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I am sooo tired of these stupid fuckers. Listen, if you’re a comedian, you have a time and a way to use the N-word in your skit and not start a riot. I don't know why you really need to say it, but you can. It's done all the time.

I was talking to my homie K-Beats the other day, about how when you watch Def Comedy Jam, all the comedians start their set off with a joke about white people in the crowd and how most of the jokes are not that funny. You would think someone would start off a set with something a little more original, but at least they keep the racial slurs out (when referring to anyone other than themselves that is. That's another topic all together.)

What that Frankenstein looking monster Michael Richards did is the exact opposite times 10! He blew up on stage at a heckler and threw out the N-word more than NWA did in their first song. He was walking around looking like his meds were clashing with each other, rambling because someone in the crowd didn't like his stale ass jokes. Then he tried to explain it by saying, "Well you interrupted me, that's what you get when you interrupt me." Oh, okay. When you interrupt Michael Richards, Kramer the Klansman comes out. That's catchy, actually – Kramer the Klansman. He should use it. He could do another TV show with it – him and Mel Gibson both play themselves, literally and physically. They are both very good at it.

If Richards was a funny comic, he might have been able to flip it on the heckler, who didn’t really say anything more insulting than "You suck, you’re washed up." Instead, he just flipped. See for yourself. The video is at TMZ and probably up on YouTube by now.

To hell with Michael Richards. The only reason he was funny on Seinfeld was because he was a stooge, what with all his falling down, making faces, and his stolen Moe, Larry, Curly, and Shemp-stealing, big goofball style of comedy. The guy was a dick then and not much has changed since. It was clear that he was not joking around or amused when he lost it at the Laugh Factory. He totally lost control of himself and the true Mr. Richards came out in full center stage light. Fuck you Kramer. Fuck you while hanging upside down with forks sticking out your azz. How's that?!? Somebody should have spit on him.

I’m going to break all my Seinfeld DVDs.

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  • Anonymous White Man

    Well thanks for being objective. At first I thought this was an article about the double-standard that black comedians have over white comedians, then you proved your ignorance by pushing it aside. Far from one-dimensional, Michael Richards is an extremely talented comedian, who has worked tirelessly on his craft for decades. I don’t know who you are, but I’m certain you weren’t even around 1/3 of the time he has been working. Were his comments in poor judgment? Without question. Should he have been performing stand-up if he couldn’t retaliate against a heckler without going berserk? Probably not. But use your brain and think about it, what is the number one easiest thing to say in order to turn the table when dealing with an antagonist who happens to be black? The bottom-line is that there is a big difference between using a word and being a bigot. Is Michael Richards a bigot? He very well may be. I don’t know the man personally. But there is also just as good a possibility that he felt backed in a corner emotionally and came out swinging emotionally.

    Your emotional attack is no different a symptom of the problem then his was.

  • Please….Michael Richards is the biggest racist there is. It’s more than the word you idiot. The dude said “I’m going to be rich tomorrow and all you’re gonna be is a lazy nigger.” He thinks that black people are lower than him, and his anger shows a complete disdain for anyone who’s not white…..sounds like he’s a bigot to me!

  • it is to bad that the racist comments by mr. richards only emphised the valley that still exists between black and white. the comments made by other celebrities in defense on mr. richards only insult blacks more. if your a racists and that is how you feel go with it, but don’t further insult by trying to apologise it away. racisism exists and he just got caught with his pants down and shown for the person he is. it will all go away because it happen to the black race and not anyone else. he will not go on oprah or rehab. he apoligised to the lowly blacks and mark my words that will be the end. the world will expect the blacks to get over it.

  • 2nd Anonymous White Man

    I dont understand how african americans have no problem with calling each other “niggas” and that makes it okay, regardless of who says it and how it is said it is still a racial slur. The fact that the media (movies, music, magazines, even video games)use the word so much makes it seem like it honestly is just a word. It will never make sense to me…I would not walk up to the first anonymous white man and say whats up my cracker or even my cracka for that matter because it is a racial slur. Although it is not very effective, actually slightly amusing it is still a racial slur. In all honesty I believe that in order for the word to stop being used by non african americans african americans should stop using it to.

  • “I dont understand how african americans have no problem with calling each other “niggas” and that makes it okay”

    For the record….when you say something as broad as that, it show you really have no clue. Some African Americans have a HUGE problem with the use of the word at all…just becasue you see and hear some Blacks using it doesnt mean that every Black person does…in case you forgot, thats called stereotyping. Every black person in America does NOT use the N word, nor do we all excuse its use from anyone, white black, red, brown, whatever.

    “In all honesty I believe that in order for the word to stop being used by non african americans, african americans should stop using it to.”

    Sounds like a cop out…just worry about yourself and maybe your friends not using it and thats a start.

    “The bottom-line is that there is a big difference between using a word and being a bigot.”

    Yeah, but how does that matter here? We all know the difference being using the word an being a bigot…I think he showed his true bigoted colors. If you think it and believe it, your going to express those thoughts and beliefs. I’m not sure why anyone would even want to defend Richards on this anyway.

