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Lamestream Libtards: “Special Needs,” “Special Rights,” and the Hypocrisies of Conservative PC

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At first it was funny. Now, it just looks petty.

Headlining a June 29th bill: Sarah Palin to Visit Georgia:

She is a sought-after speaker and is considered a possible GOP candidate for president in 2012. Still, ticket sales have been somewhat sluggish for her appearance here. On Monday, tickets to the event had been marked down to half price.

I believe this to be a first, the press reporting on a low-attended Palin-headlined event. There could be any number of reasons for the bad ticket sales. One guess would be that nobody wants to hear Palin speak about disability and special needs. She's a glamorous person. It's not a very glamorous topic.

Another guess is that many might sense a disconnect between extremist-conservative "values", and a cynical, opportunistic appropriation of civil rights rhetoric and ideals. Does anyone wonder about Sarah Palin's personal position on the Americans With Disabilities Act? I do.

No liberal, or even the average libertarian, is trying like the social conservative to legally define those they deem illegitimate out of the populace. Yet social conservatives are sure to claim that certain people less deserving of rights than they (mislabeled "special rights" groups) can change around lifestyles, without ever acknowledging they can do the same with their own lifestyle choice of politicized, mobilized bigotry. It's thus no mistake Palin-endorsed tea party favorites like Rand Paul resent and revile the ADA, and run on platforms to shut down the Department of Education.

Without the ADA (or what's become of it), EEOC IDEA and other conservative bugbears of so-called big government socialist communist muslim integration Thurgood Marshall jewish harvard lesbianism, a non-disabled majority cannot be assured an unearned advantage in access to work, education and housing. And that's a travesty in the world of majority-über-alles conservatism. This rigged-for-majorities government ideal, they mislabel "limited government".

True to form, Palin, it's said, used her bully pulpit to grandstand about being the parent of Trig, and campaign against health care laws.

"It was such an answered prayer the moment that Trig was born. It was the greatest, most obvious manifestation of a prayer when Trig was born," she said. "He looked up at me like he was saying, 'I'm here mom. Now are you going to trust that all is going to be OK?'"

The event was billed as a nonpolitical benefit hosted by the Gwinnett County ministry Zachariah's Way, which helps churches serve disabled and special needs parishioners. But Palin couldn't resist a few knocks on the Obama administration.

She said she would work to encourage Americans to treat special needs children with respect and that she was disappointed that one of Obama's aides used the word "retarded." White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel apologized earlier this year for using the word to describe liberal activists whose tactics on health care he questioned.

"America's too good for that," she said to applause. "We're too good to have to put up with that."

Ahh, that's Sarah, our unrueful bundle of -isms-on-display. When things happen to them and their families, conservatives suddenly become liberals, if only for a moment, even if it means public inconsistency. For that moment, the whole world shifts, and they discover the low bar to the limits of their own humanity. If only in an instant, all their Biblically-correct traditional values and superior morals are meaningless.

Such crises of tradition are an opportunity for self-education.

Curated by Advocating Change Together, this undated Alaska Health and Human Services exhibit, called, simply, "Disability History Panels", chronicled the shifts in paradigm regarding disability rights and disability advocacy. In the US, the legacy is rooted solidly in the civil rights tradition. (Repeating: not the conservative evangelical tradition, not the conservative/confederate/majority-rule tradition; the leftwing, community-organized, pro-choice/physical-integrity, individual-independence tradition.)

The 20th century veterans' rights movement(s) (which could also be said to have started in earnest with the Bonus Army's protests against regressive/conservative/Republican government) was often a racially-integrated movement, despite the US military's segregation policies at the behest of bigots/conservatives. As always, such movements are tarred with slurs like communist, socialist, and now feminazi, hitler, half-breed muslin marxist babykiller social justice, redefining traditional fill-in-the-blank, and other majoritarian-supremacist nonsense.

The oft-selectively-literalist social conservative takes from signs and texts what they like, and leave the rest; but to the credit of their more open-minded members, this behavior can sometimes lead to interesting results. Enter Joni Eareckson Tada. Eareckson Tada and her organizations Joni and Friends, and the Christian Institute on Disability (CID) seek to redefine the concept of "healing" itself in contradistinction to the melodramatic, circus/carnival aspects of evangelistic faith (of which Eareckson Tada was once an integral part. A critic of carnival barker Christianity, she remains a stalwart of the name-recognition evangelical set, but in a different capacity [long; 49:00].)

They provide their own links to appropriate language and disability etiquette (PDFs).

