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Led Zeppelin Screw Their Fans

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Well it's clear to me that I have not got "the right" to spend $250 each for two tickets to the Led Zeppelin gig at the O2 in London. The entire method for giving out tickets is a disaster and to me is dishonest.

First of all we had a site that could not handle the level of interest in the gig. I mean what moron could not figure out that there would be a lot of people wanting tickets? So it was a frustrating effort to even register for the "right" to get these tickets.

Secondly the ballot system is ripe for abuse. I am betting that all the buddies of those are organizing "won" their chance to get tickets.

Inevitably they will release the gig on DVD. I, for one, am not going to buy the bloody thing and I urge you not to buy it either.

Anyone who does get to go, do us a favor — count the brand new Led Zep shirts in the audience. I bet there will be loads of "right-on" types trying to fit in. It seems a fitting way to pay tribute to the boss of one of the major labels; after all they specialize in screwing music fans.

It's terribly sad to see the reputation of a great band sullied with this shoddy exercise.

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  • Howie

    This is the way tickets need to be sold and I hope when their US tour starts, they do the same thing with ticket distribution !!!

  • Hennessy

    ALL you guys need to turn up the music fire up the bong, and thank the Hoopla Gods for all the great f@#$ing music!

  • bobby

    With the unprecedented demand to see 75% of Led Zeppelin (no Bonzo,remember)one BILLION hits and over 25 million attempts to register, the surviving members could sell out a 100,000 seat venue for over 250 straght concerts without a single person seeing them twice. There is no artist in the world that could approach creating this kind of colossal demand, and yet, are we hearing a lot of media coverage? No. The reason is that Led Zep, even as massively popular as they are, still have not caved to the music press in the way the Stones and Beatles and other greats did, ie.never met a microphone they didn’t like. Zep are more popular than both, but they don’t play the traditional press conference media dance game, never have. Why? They don’t need the press and as a result the media, for the most part have always resented and tried to ignore Led Zeppelin. Think about it. Can you imagine the kind of coverage RS Magazine would be giving to one of their ‘favorite’ bands had they received a BILLION hits on a website for tickets? There would be an absolute orgy of coverage for A.The Beatles, B.The Stones, C.Bob Dylan, D.The Who, and a dozen or so others. Not so with Zeppelin. That old resentment is still alive and well, so we have what? An article here and an article there. Zep don’t care, it never hurt their album sales and popularity in the past, and it obviously has not hurt them in the long run. They know that their fan base is extremely large and loyal. The media as a whole, and music press in particular, operate from the assumption that there is nobody that does not need them for publicity and exposure, including Beatles, Stones, Who, ect. Well, Led Zeppelin, was the only band ever to blow that theory out of the water. Almost no interviews, television, singles, press conferences, ect. The result is a lot of Zep ignorance OUTSIDE of their massive fan base, and a smoldering resentment that is alive to this day in the press for Zeppelin. Sorry for the long rant, but long time Zep fans know I speak the truth. I think the best way to satisfy this demand for the mighty Zeppilin would be pay-per-view. The ratings would be through the roof.

  • Jamie Barron

    Hi there,

    I take the Points from all the Fans but all I can say its Try and Get them I got my Two Tickets no hassle and Shall have to let some Recods go to pay the money but over all I great day out.

    Lets be fair how much does a Day out in London cost these days. Its unfair to say its over priced. Check the Prices around now.

    I found the system Fair I just put my Deatils in later Didn’t even bother at the Mad Rush Point.

    Hope to see more people that are going and Hope they are Fans unlike the Crean GIG where I found very few people that even like the band. What s shame .

    Great Band

  • Leigh

    Mr. Dodge,

    I was appalled and quite frankly surprised at the contents of your immature and naive opinions, concerning the up and coming Led Zeppelin show.

    Your opinions sounds as if you had written a 7th grade book report!.. You are self-centered kid who obviously doesn’t know the difference between a quality and rare performance, and a Justin Timberlake gig!

