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Last Comic Standing–The Fix Was In

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I was watching Last Comic Standing last night on NBC. At the end of the show they picked the last five comics to make it into the house. As they picked the last five, I said to a friend, this show is fixed. Don’t get me wrong while I am a BlogCritic, I am not any more qualified than anyone else to pick the best five comics out of ten. But honestly, based on my reaction and the reaction of the live audience it was easy to see something just was not RIGHT! And it took about a minute to prove that my gut level reaction was correct. The show is fixed.

Meanwhile both Drew Carey and Brett Butler (two of the four of the celebrity talent scouts) immediately started to “pitch a fit” when the five winning comics were named. It seems that of the four celebrity host, three out of four of them voted for 3 comics that did not get in to the house. As the show ended it was being explained to Drew Carrey that there were four additional voters that he knew nothing about. These were made up of the shows producers and two NBC executives. It’s now obvious that the show is rigged. And if that is the case, why watch? You certainly could not describe this as a fair competition, when the producers and executives get involved. All they care about is good TV. Well guess what, it’s a sham.

I guess you could feel sorry for Jay Mohr, the shows host. He obviously has “little” clout or control. And, now he looks like the fool, and frankly, from my point of view is disgraced in the industry.

In my opinion, Dan Naturman and Jimmy Wiggins got screwed. To compare this show to American Idol is a joke (hahhahahaha). I mean it’s clear that shows like the Apprentice are also rigged for good TV, but at least they are smart enough to make it impossible to prove.


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  • If you watched LCS last year you would have known that this isn’t a standup comedy competition as much as it is a TV show. The goal is to fill the TV show with people who will be entertaining on a TV show, not who are actually the funniest comedians. The fact that Dat Phan won last year is good example.

    It’s insane that Dan didn’t make it. While Drew Carrey is yelling, the producer says “The celebrity judges only judged this one performance, they haven’t seen each comedian since the contest began like their production staff has.” That makes no sense. Dan was one of the 2 funniest guys in EVERY one of his performances, so… he still should be in based on that. Plus, if it really was about the comedy, why is a production staff having any say? Ahh, I’ll watch because I like standup comedy, but I hate this show.

    If Jay London doesn’t win… then… then I will send NBC a very angry letter.

  • Bob DeMarco

    Yeah, I am going to watch also, if I am around when it aires. Same reason, the comedy. But my guess is, I’ll be thinking all season–this is a joke.

  • Grant

    I totally agree. After seeing the show where the final five comedians to go into the house were picked, I was pissed. I was watching that show for laughs, but then it turns out to be another show where hot tempers are made to bring up ratings. Dan Naturman and Jim Wiggins should have definately advanced, especially Dan. The other four behind the scene judges are idiots. I for one won’t be watching this show any more. Who’s with me?

  • The production team is the same one behind Saved by the Bell, probably Peter Engel’s most notable credit. So that should give you some idea of what kind of comedy they are looking for.

    Dan Naturman’s affectations are a little annoying — he tries a little too hard to be the schticky New York comedian. But he’s funnier than some of those folks — Jay London’s not that good and he’ll run out of jokes. The sassy, late 30s chick comedians who talk straight about domestic life just aren’t funny. I don’t think there are any real stars in that group at all — just like Dat Phan, I don’t see a hit sitcom in their futures, development deal prize or not.

    What happened to Jim Norton? Did he bomb?

  • It’s interesting that the established comedians like Will Durst and Norton didn’t advance while relative unknowns did. Monty Hoffman looked kind of familiar too. I think I’ve seen that Todd Glass guy before but none of the rest really register.

  • boomcrashbaby

    The fact that being funny isn’t the sole factor, is a disappointment to us. But we’ll still watch it. Some of those who made it are funny. Jay London is hilarious. So is Alfonso.

    We didn’t think Dan was that funny. But he was funnier than the ‘mob in Disneyland’ routine (which did get in the house – don’t even remember her name).

  • Jay London is a lot of like Steven Wright… if only Steven Wright was a caveman. That’s why I like him. He’s my pick to win, but he’s not the one who I think will actually win.

    Dan IS very New Yorky, but it’s still funny. “Hey I saw you singing, give me a quarter.” Funny shit.

    Jim Norton didn’t lose, he had some type of contract problem with some other network that would have interfered with this show, so he had to leave. Something like that.

    You’ve probably seen a lot of these comics around. Most have been on Leno/Letterman and Comedy Central. Last year there was a rule that you couldn’t have been on the show if you were ever on Leno or Letterman. They got rid of that rule this year.

    I find it funny though that one of the prizes for winning is getting your own Comedy Central special. Half the people on the show have already had their own Comedy Central special.

  • Razoo

    Yeah some funny ones got through but the funniest didn’t. Why bother watching anymore?!