The CID's position on disability rights and advocacy is useful in understanding the work of Zacharaiah's Way/P.U.R.E Project, the group Sarah Palin spoke to, on June 29. These ministries mark a significant paradigm shift as regards disability, especially among some of conservative Christianity's worst offenders: those who believe in supernatural healing, with (outwardly-evident) disabilities as a sign of a bad faith.

As documented by the Alaska HSS/ACT exhibit, this threadbare old trope dates back eons. It was recently re-inscribed by ultra-conservative Bob Marshall, who claimed disabled children are a punishment for prior abortions.

Though she was quick to (rightly) correct both President Obama and Rahm Emanuel on their use of bigot language, we heard nothing but silence from Palin on Marshall's views.

Palin persists in labeling her imagined opponents in media — i.e. everyone outside of NewsCorp — "lamestream". Why doesn't anyone point out to Sarah that "lame" is often the first word of awareness around dismantling one's own abelist language habits? Nobody corrects her, at least not in a public way; she never apologizes.

Don't tell me it's for fear of being considered politically correct. Zachariah's Way/The P.U.R.E. Project takes their own challenge to language as seriously as possible:

We're certainly not so shallow to believe or presume that a change of terminology is going to change everything or that it fixes all the problems. But, we believe that most people (yes, even Christians!) automatically dismiss any subject related to disabilities or special needs, simply because they don't think it has any meaning or pertinence to them! We at Zachariah's Way believe that we must get past this mindset (in actuality, heart set) of solely identifying people by what is wrong with them (we even go so far as to constantly identify people by their diagnosis, e.g. there's that little AUTISTIC boy).

We believe it is past the time that we constantly and consistently refer to these sweet, blessed people and their families by labels that are certainly not edifying and at the same time, in many cases, actually serve to misinform and many times actually scare people away from ministry opportunities! Again, we're not so naive to think by using different words that everything will change. We do believe the change is necessary and P.U.R.E. is a much better, positive, and edifying term embodying spiritual truth than what we so commonly use today.

Therefore, as part of this effort, we are introducing a new, positive and accurate description and word for a person with disabilities, P.U.R.E.

That's enough of that. From there it starts to get even more facepalm, but the point is well-taken that language matters, as language so often reveals the etymology of our biases towards some and against so many others.

And changing one's language means that lifestyles, values and thus traditions can also change, so let's be frank about this very public hypocrisy around disability, government funding for special needs education, so-called PC, and the political effects of language: If Palin is going to take such pearl-clutching, public umbrage to the word "retard", if tea party conservatives have suddenly developed such sensitivity to language such as "teabagger", and the RWNJ as a whole are going to try and co opt "sexism", "feminism", "MLK", "diversity", and "discrimination" for themselves, they could at the very least take a crash course in person-first language.

It's got nothing to do with political correctness; it's simply a matter of accuracy.

Sarah Palin, wittingly or far more likely by accident, has once again given her minions another chance to think twice about their behavior and how their personally-/morally-/ethically-correct hangups and superiority trips adversely affect those around them. Will they ever will, or will they won't?

Like all questions regarding the Palinites, the answer remains to be seen.

More on the problematic rhetoric of "purity" and "specialness" to come.

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  • Dear OhCrap: [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

    For starters, you’re mostly just calling names. Now don’t get me wrong: I’m all in favor of a little good mud wrestling. If you have a legitimate basic point, and you want to spice it up with a couple of nice sharp jabs, have at. Ann Coulter is really good at that.

    Thing is, you’re no Ann Coulter. You’re so thick with the tortured insults that no one would be able to make out your legitimate point if you had one. But that really doesn’t matter, cause you don’t.

    It appears that your basic actual argument is that it is “liberals” who care about the disabled and people in general, while “conservative” means “big meanies who hate everything good.” Therefore, any “conservative” who pretends to care about crippled kids is a liar or a hypocrite. Riiight.

    Now, a libertarian extremist (such as myself) might theoretically somewhat object to federal welfare programs on general principle. But not even Ron Paul is going to get too far up in arms over trying to help disabled folk.

    But the big majority of self-identified conservatives would be all in favor of trying to help orphans and cripples. The traditional basic distinction is trying to help those who can’t help themselves, while looking more skeptically on handing out gubment money to able bodied adults. There’s no hypocrisy whatsoever in such people being sympathetic to those who are physically handicapped.

