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leaky gut syndrome

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Millions of people around the globe are suffering from leaky gut syndrome. This is an intestinal dysfunction that causes the intestinal lining to be damaged or altered. Since the intestines are responsible for preventing digested fats, proteins, waste products, toxins, and other harmful substance from entering the blood stream, a damaged intestine can result in these harmful substances entering your body. Upon entering your blood stream, a chain of reaction occurs where the body produces antibodies to fight these intruders. This can lead to inflammation in the body. Leaky gut can also result in rashes, cramps, bloating, and excessive gas.

If you are suffering from this syndrome, you need to visit your doctor to be tested. If the result is positive, there are several things that are recommended for leaky gut cure. One of the most important things is to improve your diet. Some of the types of food that are recommended for eating are meats, fish, chickens, and vegetables and fruits with a raw food diet. Some foods or drink that you need to stay away from are fatty food, sugary food, fats, and alcohol. Exercising and drinking a lot of water are also excellent. By following these simple tips, you can be free from the leaky gut syndrome.

For more information, you can find bloggers writing about leaky gut syndrome at Leaky Gut Cure and eating for energy.

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