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Led Zeppelin to be Honored at Grammys

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From the Hollywood Reporter:

Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin and Jerry Lee Lewis will receive lifetime achievement awards at this year’s Grammy Awards, organizers said Tuesday.

Also receiving plaques from the Recording Academy will be Eddy Arnold, Art Blakey, the original Carter Family, Morton Gould, Jelly Roll Morton, Pinetop Perkins and the Staple Singers.

Now, if only Page, Plant, and Jones jam on stage.

Led Zeppelin, Joplin Among Grammy Honorees”

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  • Ah, what role models we have. Janis, Dead at 27… but was supposedly afraid of H. and the Killer: well, he married his 13 year old cousin and killed a few wives.

    only in rock and roll would we tolerate this. Yet, this is my one and only passion in life. Oh, and don’t think the Zep is off the hook either (and I don’t mean the shark incident). Jimmy Page flew a 13 year old girl around the world as his little fuck buddy. Her name was Lori something or other).

  • About time 🙂

  • oh please!

    You’re forgetting they’re musicians not YOUR role model in life. If you want to follow Jimmy’s music style then that’s fine what he does in his spare time is none of your business.

  • Triniman — Thanks for the link. For non-West Coasters like me, it helps explain the references in Warren Zevon’s “Poor Poor Pitiful Me.”

  • Eric Olsen

    didn’t Bill Wyman have a 14 year-old he ended up marrying?

  • rat-terrier

    Lori Maddox’s parents must have been for shit.

    But, I turn to Page for guitar brilliance, and his solo on the new Jerry Lee Lewis album just shines. He’s obviously been working on his intonation and precision — no doubt he’s heard the complaints of sloppiness. This is Page switched on, and Page at his best is the best ever (my apologies to the late great Danny Gatton).