    Now, I am an actual fan of Sister Sarah, but I do object to her carrying on about Rahm Emmanuel and her Princess-and-the-Pea sensitivity about insulting crips. I’m sure that as a Christian and a special needs mother, Sarah Palin does indeed truly care about the poor crippled kids. But acting like she’s got the vapors and needs a Victorian fainting couch does taste like opportunistic political schtick. THAT would be a legitimate argument.

    But [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor] Your lame story is pretty much entirely premised on defining conservatives as “mean people who hate crippled kids, puppy dogs and clean air.” That only describes some of us. You might want to refine your definition a bit.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Oh cripples…

    I thought you were talking about the gang, Barger.

    Thing is, you’re no Ann Coulter.

    Agreed. He doesn’t have her shoulder blades.

    Good to see you, Barger, you magnificent bastard.

  • Brother Jordan! XOX, Al

  • @Al Barger, you are talking really loud, but you don’t seem to have very much to say.

    Can I help it the RWNJ still have a long way to go as re: disability, and Joni Eareckson Tada’s ministries, Zachariah’s Way, and Sarah Palin can actually do something to help them along, if she would?

    Don’t you wonder what Mrs. Palin thinks of the ADA, given teabagger antipathy to it, and she’s never said, though she talks openly about all sorts of stuff? I do.

    Anyway, glad you enjoyed the post. Your reaction ensures there will be many more like it. I would encourage you to also comment on my other two articles, since I’m new at BC. Thanks.

  • Now, I am an actual fan of Sister Sarah, but

    For all you confused conservative/traditionalist/easily-threatened males who 1- think the screen name is certainly a joke, 2- would rather not process simple complexities, e.g. I like Sarah but do not like her politics and 3- still get all their ideas about women who love women from their porn.com subscriptions and booble searches, let’s just get this out of the way. Go ahead and take this oppty to fall back on your conservative thought patterns and take the screen name literally, because it’s true.

    I like a lot of things about the person, or what little we can know about “Sarah Palin”, the phenomenon. There are some things I genuinely appreciate about her. I do not like anything about the politics. Her followers seem to me even more extremist than she is. These are the opinions of one person, so what?

    What about that is so difficult to comprehend, especially by the people with the superior genes, the superior morals, and thus the superior lifestyle choice?

  • Clavos

    Perhaps the fact that “there is no there there”?

  • Your lazy, binary, either/or, off/on, black/white thinking will always leave you perplexed in a complex world. That’s your guys’ problem, not mine.

  • Hey, don’t knock the computers, Crush.

  • Well, computers have an excuse for all/nothing behavior, they’re mere computers, after all. In my book, real live people have no business emulating them but what would a big dummy like me know, in the face of all the superiors at BC 😀

  • John Wilson

    Our uber-conservative governator here in California cut aid payments to disabled, crippled, home-bound and generally poor people first chance he had when opportunity presented itself in the form of a $20billion budget shortfall, in spite of that ‘savings’ (actually, just a displacement) only amounted to $400million and had a hugely disproportionate effect on mere humans.

    No word that Ahnold is going to cut his own salary, nor those of the legislature, 1/3 of which are his own party parasites who are able to frustrate a budget with a mere 1/3 minority.

    Everyone else can suffer while the Perfumed Princes of the noble right preserve their own money.

  • “No word that Ahnold is going to cut his own salary”

    Exactly how do cut zero, John?

  • Clavos

    Your lazy, binary, either/or, off/on, black/white thinking will always leave you perplexed in a complex world.

    Relatively speaking, of course…

  • uffda

    A couple thousand people who had to pay tickets isn’t what I would call “poorly attended.” The event was local and poorly advertised. More than a couple thousand people was an unrealistic expectation, quite frankly.

    The rest is just hackery.

  • OhCrap- First off, I recognize that a good jab from me in comments is likely to bring attention and traffic to your story. I am not new here, and this basic pattern has been repeated certainly at least 100 times over a period of a few years. I intend it to do that. You’re most welcome. I will try to find a minute to check out your other stories.

    But you’re seriously talking mostly pretty much gibberish here. It’s not that I am incapable of understanding a complex thought. It’s that 90+% of what you’re saying doesn’t have any real clear thought for me to understand. What you self-congratulatorily call “complex” thinking is not complex nor sophisticated – merely vague and muddy with no clear point other than general disdain for your bogus straw-man idea of neanderthal “conservatives.”

    On the other hand, you SAY that I don’t have much to say. Well, I only had a couple of fairly simple points to make – but there were actual discernable points beyond just general disdain.

