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L-Word Season 2: My thoughts

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NOTE: This review discusses tonight’s L-Word season finale.

The last credits have rolled and the second season of the popular Showtime television show, The L-Word, is now complete. I’ve been a fan of the show since before the first episode aired a year and a half ago. I watched each and every episode this season, and I have to say I might be a little disappointed on the way things went down in the second half of this season. This season started off with a bang, and then things went strange about a month ago.

The story lines just went screwy, and at the end of some episodes I was left wondering where the writer’s were going with the show. I still love the show, and the characters, but the show went in a direction I wasn’t expecting. I think things went wacky with the starting of the Mark and camera storyline. Mark moved in with Shane and Jenny, and then proceeded to put up cameras in the house secretly taping every single moment of their lives.

When Jenny discovers the cameras, she slowly begins to lose it, and she finally has her rock bottom breakdown in the season’s final episode, which aired earlier tonight. There was so much happening, and so much that could have been handled differently.

In my opinion, the writers ignored what could have been a very wonderful storyline early on in the season with Kit and Ivan. Many fans were following this beginning relationship, and then Kit sees Ivan’s fake cock, and it is all over. Only to be further ruined by Ivan’s admission later in the season that he was indeed in a long term relationship the whole time he was going after Kit. I call she a he because that it was he wanted to be seen as. So much more could have been there.

This show has some fairly good writers, but this season finale was lacking in some parts. I have seen so many fans in the last few hours express their disappointment in how the show ended its year. It will be back for a third season next year, and we have to hope the show returns to its former glory of season one and the first half of season two.

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    Just a thought on the casting, how come all these women look like Hollywood models?

  • Maybe it is the same old casting reason, most shows cast the beautiful people because they think that will make people watch. Stupid reason. The world isn’t perfect. Why should all the people look perfect on television?

  • Avid watcher

    Although I continued to watch The L Word religiously every Sunday Night at 10, I was bored with the story line of Jenny, Mark and even Kit (ironically- the “straight” characters!) Prior to the next new show, I watched the show again on Showtime On Demand where I skipped through the boring parts. It was much better that way! I’ve learned a lot. Give me lesbian fantasy instead of lesbian “reality.” In season one- I loved the Marena and Jenny scenes and this year, I couldn’t wait for Shane and Carmen. Does anyone feel the same?

  • I watched it every week too, and I even tried defending it to my brother who also watched it. After seeing the finale though, the season and how it ended was quite weak.

    I also was waiting to see Shane and Carmen hook up. I think in the process they screwed over Jenny with the little cutesy Jenny/Carmen they threw in. When it comes to Jenny, it really seemed to me she was doing better emotionally this season, and then BOOM she went crazy, and that really bothered me.

  • Avid watcher


    I prefer Season three to be more exciting like- hmmm “Fantasy Island”… always showing off a little “tattoo”! Especially the one on Carmen’s lower back!

    -Me 🙂

  • Jennie

    I NEED to know…does TINA DIE in the end when giving birth to the baby?Please please let me know..//Jennie from Sweden…

  • Doesn’t appear so. Bette tells the rest of the girls Tina was fine. There will probably be complications though. Small cliffhanger.

  • melissa

    When does The L Word Season 2 come out on dvd? When does Season 3 start and do you know when it comes out on dvd also?

  • I just received word that the Season 2 will be released on October 25th of this year. As for season 3, that looks to be set to premiere sometime in early 2006. Filming of the season starts next month.

  • Nicole

    The L Word is positively the worst show ever!!The writing is dreadful, and the storylines range from stupid to offensive! It seems to appeal mainly to bored housewives, bi-curious teen girls, and pathetic males.

