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Kris Allen To Release “The Truth” As His Second Single

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Fans of Kris Allen have been waiting for months to find out the season eight American Idol winner's second single. Most were hoping it would be either "Before We Come Undone" or the very catchy, "Alright With Me." Both co-wrote by Allen.

However, Allen's official website is streaming a new version of "The Truth,"  which features vocals by Pat Monahan of Train. Monahan also penned the song. Although, his website did not explicitly state that it is Allen's next single, Sony Music sent radio stations notification that it, in fact, is and will be impacting Hot AC radio on May 3.

Fans have left over 600 comments on Allen's website about the new mix of "The Truth." The overall feeling is that they would rather the album version be released instead of this latest version.

The new mix of "The Truth" seems to be the result of Train's recent success with their huge Top 10 hit, "Hey, Soul Sister."  Allen's first single, "Live Like We're Dying" was a Top 10 hit on multiple radio formats and went platinum, selling over one million copies.

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  • Jorge

    Honesty is honestly the hardest thing for me right now. =/

  • Alex

    ive shame on you!

    It seems you are trying to put an end in Kris Allen’s career. Why the release of this song as a second single…it could be the fourth or so, not the second, and why the Hell is Pat Monohan singing?
    Prefer one hundred times the original version, after so many time to figure out what shoud be the second single you do this? That’s sick!

    I love Kris Allen all the way and I will buy it again no matter what, but it pisses me off that you are doing this!

    It should be “Alright With me” or “Before we come Undone”!

    I waited two long moths to get Kris Allen’s cd and paid $40 to get it, just because you decided not to release his album in Portugal, now you go and do this…..shame on you!

    Best wishes to Kris Allen, and I hope the song proves me wrong and reach top 10.


  • Beth

    Thanks for including the fan’s point of view in this bit of news, especially since his record company clearly doesn’t value our opinions… lol.

  • Kathryn

    I hope this new single does well. Even though it isn’t a fan favorite, it’s still a fantastic song. The lyrics and powerful and passionately sung. Both Kris and Pat are incredibly talented.
    Kris fans know that Kris deserves every success in the music industry and we hope that the song will catch on and catapult him to the next level.

  • Janie

    Yeah, I wish Kris was releasing Alright With Me or Before We Come Undone as his next single. I love listening to both those songs. But The Truth is pretty cool too. I just adore this guy.

  • Loly

    I think the general feelings on the site was that if you are going to release another single, and you are marketing Kris as a singer/songwriter, maybe you should release something he helped write at least, especially when they are excellent songs on there, for example, “Alright With Me” which would be a good seasonal fit, summer and all, happy and fun. But “we” all know that these things are probably set in stone before the album is even released. “The Truth” is a beautiful song, Kris is extremely talented and sounds beautiful on this track, and Pat is a well respected Grammy winning singer/songwriter so hopefully this works out for all involved!

  • G-Mom

    I like “The Truth”, but whose single is it?? Kris Allen’s or Train’s? I love all the songs on Kris’ CD, but I would rather he release “Alright With Me” or “Before We Come Undone”, also. Why did the record company wait so long to release another single? It doesn’t make sense that the A.I. people would be so upset that Adam Lambert didn’t win that they are sandbagging the WINNER! I don’t get it. I just love Kris! He seems to be a really good person and he is SO TALENTED!! I wish him the best!!

  • Madeleine

    i wish Kris had been singing the bridge on the new version. i’m ok for a shorter version of it for radio

  • lisa



    im just happy they havent touch Before we come undone because i would be asking why isnt jive trying to make money off of KRIS CD because we know BWCU IS A HIT

  • Dee

    Kris is getting a lot of exposure with the best of the best in the music industry,Daughtry, Keith Urban Lady Antebellum,One Republic and now Pat. Jive obviously recognizes Kris’ talent. I think the company is doing a very good job promoting him, however, American Idol is doing a lousy one. I would have preferred another song as well, but I think “The Truth” will do very well.


    i agree with Dee American Idol is really the problem here they want the other one i want even say his name to do better and there making sure of it they have been promoting him all this season and the people he will be touring with

  • molly

    the truth is going to be a mash hit kris is a mega star to me already and i have supported him from the start so whats all of this trash talk for anyway