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Larry the Cable Guy Finds “History”

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When someone tells you there’s a new show coming out on HISTORY, your mind probably doesn’t immediately go to Larry the Cable Guy. The funny good ole’ boy has been cracking jokes about himself for years on The Blue Collar Comedy Tour, and the stand-up special, and the variety show. He’s has made a name of being someone that you wouldn’t pick to win the history bowl, and now, he’s making history.

“Yeah, its kinda like asking Charlie Sheen to do a kids show,” the comedian joked in a phone interview about his upcoming series, Only In America, “But I’m a history buff and there’s a lot of history in America that people should know about.”

In the series, Larry the Cable Guy will be exploring the local histories in small town America. Its a premise that seems perfect for the persona Larry has been cultivating over the years. However, he does reveal that we may get the chance to see more then just the guy we all know in the cut-off plaid shirt.

“This show is a good example of what I’m really like. I’ll be asking questions about their town, the same way I’m talking to you, then if I think of something funny I’ll use the accent,” Larry said.

Larry said that although the Larry the Cable Guy persona has simply been a character for a long time, recently he’s seen more and more of himself emerge out of it.

“A lot of it is a character, but as I got married and had kids, of course I want to talk about that in my act, and then the character has become more and more like me,” Larry said.

Larry was very clear about the fact that he doesn’t want anyone to take offense to this character. Its more of an homage to the incidentally funny members of many southern American communities.

“I’m not making fun of them; I never wanted that to be what people think,” Larry said.

Only in America premieres February 8 on HISTORY at 9 p.m. ET.

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