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Kris Allen Fans Raise Money For Music Empowers

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It takes extraordinary fans to do extraordinary things. Most fans attend live shows to see their favorite performer, maybe buy a t-shirt, and sometimes will wait after the show for an autograph. Fans of American Idol-winner Kris Allen have taken their support of the singer to a new level.

Alright With Music was formed by fans of Kris Allen that hope to raise $25,000 for the Music Empowers Foundation by December 31. Kris Allen

“Kris has taught us about the important work done by the Music Empowers Foundation, which provides funding to non-profit organizations that offer innovative music programs in under-served areas,” the group stated in a press release earlier this week.

Music Empowers founder Andy Davis said that the foundation is “incredibly honored” by the current fundraiser.

“Kris has become an amazing advocate for music education,” Davis said in a press release. “This year, his support of organizations like Music Empowers has helped to bring music education programs to about 100,000 kids.”

So far Alright With Music has already managed to raise over $9000 for Music Empowers.

Alright With Music originated earlier this year as Team Alright With Moo, a group of fans that raised over $25,000 this past June in honor of Allen’s 25th birthday for Heifer International.

To learn more about Alright With Music and how you can donate, please visit their website.

For more information on Kris Allen, check out his official website.

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  • kate

    Kris Allen’s fans are just so classy. Kris is such a giving, benevolent person himself (and was long before he was on Idol), and he seems to attract fans who appreciate this quality in him.

  • Masieta

    It may be difficult for some to understand why Kris Allen fans have chosen to honor Kris by sponsoring these charity emphases, first Alright With Moo and now Alright With Music. I think some people are first drawn to Kris through his music because he is an incredible musician who happens to be hot, a guy who loves life and has a quirky, sometimes snarky sense of humor. On closer acquaintance, one discovers his humility and giving nature. (He actually stated in an interview that he was worried about the amount of money some of his fans spend in traveling to attend multiple concerts.) As such, while some will never understand or appreciate him, he becomes irresistible to many of us.

    A video made by a fan for the birthday project helps explain. It has footage of Kris “giving back” both before and after he won American Idol, as he helped out in Thailand after the tsunami, went to Haiti with the UN Foundation, and to Rwanda with Tom’s Shoes and Heifer International. Besides his work with Music Empowers, Kris most recently appeared on the Alzheimer’s Foundation telethon. Kris has been criticized by some celebrity media for not living a more ostentatious lifestyle, comparing him to others and implying that he can’t be a true star otherwise. For his fans, however, he is a breath of fresh air. We know enough about him to know he is not perfect, but he is genuine, and he makes us smile. For Kris, helping others is a part of who he is as a person not something he does for publicity. He inspires us to take stock of our own lives. I wouldn’t say his fans are extraordinary. I would say that Kris is extraordinary, and we are just following his example. I also posted this comment on another site referring to this article.

    Birthday Project Video