  • Lindz

    Hey, I’m from Scotland and we’re not as far on as you guys (altho like a very sad fan ive read all the transcripts). As a budding scriptwriter I have to agree that this season the script didn’t seem as tight as in the first season, altho there are a few classic comedy moments (namely Shane doing Arianna Huffington… her hair obviously). I hate the way Jenny and Carmen are paired up, simply because it seems very obvious early on that Carmen still digs Shane (what lesbian on this show doesnt?). It seems kind of forced, especially with Carmen’s comments that Jenny seems “weird”. I frickin HATE Helena Peabody. My god, what a way to typecast. And what an awful accent. I thought this show would break out of stereotypes, being a ‘controversial drama’ and all, but typically the English character (ie “British”) sounds ridiculously upper-class. This was another relationship which seemed really forced for a while, but if you look at Bette’s relationship with Tina, its pretty reasonable to assume that Tina finds it hard to assert herself and lets Helena essentially dominate her. I loved the Alice and Dana storyline but there was so much wrong with the Tanya/Dana breakup, I’m not even sure where to begin! There seemed to be little emotion at all, and at the end of the episode, in the car, you’d think they’d be happy instead of sitting stunned. Altho the sex scene was fantastic! I challenge you to find someone who watched it and didnt say/think “Oh my god! That’s so true!” Too often sex scenes are shown as smooth transitions between clothed/not-clothed and come on, that just doesnt happen! Jeans get stuck, people fall over and generally arent perfect. I loved it 😉 I miss the presence of Ivan, and as far as i’ve read, he seems to have been basically written out, simply over the Kit-seeing-his-fake-penis fiasco, which is a shame. Mostly this season hasnt seemed to be as together as last season. I almost felt like they were running out of ideas/steam. And i’m not enjoying the little start-ups scenes either, they were a cute idea for season one but now its old. The scriptwriters need to change tack and realise that they need to continually be fresh and original. If anyone wants to discuss anything or challenge what ive written, please do. I want to hear what you guys think about this season.

  • okay to the bitch that said the lword sux and is poor grammer and only appears to stupid people. obviously your one of these people since you took time out to write about it, and its the most exposive show since well ever and dont come on here and dog shit, go on somewher with yo self. and every women is beatiful on the lword but really some are not yes they are pretty but they are all diffrent and appeal to many diffrent people their is on lword girl for every one.. i love the show and i would die defending it lol so NICOLE step of bitch!!!

  • Joanna

    I love this show! Does anyone else watch QAF? The season finale is this Sunday…

  • I watch Queer as Folk as well, and review that show for another site. My reviews are linked on my blog if interested.

  • renee

    i luv da l word it represents for all the girls who dont know what they are. I love bette and carmen and want season 3 to be sexy. Does anyone know how to see the rest of season 3 spoilers and can you download it so we can be advanced with the episodes. plz email if anyone finds anything byee from canada

  • i think the show is great. I can relate to many asspects of the show. im from a small town and its good to see something like that on tv it helps in many ways towards my life

  • heather

    Comment 10 posted by Nicole on June 2, 2005 10:11 PM:
    “The L Word is positively the worst show ever!!The writing is dreadful, and the storylines range from stupid to offensive! It seems to appeal mainly to bored housewives, bi-curious teen girls, and pathetic males.”
    -Sounds to me like you are the PATHETIC one, or sad you’re not apart of it, or jealous! It is a GREAT show, with real life drama AND drama none of us have ever experienced and probably never will (this is NOT a reality show sweetheart) the actress’ in this are spectacular and do a great job!!! I congradulate them.
    Maybe you should put yourself in the show a little bit and actually pay close attention to an episode WITH OUT judging it while you watch it, you MIGHT actually enjoy it!
    thank you,
    *Heather (NY)… ps: are you straight??

  • heather

    oh and to comment on your statement, “It seems to appeal mainly to bored housewives, bi-curious teen girls, and pathetic males.” then how come, hmm, less than 5% of the people writing on here NOT in any of those 3 catagories you mentioned. I myself, am not a teen, not a male, definitely not bi-curious [LOL], and absolutely not bored, nor a house-wife. I am an adult (20’s) LESBIAN (woo-hoo, lesbians ROCK!!) who absolutely LOVES “the L word”
    -again, Thank You
    *Heather (n.y.)

  • Michelle

    I have to say that The L Word is one of the best shows I have seen in a very long time. The characters and storylines are universal and everyone can identify and relate to them. I for one can see myself in several of the characters and through the show I have discovered many things about myself. It’s a viewing experience that not only takes over your eyes but also your soul. I love this show and I can’t wait for season 3!!