    Again, in a nutshell my main point was that wanting to help people, and wanting to help disabled people especially, is not the sole domain of liberals. Now, as a rightwing nutjob and student of Ayn Rand, I am inclined to think that conservative types are generally more interested in the actual welfare of people, while a lot of liberals are more interested in feeling good about their own compassion or (for liberal politicians especially) in appearing to care about children and cripples and whatnot.

    Then again, it is not for me to take everyone else’s inventories. So I should just leave it to say that conservatives care as much about people as liberals do, but that they have sometimes somewhat different ideas of how to go about it.

    For example, personally I am opposed to the ADA. I see the costs, and question much of the benefit. To answer a point that you have brought up here at least a couple of times, no I do not wonder or care in the least about Sarah Palin’s view of the ADA.

    RE: Your opinion of Sarah Palin – You SAY that you somehow sincerely like her, but that us neanderthal wingnuts just aren’t sophisticated enough to distinguish the complexity of your thoughts. But we might beg forgiveness for taking your pen name sarcastically in that pretty much absolutely every single thing you say about her is negative.

    You as much as say in so many words “I do not like anything about the politics.” Well, she’s a politician. So not liking anything about her politics seems to be pretty much dismissing anything about her of public import. In what way exactly do you sincerely like her?

    Finally, I note that the almighty Comments Editor is a big fat doo-doo head. My comments were fairly mild, for starters. More specifically, they weren’t really particularly personal, but pretty much just a careful reflection of the column author’s silly language and cheap rhetorical jabs.

    I appreciate the critical tone being upgraded from the early BC Wild West days of yore, but geez, don’t be such a WUSSY.

  • Why don’t you come to your point, Al? Can you summarize it in a sentence or two?

    And BTW, an answer to your question, “in what way exactly do you sincerely like her?” could well be: she might be a good f…k (especially if one-night stands don’t particularly offend you).

  • Dan

    Hi Al. Cool flashback to the Yeagly appearance.

    I might be wrong in my presumption here, but I think what Ohcrap… wanted you to figure out is that she has a lesbian crush on Sarah. See, since lesbian love is complex and sophisticated, your backwater sexual notions that are restricted to shame and mysogynistic orthodoxy wouldn’t allow for you to comprehend the full spectrum of sexual influence.

    Of course I know you to be a particularly sharp and tricky hillbilly, so you may be ahead of it all anyway.

  • A sharp and tricky hillbilly?

    An oxymoron by anyone’s conception.

  • Dan

    Frankly roger, I find your bigoted attitude toward people of backwood to be both ignorant and disgusting. Thankfully your kind are dying out as more and more people do not see it as oxymoronic to be sharp, tricky, and a hillbilly.

  • @Al, your understanding of where I personally am coming from is irrelevant.
    Be grateful I took the time to write any explanation, at all.

    You’ll just have to keep reading if you wish to know more. Or, you can ask Dan, or any other normal person, since they are hip to the very obvious.

  • And BTW, an answer to your question, “in what way exactly do you sincerely like her?” could well be: she might be a good f…k (especially if one-night stands don’t particularly offend you).

    Well, you’re wrong about that, @Roger. I don’t think of her in that way. True, I do admire her good looks, but f*ck-and-discard mode or f’ing someone to put them in their place is reserved for people I respect the least. Like, say, conservative males. My hobbies.

    Respecting Sarah Palin…yeah, there are some things I respect about her, but her RWNJ political stances are not among them. These seething conservative all-or-nothings are not equipped to comprehend something even that basic, evidently. Oh well, one can’t expect much from that lot, anyway.

    I do find the entire phenomenon fascinating, if only because I’m a politics junkie and American politics has never seen anyone like her, fbofw. The longer I blog on this topic the more I find people thinkin’ how I’m thinkin’ but they’re not at a point where they can articulate it.

    But I am, so, I do.

  • A couple thousand people who had to pay tickets isn’t what I would call “poorly attended.”

    Well, @uffda, I suppose we should be thankful the liberal dem hitler stalin auschwitz death panel media didn’t report it as “several thousand” oh wait that’s just what the communist/MSM/jealous of Sarah because she’s pretty AP reported.

    American conservatives are such size queens.

    I just found it interesting that the event was a numerical flop and that actually made the news at all. As suggested, there could be multiple reasons for the flop besides yours. We both could be wrong.

  • Relatively speaking, of course…

    Aha. Now that was funny. Touché.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Thankfully your kind are dying out as more and more people do not see it as oxymoronic to be sharp, tricky, and a hillbilly.

