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Law is a system of rules and regulations that dictate acceptable behavior in different areas of society. These sectors of society include how we govern the economy, government, and general safety/security of the general population. Law is based on collective human experience to fill the need for consistency, regularity, and justice in the collective environment we live in.

There are many different types of law, such as criminal, property, trade, administrative, constitutional, International, military and contract law.

The earliest recorded laws can be traced to the Middle East in 2100 B.C. Ur-Nammu, a king in the region had the first law book written for him. Three centuries later, Hammurabi, who was king of Babylonia had instituted written laws of which 282 articles have survived to this day.

Different types are lawyers serve different niches. You might hire a personal injury lawyer, for example, if you have been injured, as a result of negligent behavior or the wrongdoing of another person or entity.

As society changes there is a constant need to update and change laws. As new things are discovered and brought into use, people normally find ways to abuse them. In recent history, computers and the Internet have posed significant challenges to law. This is because technology now changes so rapidly — it's difficult for the legal system to keep up with all the changes — which alter different technologies frequently. Many of these challenges are related to privacy as computers have the ability to store and track information in greater volumes than ever before.

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