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Kraft Trolli Road Kill Gummi Candy is Dead

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PETA takes another scalp — even though this one’s in the inert, lifeless form of a gummi snack.

Kraft’s Trolli Road Kill Gummi candy (above) — shaped like flattened snakes, chickens and squirrels, complete with tire treads — is no more.

New Jersey animal-rights activists said the candy encouraged children to be cruel to animals, and threatened petition drives, boycotts and letter-writing campaigns unless production was halted immediately.

Kraft complied and plans to stop production and then sell off its remaining inventory.

The candy hit store shelves across the U.S. last summer.

I’m reminded of something a Louisiana lawyer once told me, in passing: “You never see a dead animal on the road in Cajun country.”

Think about it.

Full disclosure: no animal products were used in the creation of this post.

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  • Randy

    I think the PETA people have gone too far. They sound so pretentious here.

    They say it is teaching our kids, “to go out and kill animals”. That is so full of @#$^@$^&#$!!!!! When is someone going to stop these people.

    I think the candy sends the message that “Shit happens”. Kids can learn from that and the ones that are kept from it in an antiseptic world grow up to be afraid of everything.

    I think these PETA people need to get their heads screwed back on straight.

    this is one of the worst examples of someone giving in to a busy body.

    I don’t really believe in giving kids candy and sugar but I think PETA is disgusting.

    They would probably take their pets from a burning house before their own children.

  • sydney

    I beg to differ. I’d say they havent gone far enough.

    Last I heard, P.diddy bought some penguins to swim in his pool for one of his parties.

  • Joel CJ

    Actually I think the whole roadkill candy thing was pretty sick. There’s no problem making gummy animals, but why do they have to be run over? It’s completely uncalled for and not funny at all
    If you want kids not to be kept in an “antiseptic world” then make them into gummy dicks or something equally rude, but not flattened animals. If anyone has actually ever seen a dead animal on a road I doubt they would be amused, unless they were some 11 year old boy pointing and laughing. That sot of stuff would make me feel sick before even buying the product.

  • aiden0611

    i dont see why it matters its just candy i did not see any kids go kill animals because of that they used to do it before i mean the candy just came out at the time peta or peda did not give it any time to spread they where being selfish they did not have to buy it

  • Boinkee

    Trolli is a great company and no kid would actually see roadkill and think it would taste like a roadkill gummy, since a pizza doestn taste like a pizza gummy, they would just see a dead animal.

  • Dweenie

    I bet if trolli started making gummy dicks, Joel CJ would be the first buy them.

  • Laura

    This makes me sad. I actually bought them and found them hillarious. Its candy people, no harm done. Peta needs to get over themselves and stop trying to take the fun out of our kids’ childhoods. Growing up, I played the “guess what that was” game with roadkill. It sounds sick but it keeps little kids from crying about the poor ____ that is squished on the side of the road.

    Ps- If they did make pummy dicks, I’d buy those too. Cause its just fun candy. 🙂

  • j-slob

    laura needs to hit me up

  • Mr. Dusty

    I was so angry by the fact that this happened that when I bought packs…I saved the last one and kept it on my shelf. To this day…November 5th, 2011….they still reside on my collectibles shelf. They are still squishy; my anger immortalized in their existence for PETA’s pretentious and ultimately Pseudo-Utopian bullcrap.

    I plan on being buried with them if I believe it will be their ultimate salvation…so that someday they will become a historic artifact of candy from days past, and ultimately PETA’s destruction of them will never be -truly- complete.

  • yo shizel

    Mr.Dusty, YOU ROCK!

  • FTF19

    Honesty I sont think the gummies teach kills to kill animals. Nobody cares about the shape. They juat want it to taste goos.But even though that qas a pretty stupid idea for gummies.What kind od company makes run-over animals as gummies.