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Lawrence Is The Center Of Everything

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Lawrence Kansas is the center of the earth. Now, not only do the citizens of this self-conscous town in Kansas think this, but Google Earth says so too.

Apparently, when you start up Google Earth, a free satellite photo-mapping program available through the Google website, you see a distant view of the planet. Eventually you end up with a bird’s-eye view of Lawrence, as you use the zoom feature to magnify the planet.

The Topeka Capital journal reports,

The director of engineering for Google Earth is Brian McClendon, a 1986 graduate of The University of Kansas.

“It’s intentional,” said Google spokeswoman Megan Quinn when asked about Lawrence’s prominent location in the middle of the map.

So apparently Google is feeding the ego of those from the small college town on the Kaw.

“A lot of people think that Kansas is in the middle of nowhere,” said Mayor Boog Highberger, “I prefer to think that we’re in the middle of everywhere. And Google apparently agrees.”

So what is “Google Earth? Debuting online last summer, this service lets users type in any street address or any latitude and longitude and the location zooms into focus, showing a detailed area view of the landmark. News organizations, such as CNN use a professional version of the same software to spotlight news locations, but now Google has made a simplified version available to everyone.

Even though Lawrence has been made the center of the earth that is not what concerns Rome or Paris. Recent reports say that Google Earth has caused alarm in some foreign countries, including India, where officials have fears that the satellite imagery might reveal too much detail about military installations.


Kevin Surbaugh, of Topeka, KS owns KevinsView.com and is an ordained minister (97) who spent 2 yrs (95-96) with the ministry of Jesus People USA, which runs Cornerstone Festival in western IL and operates Grrr Records at its headquarters in Chicago, IL.

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