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This morning, I finished up reading the book Label Launch. Perhaps I should say I finished reading the pamphlet Label Launch.

This very slight book supposedly covers all the information you would need to know if you wanted to start your own record label. It does cover it, if only at the really, really high level viewpoint. Chapters (and I use that term very lightly) average about 8 pages or so, and each of those pages are broadly spaced and small of size (the book is about three quarters the size of a normal book). Indeed, the lion’s share of the data is in the appendix, and that is a listing of resources (associations, radio stations, promoters, etc.) that can only be rather dated, as it is over two years old.

I suppose this book might be good if you are very new to the subject matter, or haven’t read any of the more comprehensive books that are available on the music business. It also might serve as a pocket checklist for starting a label. But I can’t really see much use of it other than that.

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  • Casper, although I have not read the book, your evaluation seems right on. I imagine it is a useful book. You say it has a more high ended view of things. I like that. Go for the gold. It might serve best as a checklist. Good thinking.

    In general, the way to get noticed by the majors is to release a disc so they have more data to follow to decide on. Think of it this way, if you go through all the steps to record, press to CD for demo purposes, you might as well take it one step further and release it to the public. You are now a record label. Take the proper steps to protect yourself. It helps to gain airplay and other important aspects if you take this step.

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