking vegetables, Lenny & Sid will provide a temporary fix. However, if you aren’t looking for a Christian cartoon, there are many other funnier and more enduring cartoons available.

If interested check out the Lenny & Sid website.


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