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Late Night with Elvis

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Watching Elvis Costello guest host “The Late Show” this week made me realize again how talented he is. Clever, funny, immense knowledge of music and a real entertainer. He’s acted before, noteably in “No Surrender” as a hapless magician (and if you go through imdb.com, it’s surprising how many movies he’s been in).

What it brought to mind was the show “Night Music” with David Sanborn. These shows were amazing, and I’m surprized (well, given how screwed up licensing between music publishers and teevee is, not really) these sessions aren’t on DVD. If you never saw the show, it was hosted by David Sanborn and Jules Holland and featured various musicians playing together. The thing was that none of them belonged together (in a Sesame Street sense). For example, Sonic Youth and the Indigo Girls playing The Stooges’ “I Wanna Be Your Dog”, or Nick Cave, Charlie Haden and Toots Theilman playing “Hey Joe”.

A similar music – talk show hosted by Elvis Costello would be brilliant.

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