    Led Zeppelin Screwing their fans?.. hardly.. What is apparent is that you need to embrace reality, and realize that Led Zeppelin OWES NOTHING to you.

    And, if you were really a true fan.. you would embrace this event as a blessing; and celebrate this concert for what it is…

    Led Zeppelin owes NOTHING to you.. This is a TRIBUTE CONCERT to honor a man, Ahmet Ertegun who believed in them and signed them with Atlantic records in 1968…

    Which enabled Led Zeppelin, who were a mere ‘rock band’..
    and made them into a legend..

  • If I realistically had the monetary means to have even considered attending this show (given I won this lottery deal), I would be as frustrated as everyone here as well. (And this concert could’ve been scheduled for Wembley Stadium and it still wouldn’t have come close to satisfying the number of people who would want to attend).

    But this entire “reunion” was never designed as a thank-you to fans of Led Zeppelin. It was arranged, simply, at the request of Mika Ertgeun, in tribute to her late husband. She apparently has a lot of clout in getting Plant, Page, & Jones to do this. But this is not, nor was it ever, intended as a gesture of thanks to Zeppelin’s many fans.

  • Captnhook

    I’m not upset about being able to see them this one last time.
    As much as I would love to go I prefer to remember all the good times having seen them on their tours in the States so long ago.
    From the intimate setting of the Fillmore to the larger venues of the Garden and stadiums.
    Those memories have remained vivid as if it was yesterday.
    There could never be shows like those for they happened in a different time and space, one that no longer exists.

    Miss you Bonzo

  • led wallet

    How is a bigger venue an answer? Where can you find a venue that 20 million people can attend? Um no! Putting it on TV is the answer. We at least deserve that.

  • Paul

    I aggree with shams – a bigger venue is the answer. More satisfied fans. I only hope the concert is filmed and a dvd made available for us less fortunate fans. I never thought they would reform and I only hope they don’t live to regret it – old age is a terrible thing for rock legends.

    Whole lot of love – here’s hoping.

  • peggy coleman

    I don’t know if this will get published or not but I am aproximately 32 years past seeing Led Zeppelin in concert at Seattle Washington in 1977. It would turn out to be about third or fourth to their last U.S. concert. Robert’s son passed on and the tour ended and when they were rehearsing for their next U.S tour John Bonham died. I would love to go to the 02 I am sure as much or more than anyone who has applied. Well I can’t afford to go since I live in Oregon, and can only hope that when I do visit England in the future that I can share a spot of tea with Robert, because that is on the top of my list of things I need to do before I get to old to do it….I am a Led Zeppelin fan through and through but I have loved Robert Plant for 36 years…

  • bobby

    They said the site received ‘one thousand million’ hits (aka one billion)for 18,000 available tickets. With that kind of supply and demand there will be inevitable frustration. The surviving members of Zeppelin do not need the money and are not soaking their fans. There has been an unprecendented standing offer to them for over twenty years to tour that would dwarf all other concert tours in rock history. They have steadfastly refused. Led Zeppelin were the greatest band in rock history. They displayed enormous class, integrity, dicipline and loyalty when they voluntarily brought the curtain down on the worlds biggest entertainment attraction. Let’s not forget that John Bonham, rock’s greatest drummer, was utterly irrepalacable, and that any reunion without him (highly unlikely) can never truly be a Led Zeppelin reunion. That being said, I’d still desperately like to see even 75% of such an awesomely talented and unique band. I’d love to see it offered on pay-per-view. It would without doubt smash all previous ratings record.

  • andrew

    I don’t mind about the one date idea – a tribute for charity and it is good for CD sales , I expect.
    I don’t mind about Led Zeppelin being in control – why not, they’re creative artists living by selling their creativity ?
    I don’t mind about a ticket lottery or the details of it – I didn’t get a ticket but I wanted one, so there we are.
    But I suspect that the disappointment and subsequent recrimination about this whole issue of getting to see the band and having the opportunity ( or right, some would say ) to purchase a ticket has come as a surprise to a lot of people.
    That is not a good thing at all and is the most negative outcome of what was initially a very good idea.
    Whole Lotta Love ?

