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Lagwolf says: Instinctual blues rock

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Victory are a German group whose vocalist is named Huhn. This album
marks their comeback, of sorts, with their original line-up back
together again. As one would expect, this CD is typical German hard
rock, rather similar to Masterplan in outlook (without Jorn’s stunning
vocals), with a major splash of AC/DC. All the songs have strong
choruses, powerful solos, and a pounding rythmn sections. Stand out
tracks include the catchy ‘Starman’, the piss-take cock-rock of
‘Victoria’s Secret’ & very AC/DC ‘Another Notch in the Bedpost’,
Helloween-esque animalistic ‘Instinct’, and the anthemic ‘Songs of
Victory’. Does this break new ground? No, not in the slightest, but I
am betting they are giving their fans exactly what they want. This
would do a more than competent job of keeping AC/DC fans happy until
their next release. Its good clean Germanic fun and what is not to like
with that?

Rating: 4

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