  • lisa

    hey renee.i saw your comment and i also am so very much looking forward to season three and i am desperately looking for a way to download the spoilers.”the l word” ROCKS. it’s just great to have a show us lesbians can relate to.i’m in heaven when i look at the l word.love bette,it’s a shame that she isn’t really a lesbian.if anyone knows how to download spoilers from season 3 please fill us in

  • Lisa M

    can’t say it is my fave show of all times i actually liked QAF better (for artistic reasons and club music) but at least the L word is true to form and reps the female weho crowd pretty darn good (yea robin and sandy sachs)
    and the industry types and those that service. and yes baby the women DO look like that. maybe not in Indiana or from wherever you are typing from but this what it is like and there is another type of woman down in Sobe too if they were to write and shoot an offshoot of the L word there,heck Manhattan for that matter.It wouldn’t be interesting if it were written in the bible belt,the midwest or Provo.My only pet peeve about the show is the camera work or a better DP. mind you not all the time, but when it is obvious that more than one scene burns out,you have some issues.This is not a graduate film and or television project,it is for the masses. so use what you were taught ,hire the BEST line producer your money can afford or UPM and they better hire the best people to be your crew. yes i know a good script comes first, the the talent follows, but geez people.
    (just one of them industry girls)

  • sue

    i just love the show cant wait for season 3 to start, in november i will be meeting laurel holloman who plays tina i london

  • Jessie

    if anyone has a picture of carmens tattoo please show it to me

  • rita

    Jesus Christ…what the heck!!Finally a Lesbian show appears and we HAVE UNHAPPY NUTHEADS. IT IS TO EARLY TO COMPLAIN!!LET IT BE!!

  • Unknown

    I enjoyed watching the L WORD. When i first wathced the movie, again i fell in-love with my partner. Though i really love her, but it make me love her more.

  • malinda

    dude, i am a lesbian who watches the L word via dvd andwho lives in southern california! i think the L word is dead on an some subjects…i have slept with my friends and most of my freinds have dated an ex…true life, perhaps not, entertaining and reality based, definitely!

  • Asia

    I believe that the show is excellent. I think that it addresses much more than being a lesbian, which is why I hope that those who are not don’t just fast forward to the sex scenes. A friend said to me “I think the L stands for whatever you’re afraid to talk about out Loud”…and these are the things I see exposed – yes, even in season two. Depression, insecurity, monogamy & infidelity, friendship, trust, family, death, choices…all the things we live with, bare.
    Yes, I see flaws in the show. But I guess they seem as imperfect as we are.

  • I really LOVE this series!!I’m keen on.Unhappyly I wait for the second season in france.

  • m1nn1e_0

    All i can say is… thank god and its about time we finally got a little air-time for ourselves!

    To message #25 – they wrote: “I enjoyed watching the L WORD. When i first wathced the movie, again i fell in-love with my partner. Though i really love her, but it make me love her more”.

    I totally loved that! How true is it, that The L Word actually makes us feel more comfortable and proud of who we are. I don’t think lesbians could ask for anything more… it gets a 10/10 from me.

  • yeah where can you find carmens tattoos? i am looking for the ones on her hips

  • Rik

    i just watch it for the sex really, lesbians are a big turn on for me.

  • Jen

    I think L word is one of the greatest and hottest shows around today. It’s just a shame how us people in the UK never get any feedback about exact dates or any information for that matter… Bit of a shock about dana and alice but i hope we get to see some dana lara sex scenes!

  • 4real

    Hey girls! Love the show!!! Had to buy the DVD though, to get the original, and not the German translation (which really sucks, by the way!). Does anyone know the release date of Season 3 on DVD?
    Enjoy Life!

  • Come and visit The L Word Page by Miracel Kowsky!

  • Steph

    Anyone know when season 3 is being released on dvd in the U.K. because i’ve seen season 1 and 2 on dvd and now can not WAIT to see the third season. LOVING IT – BEST SHOW AROUND – PORTRAYS EVERYTHING THAT GOES ON IN LESBIAN LIFE – BRILLIANT!!!!!!