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Lady Gaga Is The Queen of Pop

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Every decade or so someone comes along and shakes the music industry like a baby and completely changes pop culture by showing us something we actually haven’t quite seen before. They are the Jimi Hendrixes, the Michael Jacksons, and Madonnas of the world. This person for the 2010s is Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga at 2009 MTV Music Awards

Ever since she invaded our households in a black feathered neck brace and Phantom of the Opera style mask, everyone has been scrambling to catch up with Lady of Gaga. She made our pre-established pop stars look as staid and boring as your grandmother’s living room.

Lady Gaga has changed the game from her overly avante-garde fashion sense to the hight artistic (or shock) value of her music videos. She’s challenged us. She’s made us feel uncomfortable during her blood soaked performances and changed our expectations for pop music videos.

Have you seen Britney Spears’ last two videos? In “Hold It Against Me” she stumbles over the in-your-face product placements and stands in a giant wedding dress while paint shoots out of her finger tips. It’s obviously an attempt to match the oddness incumbent with Lady Gaga’s videos, but it falls flat on its face. Her latest video for “Til The World Ends” is just a rehash of every other underground dance orgy she has thrown since she shed the school girl outfit.

And who knows what kind of shenanigans Xtina will be pulling when she gets her life together.

The bottom line is, Lady Gaga is the new queen of pop and no one, not Katy Perry, not Britney and not Ke$ha are showing any signs of of being able to dethrone her.

Lady Gaga Image from: clubnotes.

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  • Iraqi Soul

    no no no BRITNEY SPEARS the pop queen and princess and all others should stay at home coz britney rocks

  • Dennis

    Lady Gaga will always have more talent than britney spears.

  • music connoisseur

    Those are some fighting words! I like Gaga but I need to hear her next two albums and THEN we can give her a proper title.

  • Yes I am bias and agree! But when a pop star can create art that can be analysed at Ph.D. level and still have more possible analysis left to make, I champion that woman! I’ve linked the blog to my appearance name, they specialise in Gaga analysis. 🙂 It’s fascinating reading.

  • Estrella


  • RDF

    Here here! Long live Gaga!

  • popicon

    huh?queen of pop?isnt that madonna’s?and britney is the princess of pop.lady gaga is good and i love her but she does not deserve a title.i think she is the most famous now but not in the level madonna,britney or mj had.so no title sorry

  • ???

    Lady Gaga is the not the queen. She is the GODDESS of Pop. Better than the princess and the queen. Better than Britney, Kesha, Katy Perry, Rihanna, etc. The only other females close to/on her level are Madonna and Beyonce. Period.

  • SpinningJenni

    Wow, I’m new to this site and wasn’t expecting so many comments. That’s pretty awesome. Thanks everyone!

  • Jess

    But if Lady GaGa herself calls Madonna the Queen, it just reinforces that Madonna is the Queen of Pop. She’s coming out with a new album in 2011 as well ^-^

  • AG

    Madonna is Queen of Pop …Gaga only copy

  • None of you’re buissness

    I love gaga gona see the born this way ball this site is the absolute best


    I agree with ???. She is the goddess of pop. She is doing things that blow your mind. Madonna is 50 YEARS OLD. It’s time for some else. We will talk about Madonna as being over the top now, but in 20 years our kids will say Gaga. Music has to keep changing or it will get boring. It’s time that Madonna pass the torch and go get some much needed rest. Gaga can handle it.

  • nm

    Madonna is & always will be the queen of pop, Lady gaga does’nt even come close, especially since her last album born this way was a total flop.lol.

  • This article is silly from the very first paragraph onwards. I’m still laughing over the very arbitrary and rather odd selection of Hendrix, Jackson and Madonna as a basis for comparison.

    Lady Gaga is an evolution of prior artists who has made one fun album and another that wasn’t. Sure, she has shaken up a fairly dull pop music scene a bit but that is because the world of pop is so superficial right now.

    She is certainly a pop princess but right now there is no queen…

  • Glenn Contrarian

    As much as I hate to agree with Chris on anything, I’d have to agree with him here. Lady Gaga simply does not compare to Madonna or any of the other true icons, for anyone who was a young adult in the 1980’s knows just how much of a pop music juggernaut Madonna truly was. She and Michael Jackson were equals, and as much as I like his music, the author of this article is wrong to include Jimi Hendrix who – though certainly an icon – did not rule the box office for years as Jackson and Madonna did.

    Lady Gaga has the potential, and I’d be happy for her if she could rise to Madonna’s status – but I think that’s about as likely as LMFAO or the Black Eyed Peas rising to the status of the Beatles. In other words, it ain’t gonna happen.

  • A huge part of Madonna’s success is down to the fact that she is a savvy businesswoman who constantly monitors her market and continually reinvents herself to keep herself relevant and sellable. Like Jackson, she’s also built up a worldwide band of hardcore fans who will support her no matter what she does or comes up with.

    Gaga is clearly also very smart and inventive. She seems to possess the tools for her career to endure like Madonna’s, but time will tell.

  • It’s not hard to appear savvy once you’re successful; the hard part is becoming successful in the first place. Once you’ve made it, the successes tend to stick out more than the disasters.

    Most dance music related acts also keep on reinventing themselves because the kind of music that makes people want to dance naturally keeps changing.

    Madonna and Jackson are both great pop talents and maybe La Gaga will reach that level too; she’s certainly displayed a strong grasp of marketing and the enhanced nursery rhyme type of songwriting that typifies pop.

    None of them could or should be compared to someone like Jimi Hendrix though…

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Chris –

    It’s apples and oranges when comparing Madonna/Jackson with Hendrix. He’s the best guitarist period (so far), and I love his music to this day – and it’s a bit of a thrill seeing middle-school kids still wearing Hendrix t-shirts, whereas I never see one wearing Madonna or Jackson t-shirts. Hendrix was certainly a better artist when it comes to music…but as Doc pointed out, Madonna and Jackson were far and away better businesspeople. That, and they stayed alive a lot longer (which helps).

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Or to put it a different way, Hendrix knew his art better than he did his audience, whereas Madonna and Jackson knew their audience better than they did their art.

  • Glenn, I know that it’s “apples and oranges when comparing Madonna/Jackson with Hendrix”; that is why I wrote “None of them could or should be compared to someone like Jimi Hendrix”.

    I find statements like “best guitarist” meaningless but clearly he is your personal favourite, which is no bad thing, although it does make your hilarious assertion that BTO were cool all the more baffling…

  • I think that’s about as likely as LMFAO or the Black Eyed Peas rising to the status of the Beatles.

    LMFAO are never going to dominate pop as long as one of the duo has a second full-time job playing left-back for Tottenham Hotspur.

  • NO SHE ISN’T. THERE’S ONLY ONE QUEEN AND THAT’S MADONNA. Madonna was and still the queen of pop nbc breaking exclusive real time news on a bad call by rolling stone? magazine & corrected by the king of all music mtv’s new element. The world’s most powerful in music released a conclusion on who is the only queen of pop. According to all history info madonna is the only queen of pop. If there are any doubts that madonna is still? the? queen of pop, billboard magazine just put those to rest yesterday. The singer who is currently on her record-breaking mdna tour, was declared the winner of the first-half mvp prize, beating out upstart boy band one direction.