  • shams

    they should have arranged the concert at wembley stadium and let some 70,000 fans to enjoy the show. come on, it is the best band ever, and they should have some respect for the fans coz everyone wants to enjoy this show as it is a life time opportunity and a story to tell to the next generation. in this way people would not have been upset so much as deep inside all of us love this band and their music

  • MrZoSo

    Charles, The 02 has a state of the art video and audio recording set up. The concert will without question be recorded. Whether or not it will ever be released is up to the bands performance. Zeppelin, as always, is in control.
    I think 20 million Led Zeppelin fans trying to buy 18,000 tickets has gotten every ones attention. Hence no need for a petition.

  • Sign the petition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THEN PASS IT ON!!!!!!!!!

    SIGN THE PETITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THEN PASS IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James

    Been working from seven, to eleven every night
    Kinda makes life a drag
    I don’t think thats right

  • MrZoSo

    Listen, Screw the audience and the ticket holders. Never mind this ticket crying crap ok. If you want to discuss how Zeppelin fans get screwed lets talk honestly. Robert Plant doesn’t give a shi-t about Zeppelin fans. We all know this. But to have a one off concert, and announce it to the whole world as such, in it self is beyond selfish. Screw there fans? lol. Plant has been doing that for the better half of 25 years with a small reprieve of a Page/Plant reunion that was watered down sappy versions of Jimmy Pages music. Insulting Zeppelin fans by calling them a boy band yet, 80% of his shows are Zeppelin covers while 99.9 % are Zeppelin fans who pay to see whatever he calls his horrible band. Who is doing all the talking and interviews? Shocked its Plant? It’s not his band, never was, F him.
    Led Zeppelin fans have gotten very used to being screwed. Will it be the same as it was for one night? No. Age and death has taken that away but, the hope here is that for one f-ing night, the real Led Zeppelin will emerge, and give us what we have been waiting for since the death of John Bonham.
    A real Led Zeppelin show.
    And that is what Zeppelin fans have been screwed out of all these years.

  • How would you feel if you were in the U.S. and not even having a chance of going? America made Zep famous long before the U.K. accepted them as a “real band”.
    Don’t moan the blues Marty…just be part of the Plan.
    Is this concert fair to everyone? No. Zep could have played Wembley AND Giants Stadium in New Jersey USA for months and sold them both out!
    So, it’s all crazy – but all good, would we rather have NO Zep at all?

    Inside info – there will be no DVD of this event, no record of this concert at all except for the press reports and those who will attend.

  • Seems like blogcritics likes to delete certain comments if they aren’t rants…

    Once again, this is not ever going to be on DVD or broadcast according to reports…

    see the url by my name and maturely sign the petition asking them to do so.

    And yes, the method used was a well intentioned attempt, but could have been executed in a better fashion. But, too little too late. As long as ticketmaster gets paid and that goes the charity, whoever ends up paying that last leg should be allowed to attend.

  • rich

    i’m approximately 37 years past my first zeppelin concert. i live across the pond and would be there in a second. i missed the lottery and have been reading and watching since october 1st. really think about how would you would meet the demand with one performance. the lottery was meant to give open access (agreed some issues), beat the scalpers, and let the money go where it should. thank the greedy bastards who stole your ticket with no intent of participating except make some bucks. hopefully the band sees the demand and takes care of business in short order. otherwise work as hard at justice and world peace as you are on this blog! the song remains the same!

  • inmytimeofdying99

    actually, mr goldsmith’s ‘friends’ did get tickets without the need to register seeing as a know some that did, so how many actual tickets are????? hmm probably around 18 000, maybe less. but yeh zeppelin should definatley broadcast it or def release it on dvd how cream did

  • Greeny

    I think that the ballot systerm was as fair a system as we could wish for.

