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My TiVo just found a new show from Tommy Boy Films called Kung Faux. (What would I do without my TiVo working so hard for me?) It’s a series of Kung Fu films over-dubbed with the voices of hip-hop artists and a soundtrack to match. The episode I just watched was voiced by Guru, Jean Grae, Sadat X, and Roc Raida to name a few. The show comes on Fuse, which was formerly MuchMusic. If you don’t get that channel it’s also available on DVD and online. Here’s a snippet of a more complete review:

Somewhere in between “South Park,” “Jackass” and a Method Man and Redman album is Much Music USA’s new television program and DVD “Kung Faux.” The creators consist of graphic designers, graffiti artists, video editors and rappers.

What they do is boil all the action from an old, cheesy Kung Fu movie down into a easily digestible half-hour episode, add cool graphics and “Pop-Up Video” effects, then dub over all the original lines with hip-hop lingo, while still staying true to the original plot of the movie.

For instance, lets say there is a meeting between a Kung Fu master and his apprentice. Instead of “Oh, Daniel Son, you must catch fly before you break every bone in that guy,” the dialogue would be something like: “Yo, son, why you trippin’? I’ll teach you game, but first you gotta earn this shit, dig?” Needless to say, it is a riot.

For more material along these lines check out the amazing Hop Fu trailer or the full version of Hop Fu over at StylusWars.

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  • Just watched it for the first time. Literally every other line is “That’s my word.” So dumb.

  • themaximus

    I just saw kung faux march 08 2006 I think I fell asleep I love kung fu movies but whoever the voices were in the background just killed the old saturday night martial arts theater flicks ive seen funnier stuff on the internet at a kids site however if you added in some funny people the flick might have some taste to it other than that if you have to edit this post then it shows how weak the site owner is to honesty

  • The Optick One

    Yo, This is a must have for all the real heads who have seen the original flix on these series. the over dubs are original and are very comical according to the ways of our street realism and dialect. Peace to all the gods and earths who made it happen..

  • Eric Olsen

    Hi Michael, what’s up? Funny post.

  • Jeff

    Kung Faux

    Always love old Kung Fu Theatre on Sundays! Saw one version on cable the other night. My girlfriend were laughing so hard we were in tears. Truly brilliant!

  • Not everyone, just the cool people. 😉 But seriously, TiVo has yet to crack the 1 million mark (I think). There are a lot of PVRs coming out now with some great looking features (Check my technology archives) One of the features of these new machines is the ability to save your recording to DVD. If I were buying a PVR now I’d probably have that feature high on my list.

    But to more directly answer your question: 2 tuners (available on the DirecTivo satellite boxes), a good program guide that goes out about 2 weeks, a nice user interface, ability to do things like record by keyword (‘key lime pie’) or by person (director=’Spike Lee’ actor=’Antonio Banderas”), expandability. And I’d get the biggest hard drive you can afford… b/c it will get filled up.

    You may want to check out PVRBlog too.

  • Dew

    Does everyone have Tivo? When I go to buy this, what are the best features to look for?