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Landmark Animated Series ReBoot Gets Rebooted

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ReBoot, the landmark CG animated television series, is getting relaunched as a new trilogy of feature-length films. Comingsoon.net reports that Rainmaker Entertainment will produce the films and will draw on fan input via an alliance with site Zeroes 2 Heroes, a social network for fans of comics.

Five writers will work with production teams from Rainmaker to develop unique and separate pitches for ReBoot's new storyline. The pitches will be posted to the Zeroes 2 Heroes site beginning on July 26 and visitors to the site will be able to help each production team refine their ideas for the series' return in addition to voting for the winning pitch. That pitch will be turned into a comic that will be published on the web around the same time that production on the new films will commence.

This is the just latest revival of a show with as intensely loyal a fan base as one will ever see.

Produced by Canada's Mainframe Entertainment (now owned by Rainmaker Entertainment), ReBoot premiered on ABC in 1994. It was canceled after two seasons when ABC was bought by Disney. A third season was produced in 1997 and aired in the U.S. in 1999 on Cartoon Network. Two years later, two TV movies, Daemon Rising and My Two Bobs, were produced. The movies were broken up into eight episodes when they were broadcast on Cartoon Network.

Despite waits of up to three years between seasons, inconsistent, now out-of-print DVD releases, and not appearing on U.S. TV for over five years, fan interest in ReBoot has stayed high. It was fan interest that led to the release of the book The Art Of ReBoot earlier this year. Now, that fan interest has finally led, once again, to more animated ReBoot.

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  • Baz Hart

    I’m 29 yeras old Living in new zealand, I remember catching a few episodes of Reboot and thought..” how cool is this?” I was captured by the story of a computer based community along with the frequent technical humor..after the first season ended here the second began immediatly, so i began to record them on my Video player…not sure why…but I did any way.7 or so years later and I put them on to show my daughter…now nine, who, like myself, absolutly loved it..I say yes!!!!!! to more episodes and thanks to all those involved.

  • grafx

    I am surprised it’s taken this long to revive reboot is an awesome animated series on …the first one i think…it was great i remember watching it every show

  • Irene, Gil & Angie

    WE’ve just finished watching the entire series…we’re hooked. Hope they continue the series. It was very well done – loved it!! WE just ordered some reboot t-shirts on line 🙂