    I did not get a ticket and am extremely dissapointed.

    Dissapointed in the band I have supported for 32 yrs, not the promoter.

    I am sure Ahnmet Eryegun was a very dear friend and suporter who made a big difference to their careeer with the aid of Peter Grant

    But what about the fans?

    What about those that bought every LP and then CD and then CD remaster and then Cd remaster in album sleeve format andevery Greatest hits package even though some of this stuff offered very little new for us.

    What about the fans who supported these guys on all their solo tours, when they really needed us.

    What about the fans that have always defended them and been with them from day 1.

    They owe us as well as Ahmet Eteegun.

    Even when they were in their prime,the UK did not recive the touring foucs that the USA had.

    How are we rewarded?

    One date.

    I am bitterly dissapointed.

  • magiczep

    Stop the whining,this was the best way to stop the scummy profiteers cashing in. I am lucky,very very lucky as I got a winning email and am going to see them again after more than twenty years. The missus thinks I am god atm. Anyway all of you who missied out may still get a chance to get a ticket so dont give up hope as they will soon be cancelling all those scummy profiteers tickets and putting them up in a second ballot, so keep watch on your email. Good luck to you all, its going to be one helluva night to remember.

  • James

    Whinge, whinge, whinge.

    I’m 20 years old and I consider myself to be a Led Zeppelin fan. Their music has changed my life and set me on a collision course with a destiny I mightn’t have otherwise reached without Mr. Plant’s voice and Mr. Page’s strings.

    I didn’t get a ticket in the recent ballot, but I ask all of you complaining about it.

    What better way could they have offered tickets?

    If it was a first-come, first-serve thing then we’d see the corporate tickets filling up most of the seating, going on-sale days before the ‘general public’ tickets (just like the recent Guns N Roses show’s here in Australia).

    The ballot gave everyone an equal chance. It levelled the poor person who would JUST be able to go and the millionaire who can ring Mr. Goldsmith himself. There’s no proof behind the accusations of ‘friends’ getting a definite draw in the ballot and it makes everyone saying so seem childish beyond all hope.

    I’m shattered that I didn’t get in. But before I started my tyraid against the man who organised the last Zeppelin show ever, or against a band who technically disbanded almost thirty years ago, I did a little research and actually used my brain.

    Any tickets seen on eBay will be cancelled immediately. This was said on the registration forms when you signed up. Anyone buying off of eBay deserves to lose their money because it was quite clear and every bit of coverage I’ve seen (which is a lot, I’ve scoured the web) has said the same thing. I’ve also read in more than one place that you need to purchase your ticket within 72 hours of receiving a winning email or your pass-code will be deactivated.

    Think about this:

    Every passcode seen on eBay will be cancelled. They won’t leave those seats empty, they’ll re-allocate the tickets.
    Every person who went in it because, “it’s free and I MIGHT win!” that can’t actually afford it now knows they can’t re-sell it. They’ll HAVE to let the email pass up which again means they’ll have to re-allocate those tickets.

    It says, in black and white, right here that any cancelled or unclaimed tickets will be re-allocated in a second draw. Given the nature of the exercise a second draw will still yield some null results prompting a third draw and so on.

    People are telling me I’m foolishly holding out hope but I consider myself to not be sticking my head in the sand and yelling about a band not caring about their fans or various other pieces of claptrap.

    I personally think all you negative people who’ve got a bad word to say about the organiser, organisation and, worst of all, the band, should take a step back and look again at the calibre we’re dealing with.

    It’s commonly accepted that the Mighty Zep are the greatest band ever. Not to come, but ever. Ever was, is and ever will be. When you have a reputation like that behind you and you’re approaching 60, are you going to risk putting on some bad shows just to sell more tickets?