    Is that a real thing?

  • Yes, Jordan, it’s known as Al Barger.

    You have seen photos of him, haven’t you?


  • “Frankly roger, I find your bigoted attitude toward people of backwood to be both ignorant and disgusting.”

    They are “people of backwood,” Dan, by your own admission, so the description fits. Have I touched a nerve?

    And BTW, my oxymoronic reference was half in jest. Lighten up, fellow, smell the roses, get some love, whatever . . .

  • No word that Ahnold is going to cut his own salary, nor those of the legislature, 1/3 of which are his own party parasites who are able to frustrate a budget with a mere 1/3 minority.

    Well, Arnold doesn’t take a salary, but I’m certain none of those rightwing jackoffs in Senate and Assembly, holding up budgets like they do every year, will be paying themselves minimum wage like Arnold is doing state employees.

    In past years, it’s been IOUs because of these so-called small government 30-Percenter confederates. But when it comes to themselves they believe they are entitled to the biggest and best from the government, at everyone else’s expense.

  • John Wilson

    Arnold did not cut the governors salary, he simply personally refuses the salary. That’s at his own discretion, of course.

    Meanwhile he has RAISED the salaries of his closest subordinates, by as much as 27%. None of them refuses the salary, and their successors will benefit.

    Arnold demonstrates the usual Royalist philosophy: austerity for the humblest citizens while the Royals accumulate more.

  • Jordan Richardson

    You have seen photos of him, haven’t you?

    I say, I say, I say I have.

  • Please do not besmirch the great Foghorn Leghorn with the association

  • It would be nice to know that Barger got as much of a kick out of those last couple of comments as I did.

  • Arnold demonstrates the usual Royalist philosophy: austerity for the humblest citizens while the Royals accumulate more.

    Yep. Conservatives are classic case totalitarians. I don’t know who they think they are kidding with all their “limited government” claptrap rhetoric.

  • Now really, OhCrap, “@Al, your understanding of where I personally am coming from is irrelevant. Be grateful I took the time to write any explanation, at all.”

    First off, perhaps YOU should be grateful that I have bothered with your little column. You are neither popular enough nor good enough a writer to be haughty.

    Maybe if it were, say, Christopher Hitchens personally responding to a comments thread to explain himself, I would be grateful. But if it were Chris Hitchens’ column, he would have made himself clear to start with and we wouldn’t be needing any explanation.

    This is strictly an opinion piece, so understanding where you are coming from is in fact the whole point. You’re not reporting facts, but merely interpreting them. There’s nothing to it but where you’re coming from.

    And you STILL have not articulated a discernable point other than a broad and completely unearned general contempt for “conservatives.”

  • Doc Dreadful- Thank you for your previous kind words. Also, yes, I do dig the Foghorn Leghorn riff. Among the iconic Warner Brothers cartoon characters, ol’ Foghorn is definitely my role model. I am always pleased to be compared with my hero.

  • @Al, you’re quite mistaken if you think I need people like you for anything, ever.

    Obviously it’s an opinion piece as all my posts are. That’s why it’s filed under opinion and peppered with indicators to that end.

    So you doesn’t share or agree with the opinion, who gives a crap?

  • “discernable”

    Should be “discernible.”

    Small shit, I suppose, but not when it comes from a clever hillbilly.

  • Roger- my apologies. Writing wise, spelling is my weakest link. Should have taken the extra seconds to look it up.

    OhCrap- RE: not needing people like me. As a good pinko, you should know from your Barbara Streisand that in fact people need people. A simple “thank you” for bringing some attention to your little post would suffice.

    Your tone of smug superiority reads like a parody of self-righteous Daily Kos window lickers.

  • John Wilson

    Foghorn Leghorn was a weak imitation of Senator Claghorn on the “Fred Allen” radio program, where he appeared each week as Allen toured “Allens Alley”, inhabited by various immigrants to NYC USA.

  • Aww, another conservative male is upset a liberal woman has an opinion and doesn’t ask for permission to state it. That must be very upsetting.

    Next, he’ll be complaining about my being uppity.

    Wait for it. It never fails.

  • @Al, since I’m not a size queen like you, I’m not really interested in counting hits to my posts.

    Only seething conservative males with something to prove think that sort of thing is something to brag about.

  • Yes, OhCrap, you have figured me out. That was exactly my point. I resent that a brilliant independent woman expressed an opinion without asking MY permission. How dare you! Of course, I didn’t know your gender at the time of my first comment here. But still.

