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Lara Croft Makes History

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Sexy lady Lara Croft has just made history by being placed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most successful female video game character of all time. Her official title is the ‘Most Successful Human Videogame Heroine.’ This is a major accomplishment for the franchise.

But unfortunately there are no other female game characters to come in at second place. We could say Princess Peach, but she just recently get a solo game. Kameo is new on the scene. Joanna Dark didn’t make as much noise on the Xbox 360 as her creators wanted her to. So Lara Croft’s crown is untouchable.

Tomb Raider has sold over 28 millions game across the glove. She has been on more magazine covers than Britney Spears, and has taken the form of Angelina Jolie in two blockbuster movies. Lara Croft is worth an estimated $1 billion as a franchise. She has lunch boxes, cloths, and so many countless products.

The latest edition of Tomb Raider called Tomb Raider: Legend will be hitting the shelves soon. It’s sure to be a big-seller, so check back here at Blogcritics.org for a review of the game.

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