    I whole-heartedly agree with Mr. Plant’s statements and decisions. As he said, they’ve done some bad shows and they want to go out with one last, perfect gig. Irrespective of who’s there the gig will be perfect and I know I’ll be watching it on TV and snatching up the DVD the moment it’s available.

    It’s heartbraking that he intends to step away from the music industry and his career simply because it’s one of my dreams to sing harmonies with him on some tracks one day but, eh… When I’m in his position, with the world begging for a reunion, I know I’ll be giving it serious thought.

    And I know people behaving the way so many of the ‘unlucky’ ones are would make me less and less interested in doing a full-scale tour.

    Suck it up. It’s not the end of the world and the band doesn’t owe you a single thing.

  • Raymond Hill

    Mr Goldsmith, the pay-per-view suggestion is a very good one. It would do wonders for the charity! It has been clear that not everyone who wanted to go would be able to and that a lottery was probably the best way to deal with this. The other would have been to charge £500 a ticket. Why does anyone doubt that members of “the industry” and their leggy blond girlfriends will be sitting in the front row!

  • Zoso69

    Can’t everybody see that this is this the greatest PR exercise in the world. Page is the master of generating subversive PR, he bypassing the mainstream media and generates huge interest in other ways. Looks like he’s pulled of another masterstroke. oh and i’m going to the gig

  • Ian !

    I’ll bet you now that Peaches et al don’t get in. This band never played the celebrity party gig and won’t now. And this is the only band that would have the integrity not to cash in by arranging 5 nights at Wembley stadium etc.

    Believe Robert Plant – this is not about money, its about celebrating their friend and a chance to put the band to bed once and for all with 1 final killer gig.

    The legacy remains the same.

    And no – I didn’t get a ticket either.

  • Steve Shaw

    Are the smell of sour grapes in the morning.

    Goldsmith has been saying since before the concert was even confirmed that no touted tickets would be honoured so not to buy from touts. How can we complain about the problem whilst being eager to contribute to it?

    If half the tickets have gone to friends (which I doubt) that would still have been possible if the tickets had been distributed on a first come first served principle.

    Rather than bickering amongst our selves we should be putting all the pressure on the band (MR Plant!)to do the tour the whole world so obviously wants.

    A long time ago in Brussels I found my self in the position of having 2 spare LZ tickets. I sold them for what I paid for them to the first 2 ticketless fans that came along. That’s what being a fan of the World’s Greatest Band means to me.


    Bet my house that there are 2000 tickets thrown out to people like Peaches Geldof and her squealy friends, Naomi Campbell, Pete Doherty…all scum floating on my pond but destined to get in.

    The ballot idea was excellent, and if a few idiots decided to spend thousands on ticket codes after being warned…well DURRRR!!

  • I haven’t paid a lot of attention to the distribution of tickets. The article would have been more interesting if you explained how it operated and how you think it’s open for dishonesty.

    I’ll buy the eventual DVD, I’m sure, as will many others.

    You’ve got to wonder about the enormous pressure for them to tour. It must be Abba-esque.

  • Rev. Chewie

    Why do you say it’s dishonest? Is there one shred of evidence that the promoter’s “buddies” are getting preferential treatment? Or is it simply sour grapes just because *you* didn’t get a passcode? (No, I didn’t either, I wish I had! I’m just young enough to have missed Zep before Bonzo died so this would really be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me.) It seems to me that the way they’re doing this is about the only way to keep the tickets out of the hands of touts/scalpers. If they hadn’t done the lottery, the touts/scalpers would have, as they always do, gotten hold of 90% of the tickets and *nobody* would have gotten into the show for under a thousand pounds, more likely five thousand.

