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Ladies Who Love Coach Bags

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I see them everywhere, now. If I go to one of the many malls in southern Ontario and the Toronto area, literally every other woman is carrying one.

Everywhere I look I see Coach bags! I’m sure some of them are authentic and many of them are counterfeit knock-offs. But I presume women carry them for the same reasons.

Women are bombarded by brand-name, designer fashion in various mediums. Ladies of all incomes admire the labels loved by the characters on Sex and the City, The Hills, Jersey Shore, The Real Housewives, and celebrities like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Women’s magazines are saturated with the names Coach, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, and Prada among others. The message is clear: if you want to be a sexy, stylish, and high-status woman, be seen with the right brands!A Coach bag

Designer labels are supposed to indicate that the owner can afford expensive things. But all kinds of women, rich and poor alike, want to be seen as rich.

Goods counterfeiters have risen to the challenge. It’s easy to buy cheap, fake designer-label fashion in every high-end name you can imagine. All I have to do is go to my local mall, street retailer or flea market, and I can buy a “Coach” bag for $30. Sometimes the counterfeiters are so good at what they do that you can hardly tell the difference.

I’m not exaggerating at all, literally 50% of the women I see on the street or in a mall are carrying a Coach bag, whether it’s authentic and $800 or counterfeit and $25. Many of the women who aren’t carrying Coach bags are carrying Louis Vuitton or Chanel.

If most women have “designer label” purses, the purses are no longer an effective high-end status symbol. As those bags tend to be plastered with designer logos, I assume the women bought them mainly to show off, not because they simply like the bag’s style or quality.

So, ladies, what’s the point of all this nonsense? I’m a feminine woman as well, but I value conformity a lot less than most others of my gender. I have a style that identifies me as unique, not a follower. I dress like a part-formal, part-casual 21st century Beat. I do like bags of certain labels, but my favorites are tokidoki and Harajuku Lovers. I love bright, colorful, ironically cartoonish prints; they contrast well with my solid black, minimalist wardrobe. I dress to make myself happy. Women criticize my individualistic style all the time, and I gladly ignore them.

Straight men and LGBT people either love my look or don’t care either way.

Earlier this millennium, Louis Vuitton, fake and authentic, could be seen everywhere. Now, Coach is super common.

Which brand is next? And don’t get me started on Ed Hardy! Yuck!
Some other designer label had better collaborate with MTV programming executives. Then, another label will be ubiquitous.

Whichever brand that is won’t make a dime from me—real or fake.

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  • I like the basic Coach (square) because it’s… well, square. Handbags these days are often in unwieldy shapes. I want something not too big, but can hold my wallet, my Moleskine and my phone. Anything more would be too much and anything less is too little. I tend to gravitate toward Coach because they’re well made, and if you buy at the outlet mall – like I do – you can get a pretty good deal.

    BTW, I’m NOT an uber girly girl. I don’t get the Louis Vuitton craze. Ed Hardy seems way overpriced. I despise shopping of any kind, but shopping for purses is tied with shopping for eyeglasses, #1 in the disgusting department.

  • Why are eyeglasses so disgusting to you, Joanne? Usually, the designer labels on those are more difficult to spot. For the record, mine are Konishi. I had to take them off to read the brand name on the inside of the earpiece. Never heard of Konishi? Me neither, great!

    You’re entitled to your taste, and your opinion. But, I see all kinds of handbags in stores that are square and don’t have an obvious designer logo on them. The little black purse I’ve been carrying lately is one of them. It cost me about $30 two years ago. Yeah, it was made in some awful Chinese sweatshop, but so are many AUTHENTIC designer handbags that are many times more expensive.
    Case in point- I love Gwen Stefani and I think her upscale L.A.M.B. brand is quite chic. (My favorite Harajuku Lovers is her ‘affordable’ and more cartoonish looking brand.) But I look at a lot of blouses and trousers from L.A.M.B.’s collections at Holt Renfrew (the Canadian equivalent of Neiman Marcus or Lord & Taylor), and they very cheekily say ‘Made in China, With Love!’ on their inside tags. Some of those articles are close to $1000.
    Prada got into a bit of controversy lately. Their handbags and other items usually say ‘Made In Italy’ on them, but Canadian and American manufacturing and marketing regulations are very lax. A Prada handbag could be mainly made in China, and then be sent to Italy for finishing touches. That last step qualifies the item as ‘Made In Italy’.

  • Good article. Could it be that a lot of women long for those good old high school days – expressing their “individuality” by conforming to a certain look? That’s okay, though. I miss high school, too! BTW, I have several handbag articles on my blog. Ron

  • Hey, Ron, thanks for the compliment.
    I’m bookmarking your blog, now!

  • I’m probably what one might consider curmudgeonly, Kim. On the off-chance that I buy a handbag, I keep it forever. I have one Coach for both spring and winter and I’ve had them for years, purchased at the outlet where they were at least 50% off. They get regular dry cleanings. Trendy has never been my middle name.

    As for eyewear, OMG. I hate getting new glasses. It’s not just that I don’t have insurance that covers it (eyeglasses are horribly expensive). Most of the time I stick with the same frame and get a new prescription. For both eyeglasses and purses, I could spend all day in the store and STILL not like anything.

  • Joanne- Is it frustrating having such discriminating, picky taste? You remind me of my fiancé, there are very few meals he’ll eat.

  • Alan

    I love this blog. I might add that the carrying of these bags is a turn off to me. The reason is that I feel it is almost like entrapment to a man trying to find a mate. What I know from my experience is that these labels send a message “can you afford me? I’m obviously high maintenance….so don’t complain about it later!!!”. In my experience I have fallen for a couple of women yet in the end the situation was terminal as a middle class man just can’t keep up and after time resources dry up or you may need to slow down to afford something….. Like a house, But these women couldn’t understand the need to save and felt that because I wasn’t “maintaining” them anymore that I didn’t love them….it was this attitude that killed the relationship. So to me, these labels are warning labels “danger”. “enter at your own risk” “turn back” and “wrong way”

  • Cheryl

    To Alan… That is a complete cop out. Sounds like a man looking for an excuse not to settle down. I don’t need a man to buy me things. I’m independant and make my own money, and after my bills are paid, and funds socked away into savings, if I want to take a little of what’s left over and save towards (or buy outright) a handbag or treat myself, I have that right. What seeing a woman with a designer handbag should tell you is that the woman is independant and able to manage money responsibly enough to be able to afford XYZ.

  • mega angelia

    i like coach purses very much, because the design is classy,simple and match with my outfit.purses prices is not very expensive.but giving a high quality products.

  • Alan

    Cheryl, it’s great that you are independent. I love a strong independent intelligent woman. Honestly I think the best match is a woman who doesn’t fear to leave a man at any moment and that is the definition of true independence. Back to your comment, I have no fear of relationship, I have fear of weak, materialistic, artificial women and I’m speaking from experience, I would live to meet someone who does not fall into those categories.

  • jackirive

    Gotta love my coach even more.