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Lamont Defeats Lieberman

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Courtesy of Flickr In a close race, reportedly 52 percent to 48 percent, businessman and political rookie Ned Lamont ousted incumbent Joseph Lieberman from the Democratic ticket yesterday.

In a tight race with hot issues and national coverage, anti-war candidate Lamont edged his way to victory. Lieberman has vowed to run now as an independent, in an attempt to save his senate seat which now hangs in the balance.

Many have questioned Lieberman's liberal loyalties during the campaign. The most notable issue has been his siding with President Bush on war issues, something Lamont used as a primary attack mechanism.

Blogs and websites also played a heavy role in the race. The Huffington Post blog was a major played and became controversial when it posted a doctored photo of Lieberman with former President Clinton.

The issue has taken over Connecticut media since day one. This morning, the state's daily newspapers led with the senate story. The Middletown Press ran an article discussing the race under the headline, "Lieberman concedes." The New Haven Register led with "Lamont wins Senate nomination."

Connecticut also had a Democratic gubernatorial primary yesterday.

New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr. defeated Stamford Mayor Dannel Mallo for the nomination. DeStefano now faces a popular incumbent Republican in Jodi Rell. The race has not received nearly the same amount of national or even local attention as the gripping United States Senate race.

Lamont's campaign website was concise today. The headline: We Did It!

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  • Nancy

    Yes, Lieberman is a professional whore, and Ruvy, McKinney has repeatedly demonstrated that her arrogance,ignorance, & pathetically juvenile unprofessionalism make her unfit for any office; the company she keeps just reinforces that.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    I ran across this in my e-mail. don’t normally pay attention to this trash, but this particular item sparked the Irish in me…

  • Liberal


    Greetings from New Haven.

    If you’re from CT and identify yourself as a conservative, it’s likely that much of the rest of the country would label you as a flaming liberal commie.

    Politics is all about perspective. From the right, Joe looks like a liberal. From the left he really doesn’t. The 90% voting record that you quote includes things like the Patriot Act, NAFTA (Joe somehow managed to avoid voting on most other trade bills), the Immigration Reform Act and the No Child Left Behind Act. It may be true that Joe voted with the Democrats in the Senate on those issues. That does not mean that he voted with 90% of Democrats on those issues.

    That’s the question in the Democratic Party this year. To what extent do the Democrats in office reflect the rank and file and what is the rank and file going to do about it? It isn’t all about the war. The war is just the 400 lb gorilla.

    I happened to attend the Amer. Fed. of Teachers endorsement convention. Joe sent a video (because it was on a Saturday). When he said that the problem with the No Child Left Behind was its underfunding and not the Act itself, a loud collective hiss erupted in the room. Another quieter hiss greeted his mention of “free trade.”

    Do you remember Joe’s first campaign and his “does a bear sleep in the woods” attacks on Lowell Weicker’s attendance record? Take a look at Joe’s attendance record while he was running for VP and Pres. and compare it to Weicker’s.

    Joe is a political whore whose only concern is staying in office. Watch his “concession speech” and tell me that’s not a whore working the street. Only a whore would run simultaneously for two offices (Senate and VP) that he can’t fill at the same time. Part of that whoring has been to kiss Bush’s ass. Fifty-two percent of CT Democrats want that ass kissing to stop.

  • steve

    I live in CT. I identify myself as a conservative…but I dont understand why liberals threw Joe L. under the bus for the war issue. he voted 90% democratically. I would prefer an 18 year experienced democrat rather than one who bought his way into office with a similar campaign strategy to that of john kerry.

  • JustOneMan


    You aint making much sense!

    Bolton has waded into the toilet called to UN…its pretty funny for Russ “FindGold” to attack him….

  • RogerMDillon

    JOM, you just won this week’s pot-calling-the-kettle-black award. Congrats. Wait by the mailbox for your prize.

  • JustOneMan

    Hey Jack,,,, Finegold is an idiot,,,check this post from his website

    July 25, 2006

    With ongoing crises in North Korea, Iran, and the Middle East, we need a U.N. ambassador who will work with other nations to address tough problems and get real results. In nearly twelve months on the job, Ambassador John Bolton has failed to demonstrate the leadership and diplomacy that are needed at this critical time. We need to make the U.N. more effective and more accountable, but real reform requires U.S. leadership, not just the brinksmanship that Ambassador Bolton has practiced. I look forward to questioning Ambassador Bolton when he testifies before the Foreign Relations Committee this week, but his performance to date raises serious questions about his fitness for this position.

    Pretty funny!

  • loving the lamont.

    russ feingold iz da man.

    jack jett

  • The Iraq war–given the fact that Lamont is an anti-war candidate–is one big issue in this campaign.

  • Gman

    All the commentary over Lamon over Lieberman is mostly just TALKING heads. Fact is that Joe is not notable for anything over three senate terms. The Iraq war support is one small issue that contributed to his primary defeat. Connecticut wants representatives that will champion real causes on some-what of a regular basis (i.e. global warming, lost of middle class society, hunger, genocide, etc.)