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Kreating a rukus!

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Live Kreation


Thrash metal at its most brutal is what German’s Kreator kreat. This lot give Slayer, a run for their money, if never quite beating them. With this CD we get 24 tracks of live Kreator aggression. Unlike other thrash acts, Kreator have remained true to their roots or alternately never evolved as a band. Thier rabid fans would not have it any other way. On this CD you get a great selection of what keeps their legions coming back, all delivered with the brutality that marks Kreator out from the pack of wannabes. Tracks like ‘Flag of Hate’, ‘People of the Lie’, ‘Riot of violence’ and ‘Terrorzone’ are delivered without missing an aggresive bit of angst. If you like full-on thrash then these guys deliver the goods. This is, of course, essential for any past or present fans of the Ruhr thrashers.

Rating: 4

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