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Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow – Split!

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I was greatly relieved when I read Lance and Sheryl had split. I don’t follow them all that closely but did see the Oprah interview which left me feeling very queasy around the idea of these two in a partnership, although I like them both independently. Er… well I don’t know about Lance, disputing scientific evidence, but anyway, my man summed this partnership up some months ago, in a way I thought was inspired.

He said they were like two gigantic waves…he put this hands up and brought them together, “who smashed together…and when they did, they flattened out.” He smoothed his hands out, palms facing down. “They became less than they were before they came together. They became sort of nothing…”

“Together, they became sort of innocuous,” I said.


So this is it, we thought. And I am so relieved they’ve separated.

What do you think?

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  • RogerMDillon

    “What do you think?”

    I can’t believe you thought this was something worth writing about, yet didn’t write anything about it.

  • chantal stone

    personally, i couldn’t care less if they are together or not…but one thing bothered me about them. they both are so freaking skinny. that can’t feel very good, all tangled up together, bones banging into each other. Lance is cute…he needs a woman with a little meat on her bones…..the same goes for Sheryl.

  • Bliffle

    He he he heh.

  • you owe me about 30 seconds of my life back. what a waste.

  • tina

    OMG! look in the background, behind sheryl..
    you could SOOOOOO see ashley olsen checking out lance.
    thats so creepy just to think that lance(36) is dating ashley(21)! thats like an 15 year difference. and ashley looks like shes only 16, while lance looks like hes 50!
    hahahahaahahaha, kaaaaaaaay!