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kool keith runs rap, you just don’t know it

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It starts off with a 98 year old fridgerator. In which he opines on seltzer water. It’s a beauteous thing. To drink something that no one likes just so people won’t be taking all your shit all the time. The idea of changing your own tastes to deconform with those of others. Which is what keith has done in his career to a degree, changing up the game to the point where he’s ahead of the curve and intentionally moving on to the next when the now has gotten played out. Even though it hasn’t to the world at large, but it secretly has. This is a guy who has been famous, and yeah, not in the same fashion of like your ll cool j or your 50 cent, or whatever, but in the underground, in real hip hop, everyone knows who this guy is, and this is since the late 80’s with the ultramagnetics. So he’s deep into this and after almost 20 years, the novelty wears off and you’re prolly tired of the hangers on and people all up in your shit and in your fridgerator.

This also ties into the later scenes, where, as mentioned, keith walks (gasp) yes, actually walks, the streets, without 5 million people clearing lanes and telling him how amazing he is. This is the hidden genius of a man that has kept it intentionally underground, with numerous chances to sell out and go the major label route, which he did, once, well, twice if you count octagon, but every album besides those has been small label, bouncing around, just getting his money, not following what needs following, I dunno how to describe it. I will say though, if I was famous, I’d rather be keith famous than snoop dogg famous. You think snoop can walk down the street? It’s the video generation, you don’t see keith all up in the videos, and if you do he’s got his fake elvis wig on, you ain’t gonna notice this guy walkin’ down the street. Fuck not being able to cruise the mall without getting pounced on like a piece of meat.

Maybe the only bummer with this DVD, for me at least, is that it’s a little short (about 35 minutes); I coulda wandered around with Keith for another hour, but them’s the breaks, I guess. The music flowing throughout is rock solid. Typical keith, which really in a way can’t be defined, just him flowing over a futuristic without necessarily sounding futuristic beat. Just the angle, the viewpoint, that keith brings, is fascinating, at least to me, and this DVD gives you a chance to share in it, just listen to him babbling about commercialism, greed, music, touring, himself, new york vs. LA, the way people act, mentality, all kine shit. It’s funny, Keith would be one of the last people you’d consider innocent in any way, but a warped version of it seems to come through from time to time. You catch his interaction with people at times, and it’s like he has this strange camaraderie with people, even if he doesn’t, like, they don’t have to be aware of it, but he is. Like no matter what people’s reaction is to him, he’ll keep doing his thing and assume the next person he bumps into will be totally cool. You don’t see any condescension nor expectation in him, every encounter seems fresh and ready to take it for what it is. Maybe this was me extrapolating too much from small doses, but, well, judge for yourself.

Here’s someone that takes himself seriously, as an artist and a musician, but doesn’t take himself seriously as in having a huge ego and the need to surround himself with various trappings of the typical celebrity lifestyle, which is damn refreshing, especially in light of the fact that he’s a brilliant and groundbreaking artist, who, instead of just riding his old shit and building a shrine to himself in his own mind and the industry, is almost constantly moving forward, doing the shit he wants to do, I mean, if he wants to make a dis record, he’ll do it, a sex record? Check. Shit, I wouldn’t be surprised if he came with a whole record all about eating popeye’s chicken and ice cream, and how mofos stole some kid’s bike? You just never know, but you know it won’t be even close to the same shit foolish joe and franklin falseleg are cranking out. And in an age when hip hop is notoriously cookie cutter in its hit factory major label act of the month club, that’s a priceless commodity.

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  • dope review ma man. keith is the shiiiiiit