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Kraftwerk are back.

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As well as rush releasing it, Kraftwerk are said to be changing the name of
their up coming EMI album from ‘Tour de France 03’ to ‘Tour de France Soundtracks’. The release has been rushed in a bid to launch the album
during the French bicycle race by the same name – due 21 Jul. But it’s an ambitious turn round. Word is that EMI have yet to receive finished copies of the album which Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider have been working on in
their Dusseldorf studio, Kling Klang. The new Kraftwerk single ‘Tour deFrance 2003’ was released yesterday.

From: CMU

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  • i happened to listen to Computer World just last week (got a pristine vinyl copy of it).

    the first side was kinda fun….but then the second side….can’t remember what the first tune was (Computer Love maybe) but i couldn’t take it.

    it sounded like schwarzenegger saying “Com-pyoooo-tah” over and over again.

  • The Theory

    more power to ’em. My guess is they won’t be able to release it in time, but maybe I’ll be surprised.