  • Bill

    how about some cheese to go with all this whining

  • jeff DuBose

    OK, Here is my opinion. If this is a benefit concert then why the heck is this concert NOT going to be seen live on Pay-Per view?????? Over 1 million people and 20,000 seats. If it were on Pay-Per View and they charged $99.99 USA dollars a millions households here would pay to see them live no matter the time difference. Now include the rest of the world, HDTV wide screens, poop whan you want, get as drunk as you want ,with the company of your choice. So who is really losing out??????? Not us the fans.. But the charities this could benifit..Led Zep get your act together and put this on Pay Per View. You can do a lot for this world, like donate hundreds of millions of dollas to charities. 20,000 seats or help world hunger!!!!!!!!!!! My point is proven, please comment.

  • Romler

    So you are saying that the UK promoters themselves are corrupt? That’s something I don’t know about.

    What I do know is corrupt is Tickemaster and their inside connections to brokers here in the states. It’s impossible to get good seats for any show in the US unless you have an inside connection.

    This lottery format should stop the scalpers (big brokers and little folk on e-bay just trying to make money off this) if people who just heed the warnings.

    So if not a lottery, how do you propose to do it? I’m open for anything that let’s only the true average fan have access to tickets at the original asking price.

    Thanks —- Romler

  • Romler read it again. Do I express any sympathy for those going to touts? No, I don’t. I just don’t think the draw method is fair because its too open to abuse.

    The ticket business in the UK is rife with dishonesty. Doing it via “lottery” is a great way of those controlling it to make sure their friends get tickets.

    As I said before…I wonder how many actual Led Zep fans will actual gets tickets and how many connected people get them.

  • romler

    This article is ridiculous. It’s not screwing anyone except the dumb people not heeding the warning not to buy pass codes. Otherwise, it’s breaking the scalper’s wallets and giving everyone around the world an EQUAL chance to actually see this one time show. If this had gone the normal route through Ticketmaster only people able to afford $1000+ ticket prices would be there, bought from scalpers. Wake up people!!! It’s had a few hickups, but Led Zeppelin is doing it the best way possible for the TRUE fans.

  • Tuesday October 2nd,2007

    Our Highly Frustrated Friend, Mr. M. Dodge,

    One May “Easily” Agree with the ‘young Turk’.

    A few years Bygone, I would have Matched Him Word for Word,almost. The TENSION In the issue Remains,

    1.) A Band With the Following,Tenure,and High Repute of LED ZEPPELIN NEEDED To –OFFER– Two or Three More Dates… at the 02 in LONDON Towne,over a FEW Evenings! These Blokes are SENIOR… However, if they can DO (1) Show, They Easily Need to Do More !! OKAY Mr. Ahmet Ertegan

    Was A great “pioneer” at ATCO/ATLANTIC Records,& He took A MAJOR RISK (‘ what Sucessful Buisnessman Doesn’T !)- on the Boys. (2,)WE are JUST Hoping that this ” NON — Profit ” experience, is
    not a given TAX-Shelter…( ie., 60% to Ertegans’ Foundation & 40% To “LEDZEPPELLIN Enterprizes”)!

    Folks, these boys are playing in a League.. of ‘MAJOR ROLLERS’. When the “Stones” can come off the road W/88 Million Dollars(U.S.) for 710 days of touring! Well, It Is apparent that the “ZEP”
    Boys May need a TAX Shelter or a “LEAN – TO” in their $$ Money Market Accounts $$ ! John Lennon ONCE CLUED in PEOPLE on “THE TAX MAN”. Give it some ‘Earplay’, when you Get a Chance!

  • MrZoSo

    Not sure why you are so upset with the way this went down. I think it was a great idea that actually gave the fans a chance to see this show.
    Lets face it, 18,000 tickets would have went to the highest bidder and, it wouldn’t have been 250 a pop. You will always have people come off as sore losers. In this case, 20 million of them.
    This was fair.

  • The Haze

    I don’t see Led Zeppelin speaking out against this “shoddy exercise”. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! or maybe you’ve just gotten use to getting screwed! YOU SAY YOU WANT TO REVOLUTION…..WELL YOU KNOW…..WE JUST WANT TO SCREW THE WORLD.