    “I don’t know who you are, but I’m certain you weren’t even around 1/3 of the time he has been working.”

    I wasnt around when Hitler was running over Europe, talking his shit either…what does it matter if I never heard all his routines? Hell, if he had worked the N word in a routine, we ALL might have laughed and overlooked it, but he was not acting. He even said it himself. he is SICK! End of story.

    Spread love and happy holidays!

  • Observer

    Laron you are swimming in the shallow end of the analysis pool here. That is why so few are responding to this discussion

  • Anonymous White Man

    Actually, I take the opposite stance. I had an English Professor – female, white, fat – who made it a point when – ironically – telling us to read Huck Finn, made a big announcement about how much the word offended her and how nobody should use it. I disagreed. Not because I’m a contrarian, or a racial bigot, but because I refuse to be intellectually lazy. As a matter of expediency, if you wanted the word to be defused of all meaning, you’d use it constantly. All the time. Especially when it made no sense. You can’t un-invent something, but you can make it meaningless. Most of us know that the best way to get a child to do something is to tell them that they can’t. Is there anybody in America who doesn’t know that if you refer to a black person as a nigger, somebody is going to fly off the handle? This is a dialogue that has been necessary for A LONG TIME. Are there racists idiots out there? Without a doubt. I’ve known a handful personally. Are they truly idiots? Obviously. Does saying the “N-Word” make you a racist? . . . I hate to break it to you, but NO! The closest example I can think of is calling a woman the “C-Word”. It invokes outrage on its face. I sympathize with intelligent dark- skinned counterparts. This whole discussion is beneath them. It’s a volatile issue, because it’s been set up to be made volatile. If a ten-year old calls me a “stupid head”, I don’t take it to heart. As one of my favorite role models said, “You don’t combat an evil by adopting its practices”. Breaking all your Seinfeld DVDs is no less an emotional knee jerk reaction then verbally lashing out with racial slurs. I’m sorry. I apologize.

  • Observer

    White Man, Thanks for your response.
    It was interesting but I disagree with your premise. The people who tend to use words which have an abusive label are most often people who are not well educated. It is their vocabulary which type casts them and locks them out of jobs available to the wider society. A black or white person who are effective and sophisticated communicaters have access to opportunities because believe it or not communication is a cultural activity. People who speak the language of abuse may well be victims themselves but they also lack the resources to be credible. People may use racist language when they feel threatened or humiliated but as a society we need to take a risk and explain that we do feel threatened. Encouraging a lot of people to use terms which are conventionally considered to be abusive just lowers the tone and harms groups which are already marginalized.

  • Actually, what Richards said was:’You see what you get when you interrupt the white man?”

    I thought that was kind of funny, since it seemed like such an obvious joke to me.

    Here’s my take: Richards tried to do what many good comedians attempt; namely, pushing the envelope between what is offensive and what is funny.

    I’m a woman, but I love Dice Clay and Howard Stern. Why? Because it’s all an act–a charicature. I adore Eddie Murphy too, btw.

    Remember Andy Kaufman and the outrageous stunts he used to pull? He took incredible risks which sometimes fell flat–pretending to be dead serious when it was all a big joke. I’ll never forget the time he first came on SNL? doing his nerdy Latka schtick and then turned around and emerged as Elvis. That was pure genius because it was so unexpected.

    I saw a segment on racism–inspired by the Michael Richards outburst–and Jesse Jackson and Al Shapton were interviewed. They both agreed that there is still a lot of racism under the surface–so deep that many people don’t realize they are prejudiced.

    It is this under the surface racism, sexism, and so on that comedians often try to bring to the fore. I think many would agree that because we live in a multicultural society, lots of folks who don’t consider themselves prejudiced still harbor preconceptions about those who are different than they are. And one of the beautiful things about this multicultural country is that we carry over and share some of the traditions we have inherited to the potential benefit of all. As a Jewish woman, part of my identity rests on this experience, and helps make me what I am. In this context, I think humor can go a long way toward helping people laugh at themselves and each other in a beneficial way.

    As a Jew, I have no trouble hearing or telling Jewish jokes. Perhaps that is part of the whole conundrum about the n-word, and the fact that some blacks will use this term amongst themselves. In a very real sense, it seems to be an empowering thing to “claim” a word that has meant so much pain in the past and to somehow invert its original intent.

    I also don’t eschew books by brilliant writers of the past who are anti-Semitic. Often the art can be viewed on its own merits as art despite the odousness of the writer. This is why I would never throw out all my Seinfeld tapes–if I had them–over this incident.

    I think that Richards simply couldn’t handle the heckling artfully. He could have carried it off, but he didn’t have the skill to do so. He seems to have some emotional problems,and he has apologized–which seems to be the thing to do lately in the entertainment biz. Let’s face it: the more outrageous you can be, the more press you’ll get. But I don’t think this is the kind of press Richards had in mind.