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Legal Battle Between Apple And Amazon.com: From Here To Where?

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Lawsuit filing is quite common in the corporate world, especially for international players. This week, two large corporations – Apple and Amazon.com – are in the news regarding this very issue. It started last Friday when Apple dragged Amazon.com into court charging them for infringement of using their proprietary terminology – the App Store. Apple claimed that they had acquired the legal rights for the term ‘App Store’ which has lately been used by Amazon.com on their newly launched section of Application Software.

The case has been filed by Apple in the U.S. District Court of Northern California. Apple has recently been in the news for two major happenings in their corporate world. First, their launch of the iPad and iPhone that has shaken major players all across the globe in mobile handsets. Sales of iPads and iPhones have drastically altered the sales figures of other manufacturers’ smartphone and tablets.

The second important event concerning Apple these days is the health of chief executive officer Steve Job.  Mr. Jobs’ extended sick leave is now in its second year.

Apple reportedly has demanded a large amount of damages from Amazon.com in their lawsuit along with stoppage of their usage of the term ‘App Store’.

Amazon.com has used the term ‘Appstore’ on their website and have clearly displayed their ownership on this term.

In reality, it is the collaboration of Amazon.com and Google that has generated the most pain for Apple. Amazon.com has opened a new store exclusively to sell apps for Android’s mobile operating system. Android is Google’s new product that has in turn created a downfall in sales of Apple’s App Store by almost 10 percent in a year.

Amazon.com remains silent on this issue and has refused to issue any official statement.

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  • gaetano marano

    just call it AMAppZON.com

  • jaideep

    Not a bad idea at all! Gaetano