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Kundalini and Astral Projection

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The process of astral travel can be achieved in a variety of ways. Depending on your specific goals and preferences, you will be able to employ a variety of practices with which to achieve success in the realm of astral projection. For centuries, many cultures have sought out this highly spiritual experience in search of answers, spiritual connections, and for many other reasons. 

No matter what drives your desire to astral project, research into the matter will often connect with the principle of Kundalini Yoga. Yogic practices have, since ancient times, been tied to astral projection. Through meditation, breathing, and other components of yoga, there is the possibility of awakening the spiritual body so it can travel the astral plane.

What is Kundalini?

In its simplest terms, Kundalini is a sacred energy that resides within the deepest parts of the subconscious. This energy, which is connected to the Root Chakra, is tied to all other energies in the body and can be awakened through meditative practice. Often referred to as “serpent power,” this force is analogized as being coiled up at the base of the spine. Though it lies dormant most times, those who practice Kundalini Yoga are trained to awaken the energy in order to align the chakras and achieve mental-spiritual harmony. 

How to Awaken the Kundalini

Similar to astral projection, the process of awakening the Kundalini is an intense and powerful one. As it awakens, the energy will uncoil and begin to rise through the body from its location at the spine’s base. Rising up, the Kundalini will pass through and activate all chakras, starting with the Root Chakra, where it resides. This process will allow an intense surge of energy to pass through the body, causing similar physical reactions as that which occurs during the rising up of the astral body.

As Kundalini uncoils, there will be an electrical sensation, often referred to as a vibration. There are also likely to be involuntary muscle movements, sounds, and hallucinations. This is all natural when experiencing Kundalini awakening and can cause fear in beginners to the practice. Successful awakening of the Kundalini is usually a powerful experience that can cause headaches and even exhaustion. When you practice Kundalini Yoga, you may have to go through several sessions to achieve successful awakening. For some, there is also the possibility of spontaneous awakening of the Kundalini, which is similar to that which occurs in a near-death experience.

The History of Kundalini

Closely tied to Indian cultures since ancient times, Kundalini is rooted in a form of Hinduism. Originating in the Kashmir region, Kundalini Yoga was officially presented in the late 1960s in the West as a powerful and spiritual practice. The practice of Kundalini Yoga involves a sequence of meditating, chanting, and breathing, along with common Mantras and poses. The technique began to be taught more widely in India and eventually the rest of the world throughout the 1970s. Yogi Bhajan sought to bring this powerfully enlightening practice to the rest of the world.

Risks and Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

As with any intense experience, there can be some risk. Although mild, there is the possibility of headache following the experience. In spite of the common belief that it is possible for the subtle body to become trapped along the astral plane, this is not possible. The practice itself poses no danger to either the physical body or the spiritual one. The Kundalini will always return to its resting place at the base of the spine after the session has come to a close.

The benefits of Kundalini can vary from person to person and within each session. Depending largely on your goals, repeated practice can allow you to achieve a heightened level of spirituality, better harmony within the chakras, and a multitude of other benefits. The key to success in awakening the Kundalini and astral travel is to be patient with the practice as you work towards achieving your goals. For most, this is a lifelong practice, which can lead to a new world of experiences. After having existed for centuries, Kundalini Yoga is experiencing a new level of popularity worldwide, as people all around the globe seek enlightenment.

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About Jill Magso

  • Astral projection, out of body experiences, near death experiences, etc. have always served as vivid reminders of the awesome forces that lie beneath our mundane day-to-day experiences of life. However, despite their vivid accounts, there is another type of experience which has long been the ultimate prize of life (at least as long as pre-dynastic Egypt) – the mystical experience.

    To understand the relationship between all of these phenomena, it is important to take a deeper look at Kundalini and its relationship to the organic frame of a human being. Kundalini, according to most accounts, is commonly viewed as being located in the perineal region at the base of the spine. Thus, we are given a clear and immediate link between Kundalini and the sexual organs, where the miracle of life (i.e., in the reproductive sense) is given a home within the body.

    Freud, Jung, R.M. Bucke, Gopi Krishna, and many scholars both ancient and modern have already stated the case between reproduction (libido and so on) and the brain, in the form of creativity, inspiration, genius, and insanity. The name for this hidden link is Kundalini. According to Kundalini scholar Gopi Krishna, once awakened, Kundalini begins a process of accelerated evolution within the brain, which can ultimately result in the attainment of a higher dimension of consciousness known as Samadhi, Enlightenment, Christ Consciousness, etc. In other cases, the influence of Kundalini can result in creativity, spiritual ecstasy, genius, and insanity. In each case the cause is the same.

    Astral projection and similar phenomenon are common in the sense that in each case a new type of experience is opened in the mind as a result of organic changes in the brain. What causes these changes to occur is Kundalini.

    According to Gopi Krishna, it is of utmost importance for the human race to recognize the traits, characteristics, and mode of life required to awaken this energy in a safe and healthy manner. The clues for this are provided as guidance in the form of the core teachings of religion: love, honesty, humility, and surrender to Divine Will. If one recognizes that the founders of the major faiths were finished specimens of the Kundalini process, then it is easy to see how this could be the case.

    It is the goal of the Institute for Consciousness Research to conduct a scientific investigation of this phenomenon by skeptical scientists in order to validate the claims of the ancient spiritual traditions of the world and to open the eyes of humankind to the next frontier of experience, knowledge, and understanding: Cosmic Consciousness.