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Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Complete Tracklist Unveiled

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Lady Gaga - Born This WayThe unstoppable Lady Gaga has been teasing her fans since the start of the Born This Way era last year, building hype for the May 23, 2011 album release. You may recall the teasers started at the 2010 MTV VMAs where the “Poker Face” star sang a 10-second a cappella preview of the “Born This Way” song. Then she unveiled the single’s artwork, and eventually the song came out.

Following that, she began talking on the music video theme, and even showed via Twitter the new hairdo she was debuting at the clip. Later, the teasers began for the “Judas” single, releasing snapshots from the video shoot and making fans excited, saying it should have cost up to $10 million of the budget! True or not, those “teasers” are making her little monsters literally go crazy to see that video. And let’s not forget of the Internet crash she made when she revealed that “bizarre” album cover, where Gaga is half-motorcycle and half-woman.

FYI: The “Judas” music video world premiere will occur on May 5 at 7:00 p.m. via E! Entertainment. The Laurieann Gibson-directed bible-themed clip will see Gaga as Mary Magdalene and Norman Reedus as Judas Iscariot.

However, Lady Gaga has now given fans the ultimate teaser. That is, she revealed the complete tracklisting of the Born This Way LP. That’s right, enough of the rumoured tracks and random lyrics extracts. This is the real deal. Lady Gaga will give her little monsters in total 17 original tracks to enjoy and sing at the future world tour. The standard edition has 14, while the deluxe version gets you the full 17 songs, plus a second disc featuring five remixes.

The complete tracklisting and all available lyrics are as follows:

  1. Marry The Night
  2. Born This Way [single 1]
  3. Government Hooker [single 3]
  4. Judas [single 2]
  5. Americano
  6. Hair
  7. Scheiße
  8. Bloody Mary
  9. Black Jesus – Amen Fashion
  10. Bad Kids
  11. Fashion of His Love
  12. Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)
  13. Heavy Metal Lover
  14. Electric Chapel
  15. The Queen
  16. You and I
  17. The Edge of Glory

Tracklisting source: LadyGaga.com

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  • Music

    17 tracks?? and there will be many great songs there..I hope Gaga and her record will release more singles coz it worth to push them, it increase the long shelf in album store plus the song will be shocking great!!! just paws up lil monsters

  • Gagafann1234

    The edge of glory is the 3rd single not government hooker