    But do please spare me the BS that you don’t care how many people read your posts. You wouldn’t bother to write and post them if you didn’t want anyone to read them. You’d just write them in your little private journal to look at yourself in the night.

  • @Al, no, friend.

    If I really wanted a bunch of hits all I’d ever write was “sarah palin tits breasts cunt black cock head”. Even though you will not find that sort of thing on my site, that makes up the bulk of search terms I get.

    As you see, I do not write for that.

    In fact, BC is the only place I permit enraged males like you to have a direct outlet for your thoughts about what I say, since so many of you are prone to writing me by private email where your aggressions won’t become part of public internet posterity.

    So there is nothing you can offer me that I do not already have.

    No wonder you conservative males have such furious disdain for anything “public”. The public exposes what you are. And what con wants their delicate private things exposed for the whole world to see?

    My advice: take what impotent shots you can at OCIHACOSP posts at BC, because it’s all I’m offering, so it’s all you’ll get. Scream private sector all you want, but you’re not privy to anything else.

  • OhCrap, what are you on, exactly? I want to know so I can avoid it, cause it sounds like a bad trip.

    And where do you get that I am “enraged”? YOU would appear to be the one who is full of rage and contempt.

    And why “no friend”? I’m not in any particularly puppy dog need for the approval of any random blogger, but I try to make friendly as much as I can with pretty much everyone. But you have labeled me a “white male conservative,” and thus undeserving of love.

    Also, not to be unkind, but I think you put on airs. I mean, are you really hot enough to get away socially with being as mean and hateful as you put on here?

    Why so mad?

  • @Al can the clutch-the-pearls act, you’re no victim.

    You decided to start off on the way wrong foot so you get what you get. Stop complaining, it’s just talk on the internet.

  • @Al,

    I try to make friendly as much as I can with pretty much everyone. But you have labeled me a “white male conservative,” and thus undeserving of love.

    I have only labeled you a conservative male, after your ham-fisted introduction as a “libertarian extremist”. Since your only apparent purpose here is to protect poor, innocent conservatives against all my contempt, yes, you have earned the label “conservative male”.

    You are lying with that bogus claim that you try to make nice with everyone — your own belligerent post history on this thread alone, starting with post #1, refutes that.

    Finally, I did not say anything about any precious, prized, clung-to whiteness, you did. It’s fashionable these days for people like you to cast yourself as victims when you are perps. Don’t perpetuate the stereotype. I’ll call up Obama to put the white tax on you, that’ll give you something to cry about.

  • OhCrap, I’m not particularly known for clutching pearls, and where did I claim any victimhood. That’s generally the ground tactics of the left.

    Really now, my first post was a direct reflection of YOUR story. Don’t expect to write such hostile nonsense and not have someone just flat up tell you that you’re full of it.

  • Don’t expect to write such hostile nonsense and not have someone just flat up tell you that you’re full of it.

    But I don’t care if people like you think I’m full of it. Why should I?

    If you’re going to try and defend poor hapless oppressed-by-the-NAACP innocent honest conservatives against some random blog posts, in the big whole internet, do not put words in my mouth like you attempted to do with crap like “white conservative male”. As if you’re some kind of target.. quit listening to what Rush tells you; you’re not oppressed. That old conservative tactic is old as methuseleh or at least the White Citizens Councils.

    So, since you’re so interested in the content of the post, back to the question from what, two weeks ago that you never answered: don’t you wonder what Sarah Palin thinks of the ADA? What do you think the work of Joni Eareckson Tada and Zacharaiah’s Way?

    Or, if you’d rather sit around behind your ridiculous blowhard posts and clutch your pearls like the wizard of oz because some liberal on the internet is saying some contrary stuff you don’t agree with, I’m content to watch you do that, too. I think it’s funny.

  • BTW @Al, the time has come for you feckless, kneejerk conservative males to take some of that legendary personal responsibility you shriek and picket at everyone else.

    Do not blame what’s written in my post for your own personal response.

    No one forced you to write what you wrote in your first reaction, which got censored because it was packed full of jewel-clutching dumb bigot crud.


  • jeannie danna

    Why are you piling this monumental load of potential onto this woman?

    She uses all the members of her family like props, and it’s painfully obvious that she can’t look at her ” special needs” baby in the face in public. Sarah carries him like a football.

    What bothers me the most?

    After throwing away the seat she was elected to, conservatives still want her to run for President, a title she clearly will never be able to fill and certainly doesn’t deserve!

    What an insult to our collective intelligence.