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Largo, Florida, Ranked One of Money Magazine’s Best Places To Retire

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“I said, Why? This is paradise!” exclaimed a man who moved to Largo to live out his golden years. But is it truly paradise?

Well, Largo is located in Florida’s Tampa Bay area and, perhaps unlike it’s close-by counterparts, Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa, Largo has remained “quaint, affluent and clean” according to the Money Magazine article.

There’s no snow in Largo, either, and it’s just minutes away from the beautiful Gulf beaches, and Largo Medical Center is close by, too, in case you need medical attention. Plus, the Largo Cultural Center, also close, hosts popular musical events, but for the more famous ones you’ll have to take a short drive to Clearwater, St. Petersburg or Tampa.

Of course, where there is no income tax, such as here in Florida, a retired person doesn’t typically have to fear the small cost of traveling to an entertainment venue to pay to enjoy some occassional high quality entertainment.

With redevelopment also rapidly underway in Largo, property values will increase due to the added beautification to the city. If you want beauty, serenity, to be close to beautiful beaches, plus the entertainment venues of a major metropolitan area when you retire, or even before then, Largo is definitely a wise choice, and to some, it’s simply paradise. Paradise, at least according to Money Magazine.

-John Mudd

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  • Jonathan

    I’ve visited Largo before, got to be honest there wasn’t a lot happening there but I can understand why it would therefore be a popular retirement spot. Plus the constant sunshine is a huge factor

  • Why do you only talk about retiring in America ?
    Why don’t you consider retiring in Bulgaria?

    There are many reasons for this and the first consideration is a very low cost of living: Bulgaria is known to have the lowest cost of living almost anywhere in Europe
    British people moving to Bulgaria report that they feel much happier and safer on the streets than they did at home. Many Brits have come to Bulgaria for the summer and end up staying for much longer.

  • duane

    What is this crap? Who’s the shitwhistle?

  • r.farrington

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