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Latino Heat Has Been Extinguished

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It was recently confirmed by both WCCO.com and World Wrestling Entertainment that Eddie Guerrero (d/b/a Eduardo Gori Guerrero Llanes) died today at the age of 38.  For those who aren’t familiar with the man, he held the WWE Heavyweight Championship in 2004, and is a wrestler beloved by fans of the squared circle the world over.  He wrestled for the EMLL, AAA, ECW, WCW and WWE promotions during his storied career.  He is survived by his wife Vickie and his daughters Shaul, Sherilyn and Kaylie Marie.

I realize that professional wrestling is fixed, and it isn’t for everyone.  Still, if you’ve ever seen Eddie Guerrero wrestle, you’ll know why people are so fond of him.  He was a wrestler capable of performing to a consistent and sometimes amazing degree throughout his career.  His skills with a microphone were among the best in the WWE (although the lowrider gimmick was tired before it began), and Guerrero managed to retain a sizable core of loyal fans despite not always being booked to the best of his abilities.  Guerrero has had problems with drug and alcohol addiction before, but it has not been reported as of yet that any drugs were in his system at the time of his death.  Lately, he was booked to participate in the 2005 Survivor Series for WWE’s SmackDown! brand.  He also participated recently in feuds against Rey Mysterio, Jr. and current World Heavyweight Champion Batista.  To say that WWE has lost a competent performer and all-around talent is an understatement.

Regardless of what one might think about pro wrestling in general, Eddie Guerrero will be remembered as an example of what could be so great about it.  Pro wrestling can often be cretinous in scope – Eddie’s nephew Chavo Guerrero Jr. was recently involved in a race-baiting gimmick, Chavo changing his on-screen name to Kerwin White and acting like a yuppie.  I hope for WWE’s sake that the promotion kills the gimmick in the immediate future.  Tastelessness has its place in wrestling, but not right now.  Eddie Guerrero was just too important to the immediate future of the company.

Viva La Raza.

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  • Well written Cameron.

    Truly depressing news, and if it was steroids (and by Eddie’s bulking up over the past few years, it wouldn’t be a surprise), this could be huge news with the baseball scandals and such.

  • Thanks for the compliments, Matt. Personally, it could have been steroids that caused Guerrero’s death, and that’s the first time I’ve seen that point come up.

    What’s funny about this news (albeit tragicomically so) is the news of Batista recently tearing one of his latissimus dorsi muscles. If both Batista’s lat injury and Eddie Guerrero’s death were caused by steroids, it throws World Heavyweight Championship booking into a cocked hat considering Batista, Eddie Guerrero and Randy Orton were supposed to wrestle for the title tonight.

    It doesn’t make WWE look worse than usual, granted, but that’s because steroids are prevalent in wrestling. Does that mean wrestlers should continue to use them? As long as big men are in demand, they will, but it’s hard to ascertain how much of a necessary evil steroids are sometimes. Personally, the prospect of another Randy Orton title reign isn’t too promising.

  • The wrestling business is a tough one, hopefully Eddie’s death serves as a wake-up call to anyone ignorant to believe any fluff or glamour in the business to understand wrestling’s deep harshness.

    We’ll miss you, Eddie.

  • When we first saw the WWF, as it was then called, my wife Ursula and I just couldn’t believe our eyes at the insane levels of violence and the soap opera style story lines.

    Despite the vulgarity and superficiality of it all, we really enjoyed the whole melodrama and ulta-violence too. I didn’t claim we were healthy, right? lol

    Anyway, after being impressed with the front line superstars like The Rock, Undertaker, Mankind et cetera, we started noticing all the latino wrestlers like Rey and Eddie and they were great, adding a different flavour, a little latino heat.

    It’s sad that he’s died so young.

  • uno de tu amigos eddie

    Edwardo Guerero was a great man of word and dignity.Eddie can make you feel any way he wants you too.Many say that he died due to steriods but we loved Eddie and all wwe stars but a great lose.

    We will miss u greatly Edwardo guerrero

  • Eddie

    Eddie Guerrero R.I.P

    Eddie take care up there dont
    forget to Lie,Cheat,and Steal.

    Well miss you Eddie Guerrero

  • Fadi Mawagdeh

    My faveourite Eddie Guerrero moment was when he won the WWE Championship from Brock Lesnar. I feel really bad for Eddie Guerrero’s family along with him. It really sucks for him not to see his 3 year old daughter (Kaylie Marie) grow up, or see his Grand children. Eddie Guerrero has been in many wrestling programs including WWE, WCW, ECW, and many more. I never got to meet Eddie Guerrero or see him comming down to the ring in real life witch really sucks for me, and i can never get the chance to do that anymore or get his aughtograph. Eddie Guerrero was one of my favourite superstar or all time. I will Never forget all the ways Eddie Guerrero has made me laugh.
    I wish his family the best, and i hope Chavo Guerrero continues your legacy of Lie, Cheat, and Steal (LCS). R.I.P Eduardo Guerrero, VIVA LARAZA 1967-2005

  • cheater man michael…….

    Eddie was the best. Eddie was realy the only reason why me and my sister ever watched WWE, ECW,AND WWF. HE WAS real cool i liked it when he would cheat.I liked watching those Los guerrero’s videos.Things arent the same without eddie if i could i would like to see him cheat one more time.R.I.P eddie guerrero hope i see u 1 day!

  • anonymous

    we all miss Eddie Guerrero, i dont believe that he ever sed steroids. just old fashioned work out. the cause of his death was his blood vessels got to thin and this was because of drug and alchohol in the past and too much working out.